Ninth District Court Out of Touch With Their Own Districts and States

by Bob Price and John Binder
January 25, 2017

Police in George, Washington State, have arrested five illegal aliens wanted in connection with the murder of a woman allegedly shot 13 times.

Investigators with the Grant County Sheriff’s Office working in connection with deputy U.S. Marshalls and the Interagency Narcotics Enforcement (INET) task force arrested five illegal aliens who allegedly murdered Jill Sundberg. The woman had been in an argument with one of the alleged shooters shortly before she was killed, KNDO NBC23 reported.

Sheriff’s officials reported the making five arrests. The Grant County Sheriff confirmed that all five were in the U.S. illegally.

• Gustavo Tapia Rodriguez, and alleged shooter, age 39, charged with murder in the first degree and kidnapping in the first degree;
• Ambrosio Mendez Villanueva, age 25, charged with murder in the first degree and kidnapping in the first degree;
• Julio Mendez Villanueva, age 25, charged with murder in the first degree and kidnapping in the first degree;
• Fernando Marcos Gutierrez, age 33, been charged with being a material witness along with immigration charges;
• Salvador Espinoz a Gomez, age 24, charged with being a material witness, and possession of a firearm, drug charges, as well as immigration charges.

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Breitbart, October 15, 2015 – “Vast Mexican Cartel Meth Operation in U.S. Spanned Oregon, California and Texas” – Court documents obtained by Breitbart Texas reveal that 24 defendants have been charged and many of them are illegal aliens.

MyNorthwest, December 14, 2016 – “Cascade Mall shooting suspect arrested in Oak Harbor”-Arcan Cetin’s social media states that he moved to the United States from Adana, Turkey when he was young. Authorities said that he immigrated from Turkey and was a legal permanent resident of the United States.

New York Times, April 5, 2016 – “New Jersey University Was Fake, but Visa Fraud Arrests Are Real”-Twenty-One people arrested in sting. The people arrested were brokers who knowingly recruited foreign students, mainly from China and India, to an institution that would not have real classes in order to obtain student visas.


The judge who ruled on this Trump Executive Order ban case at the lower level should have recused himself for his own personal involvement in community activism helping illegals.

CNN – February 4, 2017 – James Robart: 5 things to know about judge who blocked travel ban

Those at the appellate court level should have their own rulings reviewed for legal expertise since the overturn rate by the Supreme Court as well as the Supreme Court issues with the district attitudes have been going on for many years.

District judges should come under the same scrutiny for their performance as any employee of the country. Those that are caught making unprofessional or unconstitutionally sound decisions need to be weeded out. Their decisions are going to affect law for years unless overturned. Nor should their terms on federal bench be for life any more than the Supreme Court should.

Gateway Pundit, February 9, 2017 – Liberal Ninth Circuit Court Is Overturned in Recent Years 80% of Time”

C-Span, July 23, 2002 – Breakup of the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court Witnesses testified about proposed legislation to reorganize the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. At issue were the size of the court in geographic area, workload and size of the judiciary. Members and witnesses also addressed charges that the circuit’s decisions were liberal-leaning and out of step with other circuits.

Newsmax, February 10, 2017-“GOP Hopes to Finally Break Up ‘Liberal’ 9th Circuit Court of Appeals”

The courts have had twenty or more years of liberals and their “living constitution” (actually socialist if we look closely) rulings. Now we, the public, are seeing just how biased and determined some of “them” are to destroy the very foundations of the constitution and our country from within. 

The 2016 Election brought all of this out of the shadows. We are seeing play out firsthand what these globalists have been doing and their frantic efforts to stop the information from bringing their plans to an end. Forget the Y2K fear, this is the real twenty-first century disaster. 

The bias being displayed by everyone in government and media against Donald Trump is bigoted and altogether getting to be irrational and pushing hard against the anger level of all conservatives. Especially when the very things that Trump is working on are the SAME as those written by earlier presidents as well as Obama. I’m not sure why Trump didn’t just renew Obama’s more all-encompassing ban – at least then the dingbat liberals and RINOS couldn’t have lied or had a leg to stand on that Trump did this unilaterally and supposedly without legal standing. Of course then they would have used plagarism or some equally noxious phrase.

Whether Trump makes an excellent president or not, the general public has been awakened to the real issues and attack on our country. Only time will tell where we stand but for sure every day until something is forcefully done brings us closer to the brink of a precipice. We won’t have time to worry about other countries when that edge is reached if we are to clean up our own country and save it. 

It starts with securing our governing bodies to enforce constitutional actions and against ALL enemies domestic or foreign. If that means securing better judges, revamping our court system, or barring far left liberals through congressional rules then so be it. If it means shutting down every congress member or media that rants and deliberately takes fake over facts and truth then that is what we need to do.



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6 Responses to Ninth District Court Out of Touch With Their Own Districts and States

  1. vonmesser says:

    Just make the 9th Circus California, and let the rest of the states act in accordance with the law and the Constitution.

  2. Hardnox says:

    The 9th has been a joke and out of touch for decades. It’s time for Congress to do their jobs and purge this court.

    • Uriel says:

      I agree. It has been considered but Republicans have run for cover on the fallout. However it makes NO sense to have the 9th issue rulings for almost half the country. Heck that kind of work load should be reduced to give plaintiffs a right to better consideration. I think all need re-evaluated and redistricted every twenty years or so. Fifth District is also carrying a heavy docket load too.

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