Bernie Sanders Finally Blames Establishment Dems for Trump Victory

Sen. Bernie SandersFrom the Observer:

On February 2, Sen. Bernie Sanders spoke at the 2017 Sister Giant Conference in Washington D.C. In his speech, he voiced his harshest criticism of the Democratic establishment since his presidential campaign.

“Let me suggest to you, and some will disagree with me and that’s okay, too. But let me suggest to you that what happened on November 8thTrump’s victory was not a victory for Trump or his ideology. It was a gross political failure of the Democratic Party,” said Sanders, who went on to explain his perspective on why Donald Trump won and where the Democratic Party has gone astray.

“Let me also tell you something again where people may disagree with me. If you think everyone who voted for Donald Trump is a racist or a sexist or a homophobe, you would be dead wrong,” he said. “Many of those folks—and I met them all over this country—are hard-working, decent people, but they are asking questions like how does it happen I am working longer hours for lower wages? How does it happen that almost all of the new income and wealth in this country is going to the top one percent? How does it happen that as a single mother I cannot afford childcare for my baby? How does it happen that my kids will in all likelihood have a lower standard living than I will, and they’re leaving school deeply in debt? How does it happen that I’m working for 9 bucks an hour and nobody gives a damn about whether or not I can put food on the table or pay my rent? How does it happen that the crooks on Wall Street destroy the economy, yet kids who smoke marijuana get prosecuted, but the CEOs on Wall Street who destroyed the lives of millions of people, not one prosecution of a Wall Street executive, how does that happen?”

Sanders called Trump a “pathological liar” with no ideology, but he believes that voters chose Trump because his platform challenges the status quo, as opposed to Clinton’s, which embodied it. “There are people in this country who are hurting, and they are hurting terribly,” added Sanders. “And for years they looked to the Democratic Party, which at one time was the party of working people, and they looked and they looked and they looked and they got nothing in return. And out of desperation, they turned to Donald Trump.”

Sanders explained what progressives must do in order to build a better Democratic Party: “Politically, simply and straightforwardly, we have got to create a Democratic Party that stands with working people, the poor, not with Wall Street and the wealthy. Right now, we are in the middle of that fight, taking on the Democratic establishment. Some of you know I am supporting Keith Ellison to become the next Chair of the DNC, and he is running into tremendous opposition. But what I want to see is a Democratic Party not that spends all its time raising money from the wealthy and powerful, but a Democratic Party that opens its doors to working people, to low income people, to young people. That creates a Democratic Party with a small ‘d’. That mobilizes millions of people to demand that we have a government representing all of us, not just the one percent.”

The enthusiasm for Sanders’ presidential campaign, especially from millennials, demonstrated the power of grassroots campaigning. Furthermore, this strategy was completely ignored by the Clinton campaign, which preferred to court wealthy donors. Sanders cited different grassroots movements in American History that have induced change.

“In every instance, in every great moment in American History, the way change came about was from the bottom on up, never the top on down. And that is where we are right now at this moment,” Sanders said. “It is much easier said than done. We have got to bring diverse elements of the progressive movement together. I can fully assure you that Trump and his friends will be doing everything possible to make that difficult,” he said. “We need environmentalists who understand that if we are not bold and decisive in transforming our energy system away from fossil fuel to energy sufficiency and sustainable energy, the future of this planet is in doubt. But we at the same time have got to stand with those coal miners and their families who may lose their job and make sure we work to economically develop the areas where they live; they cannot be set aside. So it is a question of bringing people together.”

As opposed to Sanders’ proposed strategy to bring people together, the strategy of the Democratic establishment is to scold, scare, fear monger, and blame those who refuse to fail to toe the party line. Hillary Clinton caught flack for commenting at a West Virginia rally in March 2016, “We’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.” In September 2016, Bill Clinton mocked coal miners in West Virginia and Kentucky. “The coal people don’t like any of us anymore,” Bill Clinton said during a rally. “They blame the president when the sun doesn’t come up in the morning now.”

The Clintons’ lack of empathy to the plight of working and middle class Americans repelled voters. Furthermore, Hillary Clinton and the Democratic establishment ran her presidential campaign as though Clinton’s victory was imminent. “It’s her turn,” was a mantra that blinded the party from reality. In the wake of Clinton’s loss, the establishment has failed to accept responsibility and has resorted to casting blame on voters. The party needs to begin to turn their attention away from corporate and wealthy donors and toward the working, poor, and middle class voters that they repeatedly cast by the wayside.


Bernie is partially correct in his assessment.  However, he discounts the reality that 8 years of failed leadership by Obama created the environment for Donald Trump to win the presidency.  Secondly, Clinton’s criminality was exposed.  Thirdly, the DNC’s corruption was exposed.  Fourth, the media’s complicity was exposed.

Regardless who their candidate was, Democrats promised more open borders, refusal to acknowledge terrorism by jihadis, more shitty ObamaCare, more government intrusion into every aspect of our lives, more bullshit green energy ripoffs, more socialism, more homo agenda, more identity politics, more racism, more pandering to illegals, more embracing of immigrants from third world shitholes, more vilification of cops, more erosion of our Constitutional Rights, and basically screw American citizens… just to name a few.

Looking back, Donald Trump was the only candidate who could have won against the Clinton-Media cabal.  No other republican candidate had the balls to call out the crookedness of the Left.  Ted Cruz may have been the only other candidate with a shot but I doubt he would have been able to shout down the Left like Trump did.

In the end, the reason the Democrats/Progressives/Socialists/Communists keep losing is because Americans have woken up to the crookedness of the left and their complete disdain of Americans and American values.  The Democrats have lost over 1,000 elected offices across the country since 2010 and continue doing so.  The Democrats basically campaign on “we suck but vote for us anyway because republicans are evil”.  The voters don’t believe it.  In response to the electorates’ decisions the left insult them as uninformed cretins along with adolescent protests and proclamations.  As they continue to melt down support for our side continues to grow.  Hopefully, the republicans (the party of stupid) will resist the urge to pander to the media and act like adults since they hold all the reins now.  First and foremost they need to muzzle the RINOs bent on behaving like democrats at the behest of their Uniparty donors.  At the same time, Team Trump simply needs to enforce the laws already on the books and show America what winning feels like with adults in charge.

Winning feels good, especially since the Left is screaming.

~ Hardnox

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13 Responses to Bernie Sanders Finally Blames Establishment Dems for Trump Victory

  1. clyde says:

    Take a bow. Excellent analysis. The only thing I would say to Bernie is HIS view is WRONG as well. Guess he hasn’t heard about Venezuela.

  2. I.R. Wayright says:

    How does anyone figure that when Elizabeth Fauxcohontas Warren embarrassed herself in the Senate, her prospects of being the Dem candidate in 2020 rose?
    If the dems think Trump is appointing the worst cabinet ever, when don’t they just sit on their thumbs until it all comes tumbling down?
    Their problem is they realize the country has the best chance of improving that it has had in many years. They are afraid people will get used to good government and their reign of tyranny will be soo over.

    • Hardnox says:

      Warren is the perfect example of lefty dogma. She’s worse than Bernie.

      I agree, the left knows that Trump will succeed and thus will prove their ideas wrong. Meanwhile, they pander to their far-left base and expose who they really are. A win-win in my book.

  3. vonmesser says:

    I agree wholly with him about the failures of the (D) party. I believe, however, that his solution is wrong. We need more personal responsibility and direct helping our neuighbors directly not demanding the government do the helping.

    • SafeSpace says:

      AMEN, vonM. Hardnox’s superb reporting shows us that Sanders is, and will likely always be, a statist. Let us not forget that Sanders was one of the key authors of Obamacare, the almost-socialized medicine scam we are now dealing with.

      Sorry, Bernard, you are in error if you believe only progressive socialism can “help” the poor, working people, etc etc. Donald Trump is about to show you what FREEDOM can do for the citizenry.

  4. Popular Front says:

    So that’s what the crypto-commie Sanders thinks. The fact that he is old, scruffy, bitter and stupid and clinging to a failed political creed made no difference huh?

  5. SafeSpace says:

    An interesting fact about the Sanders speech: Bernie spoke a few days ago at the “Sister Giant” conference, which was held at Union Theological Seminary in NYC. Union is nondenominational, having long ago ditched its Calvinist roots. Union is to the left of the Jesuits, if you can believe it. Union is known as the birthplace of black theology, “womanist” theology, and other progressive distortions of the Christian message. If we judge a speaker by the nature of his audience, we can conclude that Sanders is right at home with the progressive leftist elites intent on overthrowing anything that remains of the civilized west.

    • Hardnox says:

      I listened to that whole debate between Ted Cruz and bernie Sanders. Cruz handed Bernie his ass. It was a good debate and clearly defined their failed policies vs freedom.

  6. the unit says:

    Bernie wants to bring people together. Bless his heart.
    Used in the South, Bless his heart is always considered as a snide and pejorative remark. (google bless your heart @ Quora)
    Thusly… Bernie wants to bring people together. But he’s full of s_ _ t!

    • Hardnox says:

      Bernie is clearly full of shit but the problem is there are many that believe in socialism only because “we haven’t done it right” according to them despite not one example where it has ever worked in history. Capitalism is the only model that has ever worked despite its flaws. Socialism ignores the human condition whereas there are lazy and there are ambitious. Ambitious is always suppressed and the economic model always fails as a result. Rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat. The outcome is always the same. Look at the Pilgrims at Plymouth that tried socialism in the 1620’s. Half died trying then resorted to capitalism and the colony flourished. Of course, history isn’t taught anymore and thus we have morons that believe in socialism.