Not Backing Down – White House Vows To Challenge Judge Ruling

On Fox & Friends:

It’s stunning that the judge who ruled to against Trump’s E.O. believes that non-citizens have Constitutional Rights.  WTF!

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6 Responses to Not Backing Down – White House Vows To Challenge Judge Ruling

  1. BrianR says:

    What’s even more stunning is that this judge claimed to make his ruling apply nationwide. On that basis alone Trump’s people should challenge it.

    A district court’s authority applies at the district level only. That’s essentially the local level. If the issue is kicked up to the circuit level, that authority applies throughout that circuit, which consists of several states. Only the Supreme Court has national jurisdiction.

    Further, according to what I’ve read, this ruling has almost zero chance of standing up to appeal, for several reasons. The first is that the ban is rightfully an executive function, and has been standard practice going back decades. Think North Vietnam, Cuba, North Korea, the Soviet Union, PRC, on and on and on. So there’s absolutely nothing new about this.

    Secondly, it asserts constitutional rights that don’t even exist. Foreign nationals in foreign lands enjoy zero rights afforded under our Constitution. The Constitution isn’t some universal document with unrestricted application; it only applies within our own borders.

    I hope Trump’s people move quickly on this, so that judge can be smacked down smartly. This is clearly going to be an ongoing tactic of the American Marxists, and it needs to be cut off right now.

  2. Shar says:

    This judge was appointed by W. That says it all. President Trump will prevail. The left is sure emptying their dumpster on him. Uncle Mitch better get moving on cabinet nominees. Full throttle ahead.

  3. clyde says:

    This won’t stand, as Brian stated. I also agree Trump’s legal team should be on this like stink on shit.