Liberals/Progressives – The Enemy Within

Liberals are traitors and always have been. From their Copperhead days during the Civil War to their informer days during the Wilson Era to their betrayal of the GIs during Vietnam, their human shield days, and now, their violence across America, bought and paid for by George Soros.

How many times have the Liberals sympathized with and give material aid to the enemy? There was Hanoi Jane Fonda, there was Congcritter Nostrilus Waxman and his infamous letter that enabled Code Pink to send $600K worth of supplies to insurgents in Fallujah, while US Marines were locked in combat with the throat-slitting/head-chopping dirt squirrels. How many Marines died or were maimed for life thanks to Code Pink and Waxman? Why those responsible never had their neck stretched is beyond the ken of the Gunny.

Liberals continue their treasonous activity by opening welcoming in so-called “refugees” into America, heedless, clueless, or stupidly disregarding the Trojan Horse invasion by men of military age posing as refugees. A point on refugees must be made here to be clear on the subject. A refugee from a civil war should NOT be a single military age male but rather, a woman and her kids, whose husband, brothers, etc., When one views the so-called “refugees” coming into the US and Europe, women and children are notably absent. Liberals are either too stupid or to hidebound ideologically to understand that one, we’re at war, and two, that they [Liberals] are allowing the importation of unvetted terrorists, like the Tsarnev brothers, who WILL blow up buses, streets, buildings, trains, and murder Americans, in the future, in the name of Allah and Islam and Liberals will refuse to accept their culpability. BTW, RINOs like Juan McLame and his butt plug Ms. Linda Graham, are just as guilty.

We ARE at war with Islam, who clearly considers themselves at war with the US yet Liberals would have us fight this war with one hand tied around our balls while also fighting the treason of the Left! This fifth column or Quislings, led by vermin named Clinton, Schumer, Obama, and the Liberal Lapdog Lickspittle Media, constantly work overtime to hamper America, all the while being paid $2,500 a month, per person, to create chaos, from a Nazi named George Soros. Soros, Public Enemy #1, owns the DNC and runs it for his own personal effort to bring down America, which he has stated several times, that it is his goal. So you see brothers and sisters, we are surrounded by enemies, within and without, and therefore we MUST band together to win this clash of civilizations/ideologies. The importation of these so-called “refugees” is being done in order to allow the Left to allow our internal enemy’s numbers to grow faster than Planned Parenthood can sell baby parts!

The sides have been formed up and on one side it is Americans who love America, our customs, courtesies, history and traditions (warts and all) and on the other side is Islam and their Liberal allies, the fifth columnists.

Case-in-Point: “What’s the point of spending all this money on the military if the f*ckers can’t organize a coup on January 20?” C J Werleman Liberal author.

Case-in-Point #2: “Former president Barack Obama rejected the idea Monday that President Trump based his immigration executive order on a policy adopted by his own administration, and he endorsed the protests that have been taking place across the country in response to the new restrictions.” (WaPo 30 Jan)

So here we are, the very traitor who FREED five hardcore terrorists and paid out a few million bucks, for a traitor named Bergdahl, is encouraging violent protests across America (which is what they are), and hampering the travel of other Americans in the process. Not to mention the Muslim president letting in thousands upon thousands of UNVETTED potential terrorists and criminal illegal aliens as well. 

Dear Obama, Fuck you. Drop dead ASAP. America will be better off without this gay bathhouse patron opening up his oral shitbox, encouraging more and more violence.

Consider the following actions that Liberals and their RINO globalist allies (McLame, McConnell, Linda Grahamnesty, etc.,) have taken against the American people and our sovereignty:

1.  Created and subjugated us to the UN (accelerated under Barky Obama)
2.  Bound us to NAFTA, losing hundreds of thousands of jobs and Trillions in revenue since then.
3.  Socially experimented on the US Military and failed to maintain the military capacity of the USA to protect and defend the US.
4.  Involved us in foreign adventures that bear no benefit to the US, thus wasting resources and getting Americans killed, wounded, maimed.
5.  Allowing the Fed (started under Wilson) to wreck the US Dollar and our economic capacity.
6.  Sending foreign aid to our enemies, i.e., Iran, Mexico, etc.
7.  Creating internal hate and discontent, the prime example is Barky Obama and his racist AG’s Holder and Lynch, to foment trouble in Black communities, allowing it to happen, and not punishing the lawbreakers.

The list is near endless.

The definition of treason today is the ideology of Liberalism/Progressivism that runs in direct contravention of the US Constitution and the welfare of the USA.Liberals have donned totalitarian garb and revel in it, as they run rampant in the streets, destroying private and public property, at the behest of one George Soros.

In closing, one has to wonder of Liberals/Progressives have a death wish as they wildly embrace identity politics, forced diversity, and multiculturalism. Liberal/Progressive ideology is revolutionary in thought and action. These insider threats believe first and foremost that ALL pro-American, Pro-Conservative, Pro-Capitalist, Pro-freedom/sovereignty thought or speech is hate speechs, is intolerable, and must be shut down, by any means possible, whenever and wherever it is encountered, NO exceptions. Now if an identity based-protected class of people, i.e., Muslims, speak out against America, demand Sharia Law over the Constitution, force themselves onto the American people, like demanding to build a mosque on Ground Zero in NYC, then it is okey dokey. It is chanted and embraced by the useful idiots who have opened the gates to the barbarians and let in the enemy, hiding in their Trojan Horse, behind a wall of taqiyya.

“The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.” – Marcus Aurelius

The first time you think is the last time you’re a Democrat.” Sayet

Leftists call for violence!

About GunnyG

Retired US Marine and pissed-off American. Tired of the bullshit from inside the Beltway and determined to change it, peacefully or otherwise. A Constitution-loving American who believes that the US is #1 and should be!
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9 Responses to Liberals/Progressives – The Enemy Within

  1. clyde says:

    World Class post, brother. Take a bow. I find it amazing the leftards like the shitstain Governor of Washington State, along with the Ass Clown Lovers Union, is filing suit to prevent the President from doing HIS Numero Uno JOB, protecting America. Liberalism truly is amental disorder. Too bad THEY made EVERY DAMN STATE close up the very places THEY belong.

    • GunnyG says:



      And of course that shithead Obama is rabble rousing as usual. I hope a tiger shark bites him in two but then it would have to wash out its mouth to get the taste of shit out.

  2. Robert says:

    Gunny,why has Soros not been taken into custody here in the US? I would love to know why?

    • GunnyG says:


      I have no idea why. He should have his assets frozen and be arrested and then extradited to Russia.

  3. I agree with Clyde, world class Gunny.
    Remember what Glenn Beck said a few years ago?
    Top down, bottom up, inside out.
    Orders come from the top down (Soros-Obama, et al.)
    Anarchy from the bottom up.
    To turn this country inside out.

    BTW, Did anyone else catch any of the details of Obama’s visit to palm Springs when he left D.C with Michael?
    They stayed at the home of the Ambassador from Spain and HIS HUSBAND.
    I’ll bet that was a clusterf… or they played 8 ball.

    I hope Trump finds time, once his cabinet and Supreme Courts picks are installed, to start the voter fraud investigation and set up a team consisting of Mike Zullo and Joe Arpaio, and anyone else appropriate, to fully examine the life and history of one (or is it two or three) Barrack Hussein Obama, Barry Soetoro>Soebarkha.
    What would it take to unseal his records? A fraud investigation?
    It disturbed me a bit when Trump had the glowing praise for the outgoing Obamas and the pathetic Clintons. I’ll bet it won’t take much longer for him to rethink those inauguration day statements.

  4. GunnyG says:


    Trump was just being polite and going through the motions. Obama showed his ass today, being a backseat bitch.

  5. Sun Tzu says:

    Great Post Gunny! All I see is everything is backwards; up is down, good is bad, and being a traitor is cool. Since Ex-President, aaah I like the sound of that, ODIMWIT is endorsing protest (AKA Violence), that makes him a traitor and he should be arrested and have the appropriate disciplinary action taken. Life in Leavenworth up to and including execution. Next Soros, they can share a cell.
    Long Live the Republic!

  6. Golden Dragon says:

    Gunny, I would share your posts with the brainwashed idiots in my family if I didn’t think it would give them nightmares and PTSD from suddenly realizing how ignorant they’ve been.

    • GunnyG says:

      G D,

      HILARIOUS! I have lib relatives that I enjoy twisting the knife in and rubbing salt in the wound.