Court: White House Cannot Enforce Immigration Order

Andrew Napolitano weighs in on the district court’s ruling concerning President Trump’s EO on visa holders entering the USA.

Not being a legal beagle, when did the courts have purview over national security?  When do our Constitutional Rights apply to foreign nationals?  Never is my answer.  If we had a sitting Attorney General much of this silliness could be avoided or derailed.

I believe this tactic is nothing more than an attempt to subvert Executive Authority and is the first of many to come.  On a side note, where were these jurists when King Putt was crapping all over our Constitution on a daily basis for 8 years?

Let’s face it, Trump’s EO is to be able to properly vet visa holders who travel the USA and jihadi countries in the event they are radicalized or are jihadis.  Think San Bernardino.  Do not forget that the Obama administration destroyed the data collected on possible terrorists or people with terrorist associations mere days before leaving office.  That is a fact.

Mitch the Turtle McConnell needs to get his ass in gear and get Jeff Sessions approved as Attorney General.  Quit dicking around.

~ Hardnox

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6 Responses to Court: White House Cannot Enforce Immigration Order

  1. deacsdomain says:

    I had not heard that Obamashit brownie had destroyed all records of all referred to in this post.
    That’s aiding & abetting the enemy. A treasonist & impeachable offense.
    He needs to be publicly humiliated and hung by his balls til he’s VERY dead.

    • Hardnox says:

      I heard it on talk radio and read it at The Washington Times. I believe the data purge took place over the Christmas holidays.

      Treasonous? You bet.

      • SafeSpace says:

        Hannity, on his radio show about two weeks ago interviewed a high-up man in DHS state that Obammy did indeed order records destroyed. This same man (whose name I forget) also said that he was certain Congress has copies of these records available. We just need an investigation …. and we know that asshat Smidge McConnell will not start one. Just wait; Tom Fitton at Judicial Watch will be on this very soon.

  2. upaces88 says:

    Believe me! We have enough of Illegals here in Texas. I would never say, they aren’t nice people. That’s not the point. THEY INVADED a Country. Seems to be IF they really wanted the American Way, and Texas way, they would go to any high school and learn our history. THEN, they could apply for citizenship.

    Texas Gov. Abbott had a perfect plan since there are far too many to deport. I may have the numbers backwards; however you will catch the point.
    IF you hire an Illegal, you will be fined $25,000 per Illegal.
    IF any apartment complex or realator rents or sells a house to them, it is a $50,000 fine per Illegal.

    A liberal Judge shot him down. I told Abbott, “Get that man off of the bench.”

  3. Golden Dragon says:

    If it were nothing but hot asian and latina women that voted republican coming through our borders, the leftists would already have 2 border walls, with a minefield in between them, laser grids, a moat with sharks with frikkin bazookas on their heads.