Voter Registration – Citizens Have The Right To Be Reassured Before Any More Elections In 2017


In many cycles of elections far back even to the early years, when one side or the other found their candidate had lost, there have been claims of voter manipulation, voter intimidation, or voter fraud. Old essays, stories, and books are available that mention them. The point of having a voter law is to make sure every legal resident in the USA has the ability to cast a vote regardless of any religion, race, or purple and lime green body paint.

Some stories like these are frightening and a few can at times can be entertaining:

According to one unverified and non-academic source, Atlas Obscura:
“In the 1800s, United States elections were rife with fraud, and political parties were more like private clubs than the bureaucratic representatives we have today, so cooping fit right into politics of the time.” Cooping was the polite way of saying that violent gangs would kidnap voters, feed them alcohol or drugs and force them to vote multiple times dressed in various disguises. Many cooping victims were said to have been immigrants and free men of color. Naturalization was formalized for the influx of European immigrants in the mid-1800s, new citizens were eligible to vote in the United States so became easy targets for the gangs to extort or threaten. 

I cannot authenticate the Atlas Obscura information but considering the times and attitudes, it is believable. Certainly my own hometown’s voting history has some quirky voting tales and horror stories during its history. There was a newspaper account of a bull elected in our mayoral race right after the Civil War ended. Its sudden demise not long after winning (butchered) was to keep a “carpetbagger” from taking the position.

News accounts and historical records for some more include the following:
– in 1791, there were accusations of ballot box stuffing in Georgia
– in 1793, New York gubernatorial election
– in 1876, Democrats raged that Rutherford Hayes had been elected through fraud by Republicans
– in 1960, Kennedy Presidential Illinois race was marred by allegations of crime syndicate activity
– in 2000, Al Gore believed that the voting in Florida was wrong to such an extent that recount drug on for over a month before a winner was declared, other states were also contested but quickly recounted and declared.
– in 2002, New Hampshire senate race
– in 2004, Bush reelection had questions raised about accessibility to vote, ineligible voters registered, vote counting, multiple voting in different locations, and more
– in 2012, there were several claims from different states like North Carolina of double voting, etc.

The point I am trying to make here is not that there is or is not actual voter fraud as much as there is a perception of fraud permeating every party and every election.  The problem especially as we go forward is that those who are voting have real fears based on accounts in media about who is allowed to vote, who is not, which locations can they vote in?  Is it legally and morally acceptable that some practices that many consider underhanded like swapping votes DNC and why were they not arrested and charged if so? How is it acceptable to have certain groups of people deliberately pay and assist illegal immigrants and refugee groups to receive citizenship when legal immigrants are still not cleared after years of waiting?

Certainly articles have been flying back and forth for over a year on this. Like PJMedia’s “Leaked Documents Reveal Expansive Soros Funding to Manipulate Federal Elections”; Newsmax’s “Soros Backs Democratic ‘Super Lawyer’ in Voting Rights Cases”; or Washington Times’ “Supreme Court rules in redistricting case: Illegal immigrants can be counted”, Washington Post’s “D.C., other cities debate whether legal immigrants should have voting rights”.

These highlight why even the liberal foul-mouthed ranter in marches has at least one real grievance that could have been addressed and put to rest by congress.  The right of a citizen to speak for his or herself by voting has been negated by the plans of a few to overwhelm our country and “transform” it.

The Voting Rights Act of 1965 was historic in aim to help Black Americans who had been prevented from exercising their legal, constitutional voting rights. It was renewed in 2006. Then in 2013, the Supreme Court struck down Section 4 of that act declaring “Congress could have updated the coverage formula at that time, but did not do so.  Its failure to act leaves us today with no choice but to declare [Section 4] unconstitutional”. The formula in that section can no longer be used as a basis for subjecting jurisdictions to preclearance.” They did not however rule on [Section 5] the preclearance requirement itself. Congress to date has not corrected or updated the Voters Rights Act given all the demographic and influx of immigrants, legal or illegal since then. So in essence the Supreme Court took upon itself the right to revise and make laws that only Congress should have done.

Voting in local, state, or federal elections is a privilege which should never be taken lightly.  The effect of a cast vote ripples up to the very top governmental slots.  It changes the way we think, function as a community, and feel about ourselves. The process of a republic cannot start if the voice of those who live in the states are stifled. Even so, it is even more important that those who speak in a community meet the qualifications for citizenship by either natural or naturalization criteria. NOT for those who circumvent the legal ways to immigrate or come in on special visas but don’t leave, or those that will not willingly take a pledge or oath to this country rather than any other country.  It is NOT for those from other countries who have been flown or smuggled in here in order to have a birther babies on our soil then go home.

The truth is that there has to be accountability from local, state, and federal authorities. Voting is the one way citizens of our country have of being involved in the process of their governance.  When it is corrupted from lack of clear laws, deceitful practices, interference by outside sources, illegal actions, or poorly run efforts to maintain methods of identification, then there is a major problem.

Voter fraud isn’t limited to one type of voter fraud or even common types of voter fraud. It is simply illegal tampering with the process of an election. The reason that voter fraud laws are in place is to protect democracy from corruption and to ensure that all who are eligible vote can do so and all voters have an equal vote in any given election.

However, I would also add that courts or officials that attempt to make law rather than fulfill their constitutional duties; states that do not consistently coordinate data; and outside sources who pay large amounts of money to move illegals from illegal to legal status by fast tracking methods are also types of voter fraud or rather manipulation.

Having a valid identification for drivers licenses, passports, social security benefits, health records, school records, and many other things is standard procedure and common sense. That something as important as our voting rights should also depend on those current records is also common sense.  Most of us at one time or another had our drivers license swiped at locations, why would this not also be available for voting?

There are valid questions on voting rights that only a law can address–
1) Just as in other meddling the courts have done, do they have the right to make, delete, or revise laws on the books or is that only to be done by congress?
2) If done by congress, why have the changes never been made?
3) What is the procedure where the courts inform congress of transgressions or need for revisions so that congress can act to review or revise?
4) Congress and court rulings seem to be at loggerheads over the interpretation, validity, or continuation of particular laws so why are those laws not more carefully considered in light of the obvious clashes?


Let’s say we have a heated race in a local election between people paying to bring in a uranium dumping site and those who refuse to accept its placement for valid reasons. A political party or a PAC dumps large amounts of money into one person’s campaign and voila their candidate wins who just happens to favor the site. Isn’t that manipulating the vote?

Let’s say a city, county, state, or federal election has been inundated with refugees and illegal aliens such that the refugees overwhelm the local population in sheer numbers. They vote and the local population no longer has a control or interest in their own local laws, that is dangerous and a manipulation of our voting base. These are just two of many ways we can lose control of our constitutional framework and rights as citizens to govern our country without interference. Yet media and so-called learned reports say “oh no” there is no fraud.  Well perhaps there is not actual fraud but manipulation is definitely being done. This is unacceptable as well.

This has happened and more than likely did happen in the last election. So when I heard Trump repeatedly mock the system, I was glad. Our country has had influences from outside our citizenry affecting and infecting our government for many years. This is one grassroot way the transformation of our country has been happening. Regardless of the wimpy, bought and paid for stance taken by mainstream media. Regardless of the seesaw of right or wrong on the issue of voter fraud taking place. Regardless of the politician’s questions of fraud…

Citizens Have The Right To Be Reassured Before Any More Elections In 2017

I don’t care who the messenger is…whether it is Trump constantly pointing out the truth or congress in a bill.  

Mainstream media needs to shut up.  It is possible at least some of the ranting, foaming, foul-mouthed idiots marching could have been avoided if only all citizens were more assured that their votes HAD mattered or WERE counted. And frankly media is guilty of perpetuating the problems and encouraging bad behaviour by being broken records and constantly confusing the issue of voters rights with false information. We the people matter. Not petty arguments nor political ideology.

It is time for a clear message to congress…WRITE A LAW that clearly and concisely provides that all who are legal citizens or naturalized citizens regardless of original nationality and have fulfilled all the requirements for citizenship are the only voters allowed to determine the course of our country’s future. That only children born of natural or naturalized parents or immigrants awaiting naturalization are considered as citizens. That those within the process of naturalization who have been here for five years or more waiting patiently to be naturalized are now legal naturalized citizens, period. That those here illegally have NO rights except those guaranteed for safety and to be returned to their own countries for free processing to become legal immigrants into our country if they are qualified.

It is time states connect birth, death, drivers license and whatever other data banks. It is time that they weed through their records and clean them up NOW with no more labor, time, or other excuses before any more elections pass by and more people are angered or fearful that our country is no longer a republic but a socialist state of the United Nations or some other world government.


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8 Responses to Voter Registration – Citizens Have The Right To Be Reassured Before Any More Elections In 2017

  1. I.R. Wayright says:

    A black woman from Ohio that I believe was a poll worker bragged about voting six times for Obama. She even voted for her sister. She did have to suffer the consequences of her actions.
    I think we should scrap ALL voter registrations before the end of the year. Before the 2018 elections all voters need to re-register with proper documentation.
    Bring a birth certificate and a photo ID like a driver’s license. Simply applying with a driver’s license will not suffice in those states that licenses anybody with a pulse.
    When you vote in person, expect to have your finger dipped in indelible ink that will last for days.
    When you vote in person you surrender your voter ID card. The cards go into a sealed box for later mailing back to you a few days later. Anybody opening that box on election day should have their fingers, if not their heads, removed.
    When you vote by absentee mail in ballot, you must mail in your voter ID card with it. It would be in a separate compartment and that section would go into a different box that the unopened ballot would. The unopened ballots would then be counted after the polls were closed. There should be no early voting. That just allows for more corruption.
    After the election is all over your registration would be mailed back to you.

    If you cheat in an election you should suffer severe penalties and lose your voting rights for the rest of you miserable life. Any objections?

    • Uriel says:

      Not from me. The only exception I could see would be for the elderly and disabled who can not make the trip. Even in the days of ancient groups registration was mandatory.

      • Uriel says:

        Why not have the thumb print on applications for drivers license and swipe the license at voting booths?

        • I.R. Wayright says:

          Right. The thumbprint could be rendered and stored as a digital file. You would still have to have a fudge factor of 85% or so for small errors.

      • I.R. Wayright says:

        Let the meals on wheels folks act as couriers for those stuck at home, like my 93 year old mother.

  2. vonMesser says:

    For people in uber-remote areas, have the mailman take the registration forms with him on his route. Even the most remote get mail from someone, sometime.

    • Uriel says:

      There is that Von and most senior citizen agencies always have on hand (or at least they did) such documents and people willing to help. Local government officials should also have assistance for this as well.

  3. Uriel says:

    For that matter why wouldn’t local authorities have lists already (for emergencies) of homebound who could be costed by authorized voting people in early voting with say a laptop for them to enter their choices. Then if someone tried to vote proxy a red flag would go up.