Obama and Libtard NWO Government Are To Blame – Take Your Socialist Agenda and Refugees – Go Live in Africa With Them

for those who can’t view from here – youtube.com/watch?v=gaMjsjK_U7o

Liberal stupidity worldwide is causing this stress around the world. But then those in the shadowy world planning a new world order already knew that didn’t they?

While I really understand the stress on Mexico especially with its economic levels, even first world countries can no longer sustain this influx of unrepentant, parasitic, unwilling to assimilate “do-nothings” from other countries.

Obama, Merkel, and all those “charitable” groups need to spend time living in refugee camps and then deported to live permanently in Africa to help these assimilate back into their countries of origin if they are so determined to be “charitable”.

The frustration of this Mexican citizen is echoed here in the US and around the world as we each watch our country disintegrate and our citizens being left to fend for themselves because of the influx of refugees who are leeches.  Comparing apples to oranges between countries like Mexico and the US is hard to visualize. However, if we do some comparative math in essence the US and Mexico are feeling the same stress factors and levels. It just appears the US is more affluent to outsiders. Other countries’ national debt level may be miniscule compared to the US but balancing on the economic seesaw, our financial stability is just as rocky after so many years of liberal decay.

if you can’t view from here – youtube.com/watch?v=no8bSlsvKs8


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  1. Shar says:

    Morning Uriel,

    I get the gist of your article. Playback of videos were disabled by owner.

  2. Popular Front says:

    What it is with these aggro kaffirs that at least one always has a Chelsea FC or Manchester United football shirt?

  3. It makes good sense what is said in video above, the politicians who’ve allowed this situation (in places encouraged it) are to blame. They’re aiming at mixing up all the people to take away national identities.

    • Uriel says:

      Welcome to Hardnox Pennine. I do believe you have it right. A bit of a salad mix with all kinds of veggies and things together. I have never been one to enjoy that blender mix.

      • Hi Uriel, Thanks for comment, am very new to this stuff.Basically i just took it on as a place to put videos & articles and what appeared on other Blogs, which i saw and liked (kind of a store room haha)for later perusal.Then realised when another blogger contacted me and re-blogged some of the articles on his place that it was going public.
        So basically that’s it, but if anyone finds stuff they find interesting or useful perhaps for their own blogs or that it’s pointing them to the places which produce the material, i’m happy to be of some service to others. All i ask is for the sources to be cited & given respect. So far i’ve not put anything of my own out yet(well, except maybe for the odd comment re the material,here & there)
        I’m unsure as to whether your comments refer to a video/s you’ve looked at do you mean the site as a whole? If the latter, please accept my apology for the inconvenience. Hopefully i may get it better as time & experience is acquired. If it upsets too many people,then i’ll consult with WordPress as to how i can make it private, which as i say, was my intention at the outset of the venture.But Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated. Wishing you a good weekend & the best. from pennine:-)

        • Uriel says:

          Lol Pennine. All good. I was only referring to my above information. Did not know you also have a blog.😊 Good for you. It is always great that other bloggers comment here and we welcome them when we don’t recognize names. I have not seen your blog but you left a great comment here. Believe me, I am unsure of myself and basically a beginner here as well. Best of luck on your blog but look forward to comments here too.

          • Lol-Thanks Uriel, the penny’s just starting to drop with me now, that messages appear in the notification place of my new blog (or rather bloglet) from other blogsites (mainly replies to comments i’ve made) At the time i thought you were someone who’d visited this place of mine and made comment about it, which is kind of funny in that it does appear as a kind of salad mix, a bit all over the place. Just if i see something interesting i put it on here.But if anyone else wished to see them, then that’s fine with me. All the very best with your own ventures, i’ll no doubt be visiting and passing comments in days to come too, it’s all go these days with the political, very scary in places, but many good people like yourself, being busy getting news out (which we’d never know about,i’m sure) relying on msn/fake-news. Take Good Care Uriel, Kindest & Bless You from pennine:-)

            • Uriel says:

              😊👍 you as well 🙏

              • Hi Uriel, have just re-blogged your great post with the video by Mr Hagmann. I came across that address of this Indivisible a while ago(someone dumped it onto the NWOWhistleblowers-yahoo newsgroup of all places.I don’t know if the person was mixed up with this outfit or put it out to warn folk/patriots. But i took a look & hung onto the address. Surprisingly, i just took a look this morning & it’s still there.) Yeah, it keeps going around in my head, Alinsky,Soros, Marxism, Clintons,Obama, etc.. a resurrection of the old commie terrorists. Using the Jihaddies could all be part of their plan. Take Good Care My Friend, The same will be on the cards over here (uk) for us. God Bless & Kindest from pennine:-)

  4. Uriel says:

    Good to hear from fellow conservatives in the U.K. Pennine. I hope loyalists there prevail. It’s sad to see how all of our allies are suffering and hard to get real current news. God keep us all safe as we battle this cancer. Government is stifling truth. I feel as if we have gone back not forward.