California “What If” UnReality Game

Here is a little “what if” scenario for those in California supporting a secession to consider.

My mind races at times when given scenarios that liberals throw out without forethought, rhyme, or reason. So here is a little “what if” game for the liberal folks in California to mull over as they allow Jerry Brown to become their first and certainly not last dictator. If you aren’t into games like this, that is okay, just skip to the bottom.

Between fiscal years 2014 and 2015, total government spending in California increased by approximately $41.7 billion—from $210.9 billion in fiscal year 2014 to an estimated $252.6 billion in 2015. This represents a 16.49-percent increase.

What happens if as a sanctuary state or an independent state with open borders – many more immigrants pour into the state from anywhere in the world in order to take advantage of a better living wage and conditions?

In California in fiscal year 2014, 55.7 percent of total tax revenues came from income taxes. Sales taxes and gross receipts accounted for 36.2 percent of total state tax collections.

What happens when as a sanctuary state or an independent state with open borders – tax collection has to double or triple in order to pay for the services needed to fund immigrants as they enter and begin learning and living in California?

State Tax Collections 2014 ($ in thousands) total $138,069,870 including the following: property $2,176,236 or 1.6%; sales & gross receipts $50,002,053 or 36.2%; licenses $8,922,534 or 6.5%; income taxes $76,854,157 or 55.7% other taxes $114,890 or .1% from a total 2013 population  of 38,792,291; or amounting to per capita collections $3,559. Compared to neighboring states, California had the second highest state tax collections per capita, at $3,559.

What happens when as a sanctuary state or an independent state with open borders – if industries and businesses close shop and move to other USA states or foreign countries where taxes and costs of doing business are lower?

Aid from the federal government to fund a variety of joint programs – mainly ,in the form of grants for such things as Medicaid, education, and transportation.  In 2013 federal aid to the states accounted for roughly 30 percent of all state general revenues.  During that year, they received approximately $54.8 billion in federal aid, 25 percent of the state’s general revenues or about $1,430 in federal aid per capita.

What happens when as a sanctuary state or an independent state with open borders – Federal funds are removed from the California budget including Medicare?

The states estimated 2015 expenditures for California was state funds in millions of $158,996 and federal funds $93,554 amounting to approximately a per capita $6,451.68 for about 39 million in population. Education accounted for 28.8 percent of state expenditures in fiscal year 2015, while 24.3 percent went to Medicaid.

What happens when as a sanctuary state or an independent state with open borders – when the quality of education, health care industry, and other funded services suffer from lack of grants, student loans or other funds?

There are eleven military bases listed in the state providing about $71 billion in direct spending and employing more than 350,000 Californians in 2015 information.

What happens when as a sanctuary state or an independent state with open borders – the US government moves to having only a few strategic bases with consulates and closes most of them. What happens to the California national guard and coast guard who are funded by the Defense Department of the US?

The share of the California state budget spent on Medicaid increased from 18.9 percent in 2010 to 24.3 percent in 2014. On January 18, 2017, the Associated Press reported that the California Department of Finance miscalculated the cost of the state’s Medi-Cal program by $1.9 billion in 2016. According to state officials, this miscalculation, in combination with decreased tax revenues, contributed to the state’s projected $1.6 billion deficit for the 2016-2017 budget year. As a result, Governor Jerry Brown called for $3.2 billion in budget adjustments “to close the budget deficit and rebuild the state’s operating reserve.”

What happens when as a sanctuary state or an independent state with open borders – the influx of immigrants requires a much higher level  of Medicaid and social services with no US supporting agencies?

Governor Jerry Brown announced his fiscal year 2016 budget proposal on January 9, 2015. This proposal recommended $113.3 billion in general fund spending, which was an increase of about 1.4 percent over the previous year. This proposal would have put away about $1.2 billion into the state’s rainy day fund and used an additional $1.2 billion to pay off state debts. Spending rose by about $4 billion for improvements to public and charter schools, and higher education spending increased by about $1.1 billion to help the state reach its higher education goals. The governor also emphasized a need for improved job training programs and reforms to retiree healthcare benefit programs. On June 24, 2015 Governor Brown signed the state’s budget which established a total of $167.6 billion in total state spending and $115.4 billion in general fund spending.

What happens when as a sanctuary state or an independent state with open borders – the budget is so underfunded that the state can’t sustain itself much less grow, will the new state become a satellite nation of Mexico or Canada or will Russia or China bail it out? Who would become the  country California would have to bow to then and what would happen to the freedoms it now enjoys?

According to a January 2014 report by the nonprofit organization State Budget Solutions, California had a state debt of approximately $777,918,403,000. Its state debt per capita was $20,449.

What happens when as a sanctuary state or an independent state with open borders – the state debt soars to the trillions to cover its budget and services like a standing army?

According to a report released in September 2015 by the nonprofit Truth in Accounting (TIA), California ranked 7th worst in the country in “taxpayer burden.” Rather than using per capita state debt, TIA ranked states based on what it called a “taxpayer burden,” a term that reflects “the amount each taxpayer would have to send to their state’s treasury in order for the state to be debt-free.”

What happens when as a sanctuary state or an independent state with open borders – the per capita state debt soars so that it is too great a burden for citizens to bear?

Based on analysis of California’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report from June 30, 2014 and actuarial reports for the state’s retirement plans, TIA concluded that $150.1 billion in promised retirement benefits were unfunded, but only $38.8 billion of these liabilities were reported on California’s balance sheet. With all of the unfunded retirement benefits included in the total debt, the state had a shortfall of $234.5 billion, or a taxpayer burden of $20,900.

What happens when as a sanctuary state or an independent state with open borders – the aging population begins to retire and demands their benefits be provided?

California maintained an A rating (AAA being the best) in 2013 and 2014. California’s median annual household income for years 2011 through 2013 was $57,161. The state also had the largest percentage of residents that earned incomes of at least 400 percent above the federal poverty level. The U.S. Public Interest Research Group, a consumer-focused nonprofit organization based in Washington, D.C., said California received a grade of F and a numerical score of 34, indicating that California was “Failing” in terms of transparency regarding state spending.

What happens when as a sanctuary state or an independent state with open borders – angry billionaires and millionaires decide they worked to make all their money and have nothing to show for their efforts because the state ends up siphoning it off or when getting loans for the state dries up because the credit rating drops?

According to Neighborhood Scout, currently a person has a 1 in 235 possibility of being a victim of a violent crime, 1 in 38 chance of being a victim of property crime. California accounts for 12% of total US population with more than 65 ethnicities and 200 different languages represented, California claims the highest percentage of foreign-born residents (27%). The Golden State also boasts the largest economy of any single state, with a gross domestic product of $2.3 trillion in 2014.

What happens when as a sanctuary state or an independent state with open borders – all of the 65 ethnicities and 200 different languages demand equal rights to rule their areas of the state and institute laws based on the ethnicity and not on a central language, culture, or political ideology?

The state’s enormous economic engine is driven by several major industries, including: manufacturing, including high tech, aerospace and defense products; agriculture, including an almost infinite variety of crops, vineyards, and food processing; tourism, fueled by the state’s scenic attractions and ideal climate; healthcare; and entertainment.  The highest median home values in the country were recorded at $477,476 in 2015 with median rental prices of $1,590.  The San Joaquin Valley, home to many migrant farm workers has been called one of the most economically depressed regions of the country.   According to CNBC’s 2015 cost of living rankings, it is the fifth most expensive state to live in.

What happens when as a sanctuary state or an independent state with open borders – no one can afford to survive or own a piece of property because jobs are hard to find since businesses shut down and moved out of the state? Or the crime rate soars even higher as gangs proliferate and stake claims to areas bringing with them sex trafficking, drugs, and death greater than the current levels?

California is frequently plagued by natural disasters, including flash floods,  earthquakes, wildfires, landslides, and the current drought. Researchers now report that the snowpack in the Sierra Nevada Mountains – which provides up to 30% of the state’s water – is at its lowest point in 500 years. The rest of the water is supplied by only a few sources. The most important being the Lake Meade, Hoover Dam supply and a Central Valley source watershed and rivers systems fed by the snow.

What happens when as a sanctuary state or an independent state with open borders – natural disaster devastate the state when there is no US federal assistance or when water is needed and no longer flows across state lines from Colorado or some other nearby water source outside the state borders?


The answer to the “what if” is they have royally “f’d up” if this happens. I am sick of Jerry Brown and the whole liberal communist state of mind currently rolling out of California.  That radioactive fog is wiping all their sanity and intelligence out if they had any to start…which is doubtful at this moment.

But hey, if they really are determined to see this through, then all I have to say is actions have consequences and theirs will be doozies.  The United Nations really for now can not afford to make such a serious mistake as to acknowledge the legitimacy of the independent country scheme currently in the heads of dementia patients in California.  

If the conservatives don’t get control of the state back, there will soon be nothing left to save. And Jerry Brown will be sitting on his nail bed wondering where his kingdom has gone. Maybe the name of California could then be changed to Argent-eppo or something because Argentina and Aleppo will be the result of the battle between communism and the imams with their sharia.

Stupid is as stupid does and from current actions, Jerry Brown and the Demonuts of California have cornered that market “for sure dudes and dudettes.”


Information found at Ballotpedia.
Crime and General information from Neighborhood Scout
Military information from National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL)


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22 Responses to California “What If” UnReality Game

  1. Well done and thorough, Uriel! I say let them leave. Less for us to be concerned with. Especially if THE WALL is EXTENDED.

    • Uriel says:

      Thanks. When Humpty Dumpty fell, was it because he was a careless thing or was it because he was pushed? lol really the way didn’t matter in the end — he could never be put back together. Time these people in CA figured that out.

  2. Hardnox says:

    Good post. Logic, reality, and common sense obviously are not in their thought processes.

    The Civil War was fought to preserve the Union. This time, NAH! Let them leave beside they don’t have any guns except for the gangs.

    Allow the Cally conservatives into the USA then seal the border. Jam the airwaves and internet too. Don’t want to hear their whining. I am sick of those lefty assholes.

    I feel bad for the conservatives though. Sadly, they let this mess happen.

    • Uriel says:

      Unfortunately I agree. I don’t know how it came to this impasse but obviously something has to be done. Good people live there that don’t deserve this idiocy.

  3. clyde says:

    Good piece Uriel. You know damn well NONE of the libtards in Fruitifornia thought about U.S. funding the state would lose. More proof libtards do not think, they just emote.

    • Uriel says:

      typical libtard cancer Clyde Thanks. The old adage about “foot and mouth” certainly doesn’t apply here..these idiots are way beyond the foot and rounding up to the waistline.

  4. Shar says:

    I live in NY and there are good people here too. We just can’t shake the nuts cases.
    Upstate where I live is a world apart from the city. Wish we could divide the state in half. Let the libs live with the likes of Cuomo and Deblasio.

    • Uriel says:

      Hi Shar. Actually I may have picked on Cali but this is a reality check for all states. If Dems continue to erode into pure social-communism and the radical elements with their jihadist and gang motivators continue to flouris EVERY state is at risk. The piece on the Texas border that I just did shows in realistic terms exactly what is happening in states of border entry and in the areas that are critical coastal and centralized food producing states of the US, especially those that Obama has dumped large groups of anti-Americanist refugees. Jihadists think nothing of supplying the means for people in the US to be eradicated without lifting a single rifle. Gangs spread the disease, drugs, and sex trafficking for them. Yet if those gangs were facing the truth, THEY are also at risk for eradication once jihadists have made sure the general populace is destroyed..I feel like at times we are participating in the movie “The Never Ending Story” as darkness and evil are destroying everything in its wake.

  5. The drought is about over in most of California, so the information above is from 2015.
    What I want to know is, suppose the big earthquake hits and a significant part of the big cities crumble. Do they think the rest of the country is going to chip in to rebuild them? I won’t.

    • Uriel says:

      One would think the drought over except I just recently heard different. Seems their shortsightedness forgot to provide reservoirs to hold all that water and a lot of it flash flood drained away. The “big one” is already rumbling. New cracks are forming along the fault line. Will it happen today? Who knows but for those conservatives living there, I believe I would be moving east of the state line soon.

  6. myfoxmystere says:

    Uriel and everyone else, Please Don’t Give Up on California. We conservatives are fighting tooth and nail to keep Baldy Moonbeam and his numbnutts from destroying us. The drought is doing better, even though Baldy Moonbeam still insists on his Kookoo Train to nowhere. I’ll tell you more, as information becomes available.

    • Uriel says:

      Will do. Glad to hear. Let us know MyFox what we can post here to storm the issue for you guys. I am more than willing to post as much as I can to help.

      • myfoxmystere says:

        Soreass has a billionaire butt boi up north in Beserkley funding every looney left wing cause he can drag his carcass into. Tom Steyer is the Soreass butt boi who hired the political prostitutes to come up with the claims that Trump groped and raped them, if you remember that suspicious accusation close to the election.

        • Uriel says:

          Ahhh okay. He’s not the only one though. Those that attend that Grove are pretty powerful as well. Ferret out the list and hit them hard would be worth looking into. That’s one of Hillary’s haunts.

  7. Popular Front says:

    California secedes? Think of the upsides; Hollywood goes with them and all those whiny Penn*/Sarandon types immediately become totally irrelevant – even more than usual. All the LA gangs go too – the first Blood or Crip or Cheetoh who pokes his face over the new border gets a buckshot shampoo, on the house. All those tofu-eatin, sandal-wearing, pencil-necked New Age types get to play Hide The Bologna with each other while dodging the rainbow-haired lesbians out to demonstrate gender superiority. The positives are almost endless.

    *Haven’t heard Penn touting how wonderful life in Venezuela is lately. Times are bad when you need a wheelbarrow full of banknotes to pay for a roll of toilet paper, that’s if you can find one. Start a revolution? Easy. Low passes by C130s shoving out pallets of Charmin with notes attached – “There’s plenty more amigos, just overthrow your deadbeat socialist government!”

  8. Terry says:

    Like, totally awesomely gnarly post, dudette !
    A big Hang Ten for you !

  9. Saltwater says:

    There are many “what if” and “what now” questions those championing secession have not considered. A major elephant in the room being citizenship, and the rights afforded U.S. citizens under the Constitution.
    Would every California resident automatically become a citizen of this new, independent country, perhaps unwillingly?
    What happens to the rights of those who refuse to surrender their U.S. citizenship in favor of that new country? Will their jobs be protected from termination by xenophobic bosses? Will they be prohibited from seeking elective office? Will they even be allowed to vote in any elections?
    Then, for those who do abandon their U.S. citizenship, there are other issues. Will they be able to make a weekend visit Aunt Tillie in Tulsa on a whim, or be required to apply for visitor visas to attend Grandma’s funeral in Fargo?

  10. myfoxmystere says:

    Here’s another what if: what if Baldy Moonbeam croaks before his term ends in 2019? And what if Gaffing Gavin goes to prison on dereliction of duty charges for being drunk on the job as Baldy Moonbeam croaks?

    • Uriel says:

      Umm. What are the odds on this? Ya think a bookie would consider adding it? Could we have Publishers Clearinghouse add it to their winners?