ICE Conducts Raids In 6 U.S. Cities

Arresting convicted felons?  What the hell are they doing free in the first place?

These raid may very well have been planned before President Trump took office but were free under President Batears administration.  Now at least ICE has back-up with DHS, DOJ, and President Trump.


~ Hardnox

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13 Responses to ICE Conducts Raids In 6 U.S. Cities

  1. malenurseken says:

    Yes its about time. Get that shit out of our country. Least now they have backing of president and govt to do their jobs. No longer a weak illegal socialist pussy potus

  2. clyde says:

    When they get to 60 cities picking the human locusts up, THEN I’ll be impressed. 6 is a good start however.

  3. Bullright says:

    Hmmm, I wonder what kind of bait they’re using?

  4. Shar says:


    Good idea, a burrito cart at the rallies. Bag them all at one time. Adios.

  5. Synicle says:

    Planning started the day after the election at the absolute earliest and the activity was way down the organizational chart.

  6. GunnyG says:

    In the words of General Colt from Kelly’s Heroes: “Go Team Go!”

  7. Terry says:

    160 arrests ! WOW ! I can’t wait ’til they go to the next house !

  8. malenurseken says:

    Wonder if that will make media news

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