Omarosa Manigault On Voter Fraud, Women’s March, And More | The View

Published on Jan 27, 2017

Omarosa Manigault On Voter Fraud, Women’s March, And More | The View

I really have a great deal of respect for this lady.  Wow! Congratulations Omarosa on your upcoming marriage and your important job in the White House.  Best of Luck!

I wrote the following in their comment section but decided to put it here as well.  If you notice there appeared to be a few “skip, glitches” in this interview, so I figured I would get my comments out here in case they also got “glitched”.

Omarosa was flat out right. Stop acting offended by some things long enough to look at the fact that there has not been someone in the oval office for twenty years or more that has actually shown in the first week that he is all about accomplishing exactly what he ran on his platform about. Instead of dwelling on the tidbits of stupidity and plan and look forward to accomplishing what is best for this country. Frankly those who diss on others is nothing new from people in Hollywood…umm grabbing crotches to sing songs, calling women “b**tches and worse” showing blood and guts and frenetic psyco, so do not diss anyone else until you clean up your own acts.

Bill Clinton’s presidency was marred by conflict and bad laws that saw prison inmate populations increase five fold. I don’t hear you noting that. His foundation has income vs actions that are highly suggestive of pay-for-play. I don’t hear you talking about that. There are a great many suspicious deaths over the last twenty-five years attached to the Clinton group. I don’t hear you comment on that.

Frankly the attitudes of those not agreeing with the election of someone they do not idolize by chanting obscene slogans, holding banners up, barring highways, burning and destroying private property is MORE offensive and childish. Instead of that why aren’t people at least reading, thinking, and listening to see where there is a problem and then getting involved to change it.

Before you claim Omarosa rude at the end, I suggest you consider all of the times that these women have themselves done or said things over the years that caused harm to those around them. It isn’t cute or funny to sit on a stage and rip apart someone’s character or question ever twitch they made for ratings. Oh, and by the way figure out what is truth, right, and acceptable behavior. The Democrats put up to run a person of far more divisive character who in fact DID harm not only Americans but Haitians and people in Africa.

Democrats if they are going to be honest created the Trump campaign success plain and simple because we “deplorables” were tired of being forced into a liberal mold not consistent with our values and morals. We were tired of a government refusing to abide by our Constitution and instead headed for a totalitarian regime. Get over it, get on with actually debating real issues and stop acting like children.


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4 Responses to Omarosa Manigault On Voter Fraud, Women’s March, And More | The View

  1. mzanghetti says:

    I think Omarosa had class in what she did and wasn’t rude at all, having said that I will also observe that she definitely put Joy in her place with what she said! Nice Job!

    • Uriel says:

      Welcome to Hardnox Mzanghetti. I agree. She shut them down at a few spots which was good. One classy lady is right.