What MSM and Liberals Censorship of Truth on Borders and Violent Illegal Immigrants

Joint Press Release Between Border Patrol and ICE Councils

As representatives of the nation’s Frontline immigration officers and agents responsible for enforcing our laws and protecting our borders, we fully support and appreciate President Trump’s swift and decisive action to keep the American people safe and allow law enforcement to do its job. We applaud the three executive orders he has issued to date, and are confident they will make America safer and more prosperous. Morale amongst our agents and officers has increased exponentially since the signing of the orders. The men and women of ICE and Border Patrol will work tirelessly to keep criminals, terrorists, and public safety threats out of this country, which remains the number one target in the world – and President Trump’s actions now empower us to fulfill this life saving mission, and it will indeed save thousands of lives and billions of dollars.


Conservative Tribune
January 29, 2017

Border Patrol, ICE Agents Cheer After Trump Unleashes Them to Do Their Jobs

While President Donald Trump has received criticism from a variety of political figures and organizations over his recent executive orders regarding the border wall and the temporary ban on high-risk immigrants, one important group, in particular, has been cheering his actions.

The powerful endorsement of Trump’s controversial orders by those on the front line of our country’s defense against illegal and dangerous immigrants, weapons and drug smugglers trying to enter our country showed why the orders were vitally important. The fact that the statement is getting virtually no mention in the country’s mainstream media just proves how interested liberals are in projecting a narrative that’s at odds with the reality the men and women on the ground face every day.

Not only did these heroic men and women applaud Trump’s efforts — which were a nice change from the last eight years of White House indifference to the harmful effects of open borders — but they also reportedly felt more empowered in their roles and confident that the government finally had their backs.

The truth is that morale among even civilian Americans who are deeply concerned about the dangers and threats posed by unvetted refugees and an unsecured border has also likely increased in recent days.

Trump certainly hasn’t seen the last critic, negative report or Hollywood rant disapproving of his policies, but it’s nice to see that this influential and heroic group not only supports the president, but respects and stands up for him when they see him doing what is necessary to protect our country.

Unfortunately, the mainstream media likely won’t mention this powerful stance taken by these brave agents, so it’s up to us to spread the word and show them how much we appreciate them.



These asshats continue to malign Trump’s efforts to keep our country safer.  The truth is not one of those who march or riot are worthy to be protected, yet these men and women despite their own consideration put themselves in harm’s way every day.

I suggest we all take a moment and view the following.

May we all remember that our safety comes at a real price not just to ourselves but to the families and friends of our fallen enforcement personnel.  Most remain unknown by the general public. They start out each shift not knowing what the day will bring or if they will return home each night.

So as you read the pages, think about the real cost of not keeping our borders safe and ask yourselves – would you willingly step up, putting your life and your family’s future at risk like these brave officers and K9’s have done? If the answer is no, then defend and honor them for doing what cowardly leftists and most citizens would not do.

Officer Down Memorial Page for Enforcement Officers. “When a police officer is killed, it’s not an agency that loses an officer, it’s an entire nation.” -Chris Cosgriff, ODMP Founder.

Border Patrol Chief: 7,542 Agents Assaulted Since 2006; 30 Died in Line of Duty Since 2003


Here is a few suppressed statistics which lefties and mainstream media have not bothered to mention and Obama encouraged to increase by telling agents to stand down:

Drug Abuse.com examined the Border Patrol drug trafficking data since 2009: Data on drug seizures at the U.S. border indicate an alarming volume of trafficking taking place in recent years. Since 2009, heroin seizures at the southwestern border have almost tripled, while meth seizures quintupled through 2014. Worse yet, cocaine and marijuana remain two of the most commonly seized drugs along our southern borders, equating to millions of pounds seized by U.S. Border Patrol.

Since 2012, the number of traffickers apprehended at U.S. borders has steadily increased from 364,768 to nearly 500,000 in 2014. From 2012 to 2015 the U.S. Border Patrol has seized more than:

  • 8.2 million lbs. of marijuana
  • 32,600 lbs. of cocaine
  • 34,000 ounces of heroin
  • 17,600 lbs. of methamphetamine

Illegal border crossings of families this year already surpasses all of 2015 – Washington Times June 17, 2016
“Some 6,788 people traveling as families were caught on the southwestern border in May — more than 20 percent over April.
That puts the total for the first eight months of the fiscal year at nearly 45,000, well above the 2015 year long total of fewer than 40,000 but short of the record pace in 2014, when a massive surge exposed gaping holes in the U.S. immigration system.

…a government attorney told a federal judge this month that the Obama administration’s lax enforcement policies, set in part by the courts, have enticed more people to make the harrowing journey.

The Justice Department’s immigration law specialist told the judge that illegal immigrants are abducting children on their trip north, hoping to pose as families to take advantage of the lax policies. CBP said it has deported some 50,000 people back to Central America so far in fiscal year 2016 — though the figures show that means the agency is falling behind, with nearly 60,000 unaccompanied children and families having been caught so far this year. That figure doesn’t include regular adults, who would show an even larger backlog. ”


Every day someone somewhere across our nation falls victim to criminal activities which often are found to have been perpetrated by an illegal alien who not only has a criminal history in the USA but has a lot of times been deported more than once.

Any in doubt about this only has to view the online site below to put real faces and tragedies together to understand that the threat is real and ever present. This can not even touch the statistics of families and young people whose lives have been destroyed by those acts and the drugs that have been smuggled across the borders of the US.

Victims Of Illegal Aliens Memorial – In honor of the thousands of American citizens killed each year by Illegal Aliens. Deaths that could have been prevented if the Congress and the Executive Branch would have secured our border and enforced existing U.S. immigration laws.


So those mainstream reporters, congress members, and those millennial imbeciles doing all the rioting, chanting, demonstrating or what ever they “bleeping” call their stupidity. You are fast becoming irrelevant and dangerously close to finding out what citizens of this country do to those committing acts that border on sedition and treason.  We are sick and tired of your imbecilic bullying and rioting. Even more so, we are ready to see those behind your corrupt activities stripped of their funds and sent to prison or put on the frontlines in some “vacation” spot like Aleppo.


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14 Responses to What MSM and Liberals Censorship of Truth on Borders and Violent Illegal Immigrants

  1. Sun Tzu says:

    The most important “non-news” for the lame stream media are: what are list as OTM (Other Than Mexican) that are caught and detained at the border. OTM’s make up close to or over 50% of the illegals. OTM’s include all the terriorist nations plus. After living and working close to the border in AZ, I’m happy that Prez. Trump turned the men and women loose to do their jobs! YEAAAAAH!

  2. deacsdomain says:

    This post could be the most VITAL & IMPORTANT received to date.
    The border’s , both Mexican & Canadian, are our FRONT LINEs of defense.
    These brave men & women are at war just as much as those on the other side of the world.
    If Hillary had been elected we would probably cease to exist in four years.
    I firmly believe that TRUMP, although a bit tainted, is a DEVINE intervention.
    OOORAH !! & a AMEN!!

    • Uriel says:

      I’m honored Deacsdomain for your praise. Thank you. Given all that is going on, we have to push back with truth partly to honor those who have been fighting and partly to save our country. Like you I believe Trump is a bit rough around the edges but thank goodness he is no politician. To save our country we knew the fight did not end at the voting booth in 2016. The leftist push back is proof of that. Obama is still determined to be king. His troops are in the streets and in congress even now.

      • “His troops are in the streets and in congress even now.”
        Yes they are. And ever time they march and show signs with the “F” word on it, or sneak up behind a Trump supporter and attack him or her, their party loses more followers. I guess the dems don’t understand that it is best, when you are in a hole, you should quit digging.
        Some of those idiots are going to find out they are the two perps who tried to steal Tom Cruise’s brief case in “Collateral.”

  3. michael p hershey says:

    Sounds like a few good men could find employment with Border Patrol at this time. Young men pay attention. I hear a knock.

  4. Popular Front says:

    Given that the current focus of the US military is the Middle East, does it not make sense to be training your ground troops and support units in the southern border areas where the geography/topography is very similar to the ME?

    Think on it. Company-sized units patrolling – fully armed – these sensitive areas and being prepared to blast the living daylights out of anyone who isn’t supposed to be there would certainly reduce the rates of deaths/assaults mentioned above.

    “All enemies, foreign and domestic” remember?

  5. Hardnox says:

    My buddy Bob (retired from the BP) says his his friends and contacts are doing happy dances like you won’t believe.

    PF is onto something. The Zita, private army of the cartels, is a force to be reckoned with and operates along the whole southern border.

    • Uriel says:

      Until I looked at the map, I had No idea how extensive cartels were in Texas. Good grief I am amazed Texas gets anything done.

      • Hardnox says:

        The Zitas were trained by the CIA asa para-military force after Reagan launched his war on drugs as a counter to the corrupt Mexican government. It was a successful program. That lasted until BJ Clinton defunded it. The Zitas now work for the cartels, who also pay better. Never let it be said that the left can’t eff up everything.

        • Uriel says:

          Wow no wonder they are so tough to deal with. Boy you said it. Haven’t yet found anything they have funded or been lead on that wasn’t.