Obviously DC Has Not Learned The Meaning Of “Drain The Swamp”

What is it that congress members do not get about the reason they were elected?

When they took their oaths of office, were they not elected to go to represent those in their districts and states? Where in that oath does it say that their consideration of bills or other matters give them the right to vote by the wishes of their political parties not for the good of constituents?

We are tired of a “tit-for-tat” governing body that feels it must counter the actions of the other party. We are disgusted that men and women whom we put faith in enough to send them to congress are constantly wrangling and NEVER appear to accomplish anything which helps those to whom they SHOULD hold allegiance to – the districts, the state, and the country for which they work.

These constant antics by the Democrat and Republican Party representatives is one of the most destructive aspects which have created the current levels of anger and discord with the general public. If a member has a particular issue and feels the rule of law and the chamber of government should address it, then do so by sitting in their respective seats inside the chamber and through parliamentary procedure. Not airing dirty laundry, dividing public sentiment, or castigating actions of other people in a public way. This is the turgid, odoriferous swamp that needs to be drained.

We signaled that we were tired of the same old rhetoric and actions by those we elected, yet for some reason the minute politicians enter into the oath (contract) and report for work in DC, suddenly all common sense and reason dissolves. Term limits appear to be the Only way to get through to these people that an entire lifetime spent in DC is no longer acceptable, especially when so badly out of touch with real world problems of the people and the results of bad laws which should have been better articulated on paper and vocally.

Comparing one president’s actions versus another is childish. No one should expect there to be “business as usual”, especially when the one elected takes seriously his pledge to put our country, its safety, and economic prosperity first before that of others. He should not and cannot ignore the rights of other countries, but at the same time should be moving to fulfill his own oath of office as he was elected to do.

Do I feel sorry for these people…only so far as being aware that the job market over the last eight years has tanked. But, they have been protected unlike most of the country from feeling that angst. Time to stop and understand what the rest of the country has had to deal with while they reported to work safe and secure in the knowledge that their position would continue and their paycheck would not stop even if on administrative leave.

Otherwise, my answer is HELLLL No I don’t.

Had their positions been productive and their actions above-board and honorable, I don’t think there would be a single reason for them to be feeling such fear or the general populace so much anger. Those talking heads that I have seen appear before congress though say otherwise. Their knowledge, expertise, and understanding were far inferior  and too nervous for the position with which they had been hired or entrusted to fulfill.

The very fact that these people are unfamiliar with the laws and rights of POTUS goes a long way to explain how someone like Obama could have gotten away with all of his activities without a whimper from the appointees or employees. It explains just how trillions of our tax dollars have been fraudulently pocketed instead of reaching the intended recipients.

The fact that the same challenges and actions we are seeing played out at this moment did not occur during Obama’s administration increases the public perception and solidifies the suspicion of collusion and wrongdoing on the parts of those more vocal “Party Politics as usual” members of congress.

It definitely explains why congress for the last twenty years or more has not been diligent in its duty to protect, preserve, and serve those for whom they were elected. It explains why a bill which might benefit someone in the public sector can’t be evaluated on its merits, revised, passed in a non-partisan way for the betterment of its purpose-not once but many times over many sessions of congress.

More than a hundred bills easily are introduced each congressional session, most never get past being introduced. Rarely are those bills singular in concept and many are eventually tagged with riders in order to get through which then results in a hodgepodge decision which could be bad for the country. Many certainly don’t manage to make their way for consideration and approval. Fewer still are actually sent to the current POTUS for review.
(i.e. Since when is it necessary to shove that much tripe and pork through lumped together, especially when certain things like “no pre-existing condition clauses” for example could have and should have stood out separately in their own short clearly understood bill? Simply put too much of the wording is questionable as to passing through congressional review–so lump and obfuscate.)

In the pre-colonial days, Native Americans took rendered animal fat along with different food items like nuts and berries then shaped them in balls to use for long treks. At other times they used drying methods to make jerky which lasted a long time and was easily identified. That is exactly what it appears has happened with many of the bills introduced. Instead of lean, seasoned and easily identified items to work on, congress has chosen to hide inside the bills little tidbits designed to acquire more big government rights or reduce our rights such that it ends up we have to wash down the whole mess before we discover how we have been poisoned.

I do not expect nor do many people that congress agree with everything the president is doing.  I do expect reasonable, sane, mature attitudes and actual work getting done on the floor of the chambers. I do not expect childish behavior or obstruction of justice and constitution by those who are there to make laws. Any laws they wrote I would consider suspect because reasoning and calm, clear thinking are totally absent.

Frankly, it should be illegal, if it isn’t already law, for government personnel and elected officials to march or take part in any riotous type of politically oriented obstruction in a city or town which ends up threatening or harming people or businesses. That mentality does not bode well for job performance and our government.

The point of this election was to STOP BUSINESS AS USUAL in government. As such, it is obvious those in DC that rant and rave are not there to handle performance of their duties or simply cannot handle this edict by the people. So, retire with dignity, get out-of-the-way, or stop obstructing and start working.



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8 Responses to Obviously DC Has Not Learned The Meaning Of “Drain The Swamp”

    • Uriel says:

      Thanks Susan. Welcome to Hardnox. Just today we hear that rather than cast a nay vote on two appointees, Dembabies choice to boycott and not show up to vote. These tactics are now far beyond acceptable. A simple nay would have sufficed. They need to be recalled and explain their voters why they are unwilling to perform their duty. Then new people need to replace them. Childish tactics have no place in government who are supposed to be leaders.

      • Hardnox says:

        A no-show doesn’t count as a vote. It’s a stall tactic up until McConnell says enough with the childish shit and forces a vote which he needs to do immediately.

        • Uriel says:

          Yes BUT will he. We all know the dude is all show no fight

          • Hardnox says:

            McConnell just had his wife confirmed as Transportation Sec. Last week on FOX, when pressed on confirmations by Chris Wallace, McConnell stated that “all nominees will be approved… period”. he’s just letting the children grandstand for now.

  1. Hardnox says:

    Great rant.

    The only reason the left is in such a tither is that they thought they would gain the White House and the Senate thus putting them in charge of 2/3rds of the goobermint. They never planned for defeat and acting like the children we knew they were. They have totally exposed themselves.

    • Uriel says:

      That they have. They hark back to Republicans tactics but even at their worst the Republicans were angelic compared to these asshats’

      • Uriel says:

        Just like they are squirming on Obamacare and now the immigration fubar because the RINOS always have caved to Dems