Sunday Feel Good Stories

Spring, Texas – Authorities say a man shot and killed an intruder Tuesday afternoon at his home.  The homeowner told deputies he shot a man who broke into his home while he was inside.  The intruder was pronounced DRT.

In Winchester, Virginia a convenience store clerk ended her own kidnapping by shooting a robber in her store with her own gun. The criminal’s condition was unknown.

Little Rock, Arkansas, where Nathaniel Carter, 24, and David Stricklin, 50, two Pizza Hut employees were making a deposit at the local bank. They were approached by Cornell James Drones, 35, and Anthony Michel, 40 who tried to rob the pair.  Drones dropped his firearm, Carter recovered the gun and shot Drones several times. Drones fled in his vehicle and then collapsed nearby. He was pronounced DOT at the hospital.

In Rolette County, North Dakota a homeowner in north central North Dakota shot an intruder dead, authorities said.  The shooting happened early Saturday morning during a home invasion in Rolette County, reports KX News. Rolette County law enforcement said they responded to a 911 call just after 3 a.m.  When they arrived an intruder had been shot dead by the homeowner.  Police believe the intruder was acting alone.  Five adults and an infant were in the home at the time of the incident.

A homeowner in Albuquerque, New Mexico found two armed intruders in is house, so he made one of them DRT when the perp collapsed in his backyard.  Police are still looking for the one who got away.

In Charlotte, North Carolina, homeowner Kim Badger tried to get Phuc Hong Doan out of her house. He armed himself with a knife, so she shot him. Phuc was DRT, or in other words permanently Phuced up.

In West Monroe, Louisiana, a pizza-delivery person was forced to defend himself against two thieves. One thief was DRT (dead right there) while the other escaped injury, but he was arrested later.

In San Antonio, Texas at the Rolling Oaks Mall two men attempted to rob a Kay Jewelers inside the mall.  As they were escaping, they ran into two citizens outside who tried to intervene.  One of the good Samaritans was shot and killed and is identified as 42-year-old Jonathan Murphy of Cibolo, Texas . The second good Samaritan shot the suspect who had fired the gun.  The robber who was shot was transported to a local hospital.  San Antonio police said late Sunday night that they had taken the second suspect into custody.

In Chattanooga, Tennessee police say a woman who shot and wounded a man was defending herself and others.  Police said in a news release that 30-year-old Dieshunn Lindsey was trying to assault the woman and others Sunday morning when she shot him in self-defense.  Lindsey suffered a non-life-threatening gun wound and was subsequently charged with aggravated assault and five counts of reckless endangerment. He was also arrested on unrelated warrants.

In Rockford, Illinois,  Police say a suspect fired a shot into the ceiling of the bank, then opened fire on an armed security guard. The guard is employed by the bank. The guard then fired back, killing the suspect who was pronounced DRT.  No customers were inside the bank when the shooting happened and no workers were hurt. For now, police are treating this case as a homicide.  (Seriously?  A homicide?  Oh yeah, it’s Illinois.)

In West Monroe, Louisiana, a pizza-delivery person was forced to defend himself against two thieves. One thief was DRT while the other escaped injury, but was arrested later.

In Wesley Chapel, Florida, an armed customer shot an armed robber in the thigh during an attempted robbery at a Tampa Bay area gas station.  According to authorities, the man entered the Marathon gas station, pointed a gun at the clerk and demanded money.  That’s when the customer shot him in the right thigh.

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  2. Uriel says:

    until we get a handle on criminal activity this crap will continue. people can’t even feel safe in their own homes. remember when locked doors were unheard of in the country? now that is impossible.

  3. Adrienne says:

    DRT is my favorite. Such a money saver. Prayers for the good Samaritan.

  4. We’re gonna see a lot more of these as time goes by and those “wonderful” EBT cards stop working for the liberal cellar-dwellers and they can’t buy their much needed Cheetos. Oh, the horrors….!

  5. Golden Dragon says:

    Honorable mention:

    Chuck Schumer cryin like a lil bitch on the telescreen. Surf a web wave and check that shit out boppers.