Illegal Alien Charged for Voter Fraud

Mexican citizen caught voting five times thereby cancelling FIVE legal votes.

This is just one person.  How many others is the question.  Why was she issued a driver’s license?  We all know why.

I wish people would stop calling these invaders “Illegal Immigrants”  they are ILLEGAL ALIENS.  It says so in US law.  Just sayin’.

~ Hardnox

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14 Responses to Illegal Alien Charged for Voter Fraud

  1. clyde says:

    No voter fraud. RRRRRIIIIIGGGGHHHHTTTT. This shit is just more proof of what we already knew.

    • Hardnox says:

      Yup, and remember those areas with 100+ % turnouts!

      Voter fraud doesn’t exist… ask any lefty. If voter fraud aided the right the left would be in favor of voter id and they’d be donw at the Southern Border building the wall themselves.

  2. Uriel says:

    ANd of Course Demwits are panicking as their voter base is thrown in question (ha!) but the Obama was on video encouraging this so he should also be charged as an accessory in all the cases too. The Dems are the ones shouting out at Trumps determination to do voting checks across the states, but silly me They say there is no proof — well except on video leaks, audio, email etc. but they didn’t originate the probe so of course half the US population is Wrong.

  3. Uriel says:

    Not mentioned in the video she was living in Texas from 2004 and had voted in 5 elections when her own Drivers license she had checked NOT US citizen

  4. I wonder if that’s why they gave illegal “aliens” “green” cards, not blue cards or red cards. Did Orson Wells have an influence in this? I wonder……

  5. Popular Front says:

    Yes indeed ‘illegal IMMIGRANTS’ is a bullshit term. Actually grammar-wise it is a contradiction in terms but let’s stay away from that for now.

    In Australia we have our own problems with so-called IIs but it is also harder for them to gatecrash us as we are an island, albeit a fuqing big one so our borders are not so porous. It is the idiot vote-grubbing politicians who let them in – welfare for life for them, guaranteed leftist votes in perpetuity for the governing set.

    One of the things that REALLY pisses Australians off is that, to get here by boat organised by the people-smuggling gangs the illegals all have to pass through Indonesia (the world’s most populous muslime nation btw) to our north. Do they stay there and claim ‘asylum’ in amongst like-minded religious devotees? Like fuq they do because they’d have to get jobs and contribute. Why do that when they can strive for one further step and fetch up in whitey’s Australia and get on the welfare tit muy pronto.

    • Hardnox says:

      Interesting report. I take it you have asshole politicians in spades like we do. Turn off the tit and they will stop coming. That is about to happen here in short order.

      • Popular Front says:

        Yes Nox, I’m afraid so. The Twitter/Facebook types have emasculated most politicians – make a move the leftie luvvies don’t like and get smeared on ‘social media’ – and that terrifies them. Me? I wouldn’t give a fuq. As Prime Minister I would have many more important things to do for my country and its citizens than worry about what a pack of social losers are saying to each other from their mummies basements.

        We don’t want a pack of muslime layabouts here in this country, bitching and complaining that WE must adapt to THEM. This is fact but our collective asshole/eunuch/pinhead politicians can’t and won’t see it.

  6. 219rad says:

    Her lawyer is calling her punishment harsh? Deportation after 8 years in prison (she’ll be lucky if she does 4) is harsh? If it were up to me they would amputate her feet just before they deport her.

  7. vonMesser says:

    Obviously a case of right-wing fanatic voter suppression.