The Writing (and pictures) Are On The Wall

The military is sending a bold and powerful message to Barack Obama while they wait for their portraits of Donald Trump to arrive on military bases.

It’s not a big surprise that our military has a distaste for Barack Obama. After Obama spent eight years disrespecting nearly everyone, the military has finally had enough. They decided to show it by sending a bold message to Obama, and it is emerging on military bases across the country.

According to Information Liberation, on military bases across the United States, images of Obama are coming down, but it’s what the military is replacing Obama’s portraits with that will leave you with a smile. The hypocritical Nobel Peace Prize winning Obama never scored high approval ratings from the men and women in uniform. It became common for the war hawk, who never quit bombing other countries while somehow simultaneously weakening American foreign policy and the military to unprecedented levels, to be booed by military veterans and service members.

Well, now that he’s out, Obama’s portraits are coming down, and since our military couldn’t wait to see the faces of our new leaders on their walls, Obama’s images are being replaced on bases with memes of President Donald Trump and those in his administration, such as James Mattis.

United States federal policy says that all Obama portraits in courthouses, post offices, government buildings, and military installations had to be removed by 12:01 p.m. on Friday, January 20th, but since the military doesn’t have an official Trump portrait to hang in many of their bases, they have chosen memes of the 45th president instead.

A picture of a few of the photos of memes in place of Obama’s portrait.

One of the photos, which was a meme circulating social media, depicts Donald Trump on a tank with a large American flag and an AR-15.

One of the memes which replaced the portrait of Barack Obama on military bases until Donald Trump’s official portrait arrives.

You may recognize another meme seen on the wall, which features James “Mad Dog” Mattis portrayed as a saint:

The meme featuring James Mattis reads “MAD DOG” around the halo behind his head. “Saint Mattis of Quantico, Patron Saint of Quantico,” is in the script at the bottom.

The military is sending a bold message to Barack Obama and Democrats everywhere. They are more than happy to see photos of Obama leave their bases. The military has often shown their disgust with Obama, and the spunk can be seen returning to our veterans under their new leaders.

Rather than worrying about the Commander-in-Chief taking away their gun rights and selling them poor government healthcare, they can now focus on their job — keeping America safe.



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37 Responses to The Writing (and pictures) Are On The Wall

  1. Shar says:

    Love it. The one of Mad Dog is priceless. Thanks.

  2. Sun Tzu says:

    Being a Dept of Ag employee, the big DOH was replaced with a picture of PRESIDENT TRUMP, immediately. Wish I had known about that great meme!

  3. clyde says:

    Good post. It is not surprising that the military has taken Batears off the wall. What is surprising is how much Navy support the Brown Clown had.

  4. SafeSpace says:

    These are a source of great encouragement to this American citizen, who depends on a motivated and high-morale military for my family’s security. God bless ’em, especially St. Mattis of Quantico!

  5. deacs domain says:

    The pics of OUR Pres & St Mattis , more than any official portraits tell it all. Full & COMPLETE approval.
    I was an ARMY grunt ( active & reserve) in 1958 and was a “VICTIM” of Pres JFK’s call up of 100s of 1,000s of reservist. We took our rolls very seriously . After a few months , we (most of us) realized this was a political ploy to effect the unemployment rate .
    We renamed his efforts . The WHY ME WAR & The WAR ON UNEMPLOYMENT.
    The displeasure was evident as so many families , jobs,& love affairs suffered.
    JFK also called off a fly over the BAY of PIGS effort to overthrow of Castro. The effort failed, I believe, because of this. Many CUBAN lives were lost. Those of us that were aware of this effort were deeply affected.
    The Army, by that time, had become a joke. Discipline was at it’s lowest ebb.
    Ft. Eustis TIMES had a headline story. It’s lead was:
    The Brooklyn UNIT, I forgot it’s number, & 942 Of S.C. arrived at Ft. Eustis.
    Liquor sales soar !!!

    • A friend of mine was sitting in the cockpit of his F-105 at the Orlando airport, waiting to take off on an attack mission. The airfield was full to capacity with planes and pilots itching to go. That mission was scrubbed.
      He told me that later, when an RF-101 Voodoo was shot down, he and a few of his squadron mates went to Cuba, bombed and strafed troops in the area of the downed plane. He even punched off his drop tanks on the way back over Mariel airfield in the hopes of hitting something on the ground. This never made the news, but he has the combat time logged in his logbook. Maybe if someone looked into the recently released old CIA documents that are online, maybe confirmation could be found.

    • Terry says:

      Thanks for your service deac. Hard to believe, but I was just a young child at that time so I appreciate your memories and comment about that.
      I do know that when I enlisted in 1970, the Army was still considered a joke by the hippie pansies and whomever they could persuade, and discipline and morale was was very low.
      But the headlines when we returned were more like “Heroin Sales Soar”.

  6. Hardnox says:

    Interesting graphics. Very telling. I’ll be interested to see what they are after one year of President Trump as CiC.

  7. Peppermint says:

    This is great and I love the memes. Great choices until they have an official pic of Trump. I’m glad to see this as they don’t like Obama especially the Marines. May be the reason Trump chose Marines to serve in his cabinet, Mattis, Kelly.

  8. deacsdomain says:

    Mr Wayright: My experience was the Bay of Pigs. We were activated because of “THE BERLIN CRISIS” The Bay was a few months before we were released.

  9. GruntOfMonteCristo says:

    Can’t thank you enough for this post, Terry. It’s been a long hard 8 years walking by that smug portrait of the community organizer on the wall where I work. It’s a good time for a change.

  10. ken says:

    Its about time yes. He destroyed our military and nearly our country. The illegal userper fake piece of crap needs to be erased from history. And prosecuted and executed

  11. Popular Front says:

    There is a great example of military protocol illustrated in the show ‘Band of Brothers’ where Major Winters admonishes Captain Sobel (the asshole) who does not salute him: “Captain Sobel! We salute the rank, not the man.”
    This courtesy is ingrained in every soldier from Pvt on up. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like the guy, correct military courtesies must be observed. Obama might be a jugheaded fuqstik but he was CIC and therefore must be treated with respect. now that he isn’t, all servicemen and women can flip him the bird if they so wish.

    • Terry says:

      That’s true PF. But oh how difficult that must be for our warriors, knowing that the CIC is willing manchurian candidate , anti-American, muzzie loving, phony in every way.
      There should be a waiver for that.

  12. Blessed B. says:

    Those Pics are priceless!!! loved seeing them…thanks Terry…you made my day!

    Though he wouldn’t ever wear anything with medals on it as he has stated that he has never served but has deep respect for the Military. Perhaps that pic should be changed ……

    The one with him on the tank though is great!

    • Terry says:

      Glad it perked up your day BB 🙂
      Trump may not have served as a soldier, but he did play one at a Military Academy.
      That’s more than mommy-pants did.

  13. Blackeyes says:

    Thats not an AR15, its a Barret .50cal. Not that it really matters, but in the context of symbolism, its a pretty relavent difference.
    I love the pics, BTW