The Truth About Refugee Insurgents and What MSM Refuses to Report

Getty Image of Paris this past week burning from rioting. Express News in UK reporting violence. (tap for report)


According to some reports coming out of France, riots erupted last week over alleged police brutality and sodomy charges. Five large areas of Paris have erupted in fire, mayhem, destruction of property, and violence where reporters, police, and citizens alike have been injured and frightened by the violence being displayed. Those five areas are now no-go zones of war.

Yet the question here is deeper than that. The refugee crisis is boiling over and the French residents are finding themselves completely surrounded by violence both from the refugees and from police who have themselves reached a serious stress level.

Back in October 2016 Calais closed its migrant center which had become nothing less than a death trap of disease and violence. Those in charge told the hordes of refugees arriving to turn back. Buses were supposed to transport many of these displayed refugees to other refugee centers but for some reason did not show up. That left a mass of displaced refugees and their baggage to find alternate ways to get to the open centers or lose a chance to apply for entry. It also meant that France began screaming for Germany and other EU members to take a share of those displaced but all of those countries have their own problems with refugees.

While seemingly culturally diverse, France does have problems with societal and political allegiances. Left-wing groups have for many years held sway and conservatives have increasingly found themselves lambasted for their views and rights. Crime, especially property destruction and rape, have exponentially grown since the refugee crisis first occurred. Any conservatives who have dared to speak out against the actions by left-wing and protest the violence have found themselves either arrested or ostracized with prejudice. The entire continent is showing signs of extreme levels of violence that suggests open warfare is only a heartbeat away. Yet, Merkel and leftist groups across all countries there continue to encourage rather than remove the root causes and in fact are inflaming the continent’s hatred and violence with their actions and inactions.

The violence last week I seriously doubt had to do with the allegations of police brutality except at the very beginning and only affecting a few. However, the continued and escalating violence has everything to do with a nation under extreme stress and unwilling to acknowledge or remove the cause of the problem. All of Europe who has taken in refugees are under this same umbrella of liberalist/socialist refusal to change or fix the problems. Refugees who have been arrested and sentenced for heinous crimes have soon been let out and allowed to continue their activities all over Europe. Britain just this week had a report of one who horrificly raped a child and was sent to prison but was quickly released and found again back at his business by reporters.

YET, we here in the US thanks to Obama’s ridiculous policies, outrageous actions, and schemes are only now glimpsing the full extent of where we were also headed. Those who are marching in the streets right now are part of a paid army to carry out his vision. It is a determined effort to see our country in chains, burning, and destroyed just like the European countries. Even this soon after the change of POTUS we are finding out just how much Obama and his Democrat liberal/progressive/socialist gargoyles are involved in the determined destruction of our citizens and way of life. As they continue to attack every move Trump and conservatives make, that vision becomes sharper.

Now that Obama is no longer in office, he will be able and has openly stated he will take part in the training indoctrination of progressive socialists around the world but in particular in the USA. His residence location alone should be cause for alarm giving a clear signal of his intentions, in addition to his active organization and participation in radical progressive young adult groups. One group he founded, in particular had its roots in ACORN but resurfaced under his leadership in 2009 during his election campaign then morphed further in 2013 under his wife and a trusted key player. The threat he presents to our stability and constitution is real; as are his and his Democrat buddies intentions to stall, disrupt, and create mayhem.

If we do not want to see our country under the same level of disintegration and chaos as Europe, then let’s encourage Trump and his cabinet to dig in and stop this as best they can. We also have to regain control on a grassroots level local and state level. We can no longer tolerate the apathetic voting and actions of our officials unless we no longer care about our country. Parents of those young adults need to try to gain control again to prevent losing them or having them involved in something that they later will come to regret.


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2 Responses to The Truth About Refugee Insurgents and What MSM Refuses to Report

  1. SafeSpace says:

    And now some sources report that big league Islamofascist supporter Angela Merkel is offering Muslim “refugees” millions of her taxpayers’ deutschmarks, if said refugees will leave Germany and return to their homelands. Sigh…..

    • Uriel says:

      Sounds to me like more of Muslim’s homage where non-Muslims have to “pay” for the privilege of staying alive

      F*g crazy