The Left Is Full Of Gaslight

Recent anti-Trump protests around the country have run the range from threatening to hypocritical, to misinformed, to unintentionally comical, with more than a few appearing to veer far from reality. Some examples include :

  • Washed up hag singer Madonna also fantasizing about violence against the president, musing aloud to the Women’s March crowd two weekends ago, “I’m angry. Yes, I’m outraged. Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.”
  • Washed up hag actress Ashley Judd’s speech  at the same event in which she read an incoherent, bizarre poem,” compared Trump to Hitler, alleged he had incestuous desires for his own daughter, and then indulged in rank vulgarity and something about her “bloody sheets”.
  • Former vice presidential candidate loser Tim Kaine endorsed the protesters saying “What we’ve got to do is fight in Congress, fight in the courts, fight in the streets, fight online, fight at the ballot box.”
  • Washed up POtuS Hussein Obama echoed that, saying he “ is heartened by the level of engagement taking place in communities around the country. Citizens exercising their constitutional right to assemble, organize and have their voices heard by their elected officials is exactly what we expect to see when American liberal values are at stake.”
  • UpChuck Schumer,  actually broke down in tears at a news conference on Sunday while criticizing Trump’s executive order on immigration, calling it “mean-spirited and un-American liberal” 
  • Hundreds protested the Trump immigration order at airports across the country, despite the fact it resulted in the detention of a mere 109 out of 325,000 foreign travelers.
  • Screaming into a megaphone in a terminal at Boston’s  Logan airport Fauxcahontas Warren amplified Obozo’s false claim that the ban was faith-based, and vowed, “An attack on anyone for their religious beliefs is an attack on the very foundation of democracyWe will not turn away anyone because of their religion.”
  • The next day, Warren tried to do the same thing on the steps of the Supreme Court, along with other Democratic Party leaders including UpChuck Schumer, Nutsy Pelosi, and failed comedian turned failed senator Al Franken . However, when their megaphone and microphones didn’t work, they were eventually drowned out by chants from the crowd, gazing at the moon, and singing songs they didn’t know the words to.
  • There is also the supposed teacher?/BLM member that says they  “…need to start killing people, that they need to kill the White House ”  in her profanity laced spiel demanding white people give everything they have to people of color.
  • Even Patriots quarterback Tom Brady came under fire by a sportswriter for his friendship with Trump, in a scathing editorial by a sports writer ( known to be the most savvy political analysts ) saying “Tom Brady no longer gets a pass on his friendship with Donald Trump, not after the country boiled over in rage and indignation at Trump’s decision to turn America’s back on refugees.” and informing sports fans that “Trump’s campaign was steeped in racism, bigotry and misogyny, and he has doubled down on his hatred in his first week as president. In refusing to publicly disavow Trump’s actions, Brady is giving tacit endorsement to both Trump and the chaos he has created.”
  • Brady did not respond, apparently preferring instead to focus on preparations for the Super Bowl rather than rants from unhinged idiots.

All of this, and much, much, more leftie lunacy brings us to this article by Timothy Daughtry on Townhall who seems to have a finger on the insanity of the left. It’s called “Gaslighting” and it’s custom made for them



Gaslighting And The Left’s War On Reality

Donald Trump’s victory over one of the most powerful political machines in American history has given mainstream America the opportunity to turn America onto a sensible course. The success or failure of that turnaround, however, depends largely on the ability of mainstream Americans to see through the left’s longstanding use of a vile political tactic known as gaslighting.

The word gaslighting has been popularized in psychology to describe a form of mental and emotional abuse in which a domineering person denies and contradicts the memories and perceptions of an intended victim until the victim begins to doubt his or her perception of reality. The word comes from the 1944 mystery film Gaslight, in which a woman’s husband tries to convince her that she is losing her mind and that the things she is experiencing – such as the gaslights in the house flickering and dimming – are not real. Only when an inspector from Scotland Yard also notices the gaslights flickering does she realize that she is not losing her mind and that her husband has a devious agenda.

In politics, the word “gaslighting” is increasingly used to describe the left’s efforts to push a false view of reality and to convince mainstream Americans that their common-sense views are somehow extreme. For example, on a recent edition of Varney & Co., Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) said the Obama administration’s portrayal of Israel as our enemy and Iran as nothing to worry about could be described as “gaslighting.” Bill Whittle’s popular video Gaslighting exposed the left’s use of the gaslighting tactic to spread false information about issues such as Benghazi and Obamacare.

Note that gaslighting is a far more insidious tactic than political spin. Spin merely attempts to shift the interpretation of a real situation by presenting it in a different light. Gaslighting presents a completely false alternative to reality and is intended to erode the confidence of the target in his or her own perception.

Imagine two people standing outside in a severe rainstorm.

SPIN: “You say this is a downpour? It looks more like a heavy sprinkle to me.”

GASLIGHTING: “You say this is a downpour? What are you talking about? It’s sunny and pleasant. Are you feeling OK? You’re acting a little strange.”

Because it presents a false picture of reality, two elements are especially important for gaslighting to succeed. First, those doing the gaslighting must display confidence and audacity in pushing their view of reality and must persevere boldly in the face of evidence that contradicts their claim. Second, the target must be psychologically isolated and denied validation by others who see the same reality. The left’s dominance in the cultural institutions of education, news, and entertainment has given them both elements.

Consider the video by the Family Policy Institute of Washington in which Seattle University students were asked if there’s a difference between men and women. Instead of answering, “You’re kidding me, right?” these students actually took the interviewer’s question seriously and, even worse, they struggled to answer it. Some went so far as to parrot the far left’s narrative that the distinction between male and female is merely a social construct imposed on people by society and that it has no real significance otherwise.

Has news about who has the babies not reached Seattle? Or have those students been so browbeaten by the gaslighting of their leftist professors and the leftist culture on campus that they are hesitant to admit publicly to what their own eyes, their own bodies, and their common sense tell them?

That is the power of gaslighting, and the left’s institutions have been audacious in using it against those who question their agenda.

In the left’s alternate reality, the police are threats to law and order and rioters are victims of the system. Mainstream Americans who supported Trump are ridiculed as “anti-immigrant” even though we made an immigrant our next First Lady. The belief that refugees should be carefully vetted in order to keep more terrorists from exploiting our generosity is attacked as “xenophobic.” And leftists casually use both “homophobic” and “Islamophobic” to attack their opponents without even a moment’s reflection on Islam’s position on homosexuality.

After all, in gaslighting, it is the effect of words on the intended target that counts and not the truthfulness or logical consistency of those words. If the target is isolated, demoralized, and fearful of opposing the left’s agenda, the tactic has worked.

One of the reasons for Trump’s Electoral College landslide was that he validated what tens of millions of Americans had been thinking in spite of the gaslighting efforts of the left. The light of liberty has indeed been flickering. We weren’t just imagining things. The political elite really did have an agenda other than promoting the interests of the American people. We weren’t crazy.

With their power threatened, the left’s gaslighting has passed audacious and become desperate. A man who has never held elective office just trounced the Clinton machine and their echo chamber in the media. And what does the left tell us? The Russians did it.

Get ready for more.

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2 Responses to The Left Is Full Of Gaslight

  1. Uriel says:

    That is a great analysis of what has been going on.

  2. Hardnox says:

    Well stated. It’s stupid shit like this coming from the Left that caused people to finally get off the couch enmasse and vote Trump. Finally people had someone to vote for that is willing to address idiocy and rub it out where possible.

    The Left’s response is to act like spoiled children who haven’t been disciplined.

    A proper spanking is coming.