Judge Jeanine Pirro Show

From Saturday night:

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2 Responses to Judge Jeanine Pirro Show

  1. With too many videos/topics to possibly comment on, I want to focus on one question: Since when do our Constitutional Rights apply to non-nationals, refugees or illegals?

  2. Uriel says:

    As “guests” within our borders they are entitiledto safety, basic rights, just as we are in other countries. But they are NOT entitled to full benefits nor considerations, just as we are not in other countries. We have to contact our embassies, so should they. Until or unless they go through an immigration application, they are ONLY guests. When a visitor to our home comes in, are they allowed to stay as long as they choose or eat all of our food, or take all of our money, or destroy our home? Nope…these people are “guests” and like unruly guests in a home subject to enforced removal if the homeowner requests that they have abused their right to stay.