HOLY SH*T! The Truth

cannot be buried for long.

EXCERPT:  “Goldman Sachs is generally blamed for having a hand in intentionally causing Greece’s 2008 financial crisis. Observers have noted that the financial group was instrumental in helping to arrange a secret loan of 2.8 billion euros for Greece, disguised as an off-the-books “cross-currency swap” – a complicated transaction in which Greece’s foreign-currency debt was converted into a domestic-currency obligation using a fictitious market exchange rate. This allowed Greece to hide 2% of its debt but left it immediately in a much worse position after the effects of 9/11 caused the amount Greece owed to Goldman double.”

and now for the weenie…

EXCERPT:  “As Greece’s crisis exploded, Goldman associates began to make apparent moves to continue to leverage the situation as much as possible. In 2014, Marc Mezvinsky, a former Goldman Sachs employee and wife of Chelsea Clinton, launched Eaglevale Hellenic Opportunity along with two other Goldman employees to attract investors hoping to cash in on Greece’s broadly touted economic recovery. As a former Goldman employee, it is strange that Mezvinsky appeared to be so certain of a Greek recovery, given his relationship to the finance group that laid the foundation for the crisis and knew firsthand how unlikely Greece was to recover. SEC documents reveal that new investors to Eaglevale Hellenic were required to put down at least $2 million. Goldman chief executive Lloyd Blankfein not only invested in the firm, but allowed his association with the fund to be used in its marketing. Hillary Clinton has refused to comment on how much Blankfein invested in Eaglevale Hellenic. At a time where Greece’s financial woes were not only well known to Goldman Sachs, but becoming increasingly obvious to the world, the Eaglevale fund bears alarming signs of being a blatant attempt to steal cash from unwitting investors too foolish to see the writing on the wall. (Madoff: “WTF!?)

The Clintons were receiving inside information that would have kept them incredibly well informed about the Greek crisis. Gary Gensler, former co-head of finance at Goldman Sachs and the financial director of Clinton’s 2016 election campaign was revealed in Wikileaks Hillary Clinton Email Archives to have been sending Clinton inside information on Greece’s recover prospects while he was acting as the head of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) in 2011. In 2012, Sydney Blumenthal emailed Clinton classified information about German leadership’s thoughts on further potential bailouts for Greece which apparently had been acquired by a “sensitive source” working undercover within the German government. While receiving some of this information was part of Clinton’s job as Secretary of State, her close relationship to Goldman Sachs and her son in law’s Greek fund raises very clear questions about potential conflicts of interest.”

What makes this so awesome is that Chelsea Hubbell Clinton is planning to run for political office and this will definitely bite that ugly mule-faced pig in the butt. The world would be better off if the Clintons just f*cking DIED and went to Hell where they belong. The ONLY question remaining is, WHY aren’t these f*ckers indicted yet?

Oh, and don’t bother looking for this in the Liberal Lapdog Media…it ain’t there.


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6 Responses to HOLY SH*T! The Truth

  1. clyde says:

    Funny how NO mf’er in the limpstream media says ANYTHING about Klintoon Kriminal Kabal. Put the lot of them in GITMO.

  2. Shar says:

    Chelsea was trained by the best!

  3. Blessed B. says:

    Canadian PM Turdeau….he asked Goldman-Sachs for a loan…he was turned down.

  4. Hardnox says:

    What an ugly web the Clintons have weaved. The crooked vermin need to be prosecuted. Hopefully a reckoning is coming.