Active Leftist Insanity and Hatred Causes Loss of Friends

One of my FaceBook friends – a person I have known for more than 40 years – (SRH) posted a link to ZEIT ONLINE (   Herein she makes allegations that Trump is much like Hitler, who supposedly would “grow more reasonable once in office and his cabinet would tame him”.  Die Zeit (The Time) is a German highbrow mostly center/left weekly newspaper.  Once in a great while it will publish a center-right article.

This is the followup conversation to her post:

ME           You should study about what and who REAL Nazis were (and are). Trump is a bit of an ass. Nazis suppressed free speech, burned books, and then burned people. Much like the people in Berkeley who burned out the free speech of a gay man last week because he committed the horrendous crime of being conservative.

SRH             Are you saying Trump ( who along with Spicer have continually publically threatened the press and attempted to restrict the freedom of the press ) are not Nazi enough for you? I wonder if the story you site is real. A gay man being pro Trump is like a chicken being pro Harlan Sanders. I have asked you before not to troll my wall.  

Note:  This “not real” story is located at among other places.  She doesn’t believe there were riots shutting down free speech for a gay man at Berkeley.  She also does not believe that Obama threatened the press during his 8 years in office.

 ME         (after dealing with this attitude on 8 or 10 of her posts – and after she told me to stop “trolling” and stop “mansplaining” to her because I posted why I am opposed to abortion)  I’m sorry that you believe posting truth is trolling your wall. I tried to just delete your post from my wall. Since you are so obviously against freedom of speech I will unfollow you so you will not be presented with anything that challenges your politics. I still think you are, mostly, a good person, but you are going off the deep end.

She then posted this:

I am not a liberal snowflake.

My feelings aren’t fragile, my heart isn’t bleeding.

I am a badass BELIEVER in HUMAN RIGHTS. 


My STRENGTH is in the SERVICE of others.

There is nothing more FIERCE than formidable, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. 

There is nothing more COURAGEOUS than COMPASSION.

But if my belief in EQUITY, EMPATHY, GOODNESS and LOVE indeed makes me or people like me snowflakes, then you should know…


There is nothing dumber than a self-righteous, egotistical person who cannot deal with the tiniest bit of criticism or challenge claiming that she (in this case) is dangerous.  She shows no “love”  She shows no “compassion”  She shows only hate for anyone who disagrees with her.  She is typical of the Loonies of the Left.

I may have lost a friend.  Maybe not, I hope not.  But if so, I have only given up pain and annoyance on my part for a person who, when they are not being a refugee from Chicago Democrat, was a worthwhile person and a GOOD (in the best of usages) person.  If she runs away, I will miss her – almost as much as I miss her deceased husband.  John was a ex-Coast Guardsman, active union member and supporter, liberal, and a good and worthy opponent in our many debates – where we both learned from and respected each other.  He was a “real” liberal – she is a political fanatic “liberal”.

Does ANYONE, anywhere have an idea on how to bridge the gap between the out of their mind liberals, “real” liberals, and conservatives?  I don’t care about the wacko off-the-chart lefties (or the minuscule number of wacko off-the-chart righties either).  I’m after the much larger number of people who are just locked too deeply into their own little box.

We can not just ignore or write off people because they have differing opinions from us.  We have to discover a way to work with them, or this country will descend into (un)civil war  and massive violence.  Right nor 95% of the violence comes from the left, with the claim that 100% of the violence comes from right-wing Nazis.  IF we actually devolve into major violence, we may end up with liberals, democrats, and just about everyone on the center and left  on the “endangered species” list because probably 80% of the firearms in this country belong to people of a more conservative bent.  AND THEY ARE GETTING VERY VERY ANGRY.  The conservatives will not start the “event”.  But something will trigger it and, as is attributed to Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto the left will have “wakened a sleeping giant and filled him with terrible resolve”.

About vonMesser

Retired from the US Navy (21 years) and state (20 years). Recently remarried after being widowed for 5 years. 2 daughters, and a step-daughter, all functioning adults). Graduated from college after the Navy with BA in Education, psychology, Economics, History and Political Science. Teach Hunter Safety for Washington (since 1991) and do historical reenactments for Civil War, WW-1and WW-2.
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16 Responses to Active Leftist Insanity and Hatred Causes Loss of Friends

  1. Peppermint says:

    vonMesser, you might have to write this woman off as sad as that sounds. From what you wrote and she wrote it doesn’t sound like you can meet anywhere in the middle.

    She is very misguided and her beliefs are deep. You are right when you said she shows no compassion or love. This is so typical of the left who claim to be so tolerant but show none.

    I’m sorry but it seems to me you’ve lost a friend. Or was she really a friend when she behaves the way she does towards you.

  2. Where you were friends with her husband, her friendship seems coincidental – a “side bar”, so to speak. You owe her nothing but the respect of her being your friend’s wife.
    Friends come and go, no matter their tenancy. I’ve recently lost a friend of over 42 years. Grew up with him. Now I have nothing but disdain for what he’s become. It happens. Move on. She’s made room for new friends.
    As to your attempt to find middle ground – sometimes there’s only a chasm.

    • Peppermint says:

      HEA, good comment. I liked what you said about a “chasm”.

      I don’t discuss politics with my friends for this very reason.

      Most people are simply acquaintances, not real friends.

      If you have one good friend you’re doing well. If you have more, that is great. Real friends don’t behave like vonMesser’s “acquaintance”.

      • Sometimes there is NO middle ground and you just have to take another route. This happens with family, too.

        There, you have to either agree to disagree or part ways as well. Nothing on this planet is permanent; even families. Love them for whom they are, or were, but you don’t have to like them for what they’ve become or do.

        Reflect on the past, hold onto the good memories and leave it there, like a beloved old family pet, to rest in peace.

      • As painful and alienating as it may be, perhaps you should. It’s best, now, to TRULY KNOW who your genuine, “hold your “6”, friends are before the SHTF.

        Unless you do so, NOW, they will become your most ardent enemies, looking only to take what you have.

        I know this sounds selfish, and it IS. For good reason. Only YOU can defend your SELF.

        I, too, have many acquaintances but only 2 REAL FRIENDS. Ones who know me, inside and out and understand where I stand, mutually.

        Even my own family is considered a threat to me. They’re city rats and think nothing but of themselves and that’s NOT how I tried to raise them. They know better but, being in the city has corrupted their minds and I can no longer trust any of them. THAT is sad!

    • SafeSpace says:

      Hadenough: Same thing happens between sister and brother in a family. Ask my wife sometime to tell you about the libtard she’s stuck with as a sibling. He started out normal, but now …. he wears a size 7-7/8 Asshat.

      • I believe I covered that subject in another comment, here.

        To elaborate; my oldest, also my adopted, worked for SEIU and has always been a “fence-rider”.

        Over the past few years she’s worked for the Teacher’s Union and this election has defined her standing. Unfortunately, she landed on the wrong side of that “fence”.

        Although we never, ever, discussed politics, or even communicated during the election, I knew where we stood. I haven’t talked to her since last mid-summer. Not even Christmas; except for a short text – how quaint, right?

        I love her dearly but I have NO USE for her, or her family’s opinion any longer. They have become “familiar strangers”…

  3. Wingman says:

    I’m not sure how to differentiate between a “real liberal” and a fanatic liberal anymore. It appears some liberals are just more unhinged and vocal using the same false logic. Two peas in a pod to me.

  4. Hardnox says:

    Sorry for your loss… next. She was never your friend in the first place if she doesn’t bother to consider your opinion yet believe herself to be on some high ground.

    They are not liberal anymore. They are leftists.

    Trump being accused of being a Nazi is ludicrous. The left always accuses the opposition of what they themselves are doing. See Alinsky tactics.

    The reason they are so very angry is because they never expected to lose in November due to their own propaganda campaign which backfired. The left has been losing since 2010 whereas over 1,000 elected officials have been replaced with republicans nationwide.

    To your last point, they had better be careful. If violence ensues it will be very ugly.

  5. Shar says:

    I think she has Ashley Judd syndrome. Your true friend was her husband. Sorry to say time to move on. She has become and hello and goodbye acquaintance.

  6. I.R. Wayright says:

    “Does ANYONE, anywhere have an idea on how to bridge the gap between the out of their mind liberals, “real” liberals, and conservatives? ”
    Not short of a frontal lobotomy.

  7. SafeSpace says:

    Your ex-friend reminds me of many members of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and the Episcopal Church. They’ve twisted the word of God so many ways to defend “alternative lifestyles” and other leftist causes that they no longer even resemble Christians … yet they beat their chests in prideful boasting using words exactly like those you quote above. My advice (for what little it is worth) is to NOT attempt to “reach across the aisle” to these folks. That task is as likely to succeed as is the assignment to bring an imam to belief in Christ. No, these people need to be DEFEATED, period.

    • I don’t think you’ll find “A” church, and I don’t mean a building with a crowd inside, that follows the “words of Christ” anymore.
      Like you said, they’ve twisted and turned themselves inside out to accommodate the ne’er do wells so much, they’re unrecognizable anymore.

  8. SafeSpace says:

    vonM: Interesting that “Blizzard” quoted above is a “badass believer” in human rights … but not in the rule of law. That’s about all you should need to know, bud.

  9. Terry says:

    Sad to say VonM, but there is no remedy for this situation other than writing them off and moving on.
    Some years ago, when I was not as aware of politics and differences in parties as I am now, I was friends with everyone. We were too busy working, living life, partying, and just doing our thing. We didn’t discuss politics.
    But I always knew which ones I could really count on and trust, and which ones to keep an eye on. I couldn’t really put my finger on why that was.

    Moving ahead, my interest in politics piqued when a guy named “Hussein” ran for POTUS. I laughed it off at first, thinking that after 9/11 no REAL American would even consider voting for him.
    All of a sudden those “friends I kept an eye on” were drooling over him. When I asked them “Why ?”, I was answered with scorn, ridicule, and charges of being brainwashed by “FAUX” news. But I was never really given an answer. It led to some VERY nasty verbal exchanges and totally un-hinged rants by them (*very much like we had here on N&F last year with the ‘Never-Trumpers’ ).

    I quickly realized why I never really trusted them. Like all liberals they were only interested in what they could gain personally for their ‘special interests’, and the Country (or friends ) be damned ! In keeping with their ‘giving spirit’ I once had a ‘pal’ buy drinks for everybody…on my tab…while I was out of town . That’s just 1 example of the many times they redistributed my wealth.

    They have no interest in facts that don’t align with their needs. They see things through binoculars turned backwards. They have very few morals. Their brains are skewed. They truly are mentally ill.

    I have long since disassociated from them and told them why. But, of course, they think I’m the one with the problem.I couldn’t care less.
    I still keep 1 or 2 on call for sparring practice. I don’t want to get rusty.
    In short, tell them to piss off and move on. You will be losing nothing.