Women’s Rights? Or Hedonistic Rights?

As I watched the huge crowds of women and men mostly quietly marching over the past weekend with their cutesy pepto bismol pink clothing, I was amazed to see so many men and women were pushing strollers with young children and shouting about women’s rights. Are these people deserving of those children? OMG! Have they NOT been on internet, seen printed reports, done a damn bit of reasoning about what the hell they are ranting on about?

So, I decided to find out just what they were supposedly marching on and about.

These three organizers offered the following explanations:

1) Bob Bland -“female-identifying artists coming together against the Trump regime” was from their art show in early January as a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood.

2) Heidi Solomon-Orlick -added this to the purpose of the movement – “”This is not a protest, and it is not an anti-Trump rally. It’s about human rights, focusing on women’s rights.”

3) Breanne Butler – making a statement during inauguration “The marginalized groups you attacked during your campaign? We are here and we are watching ‘Welcome to the White House.’ ”

Some of the others who planned the event included Communist Party, Farrakhan followers and others. So umm what was the purpose women?

I read and watched a lot of the “rants” and have yet to figure out just what this “Women’s Movement” is or was supposed to foster especially since so many men and “others” attended. Apparently no one really had an agenda just a vague, “show up and march” attitude. When three of the seventeen organizers can’t give a single purposeful agenda then it simply is an exercise in chaos and just a weekend street party of all hype and no substance. I guess that’s okay if you like doing the wasted time and exercise thing. Personally, I would rather have had a root canal done than drag my children out to a rally where they might be hurt while celebrating my “womanhood.”

All those women around the world got to have their say, so I get to give my two cents worth since I am physically and genetically identified as female, over the age of consent, and lived through a lot.

As a female, I am outraged that a march supposedly about and for women brought up ANY issue other than those closest to women like hiring practices, equal pay for equal qualifications, rights of women across the world to have the same freedoms to speak or move about without fear of rape or brutality, recognition of abilities, and rights to good pre-sexual options for preventing pregnancies or good prenatal care.

I am outraged that those who believe in the life of an unborn child is not as equally important as those of pro-choice rabid ranters.

I am outraged that the rights of and fawning interest of unborn and newborn animals are more important than those afforded to unborn humans.

I am outraged that adults who demand no intolerance on issues, beliefs, or their lives cannot extend the same courtesys and expected behavior to someone who has been duly elected to office and not yet even begun. I am disgusted that the infantile behavior exhibited in no way matches their mature and thoughtful need for solidarity for better women’s rights issues across the planet. Obviously, their parents erred somehow’ Maybe they were too busy trying to earn money to support themselves and their lifestyles to teach good manners and values or maybe some genetic glitch has been erasing cells in the genome. Or how about this, the f’ng drugs consumed and supplied by people are poisoning and erasing the cell parts that allow for self-responsibility, self-awareness, distinction between right and wrong…maybe that should be the next “marker” target for scientists and pharmaceutical companies.

I am furious that communism and radical Islamic views are being allowed more acceptance and rights than the people in our own country who believe in its constitution and laws have been allowed.  That those who would destroy our country and reshape it into one of a dozen examples of less tolerance, less freedom loving, less healthy and disease free, less women’s rights is insanity. Communism by its very nature has proven to breed the antithesis of what this so-called “woman’s movement” is trying to elevate awareness of — starvation, intolerance, stagnation, non-individualism, stifles creativity and ingenuity has no place in speaking for social acceptance, women’s rights to business, creativity, or personal freedom. Strict Islam with its Shariah law brings death, repression, submission, women’s slavery, subjugation, and absolute male dominance. There are too many cases of their “religious” cleansing and intolerance for this to be denied. How the hell is this acceptable in a woman’s rights movement?

I am sickened that mothers and fathers marched along with their babies giving acknowledgement, voice, and money to the rights of Planned Parenthood to exist as it is functioning now. One of the most precious memories of my adult life was the excitement and nurturing of a growing human in my body. That ANYONE ever would have been allowed to remove that child from my body and worse rip it apart to sell its pieces for profit is horrific. I would have been the first to grab whatever came handy to protect my unborn child.

How could those parents cuddle the children in those strollers, feed them, clothe them, laugh and cry over them EVER be a part of anything Pro-Choice abortionists. Even today with my children well into adulthood, I would do my best to hurt anyone that tried to harm them or my grandchildren.

Planned Parenthood was by mandate supposed to provide prenatal care and other women’s health activities other than abortions. For many, many years people have protested this mandatory payment by tax-payers. Now it has been proven to be a lie by the words of their own employees. Their agencies are a waste of time, money, and nothing more than legalized murder chop shops.

There are at least ten options for prevention of pregnancy but then those women preferring abortion really are selfishly thinking of harm to themselves rather than the murder, dismemberment, and earnings. If a woman has that much fear of bodily harm, then like female animals, let’s by all means set up a voluntary method of sterilization which they can pay for out of their own pockets. But that really isn’t the issue now is it?

The irresponsibility of passing on STD’s and other diseases in this day and age with so many options for safer sexual encounter or prevention is criminal as well. Just this past week or so we have learned that these same Planned Parenthood centers support, accept, do not report child sex slavery groups that need abortions performed on children in their “stables”.

Most importantly I am outraged that anyone would suggest they speak for me on any of these topics by claiming this to be a “Woman’s March.” Who the heck gave them the right to decide what I would think or feel. I am only one woman but MY thoughts, MY beliefs, MY decisions are NOT defined by women marching along in a hen party down a street especially wearing a nauseating pink when that signifies wimpish and all soft and cushy cuddly. Heck bring on the daring red or royal blue. Those define most women better – bold, in your face colors.

Fashionistas my arse. Women that can afford all these “fashionable” clothes, fancy hairstyles, have time for running raging through streets, expensive powder and puffs – only mouth off and make themselves feel important. They haven’t sacrificed the food in their bellies to provide for hungry children. They haven’t bought a ten-dollar pair of shoes and given the difference so a family can see a doctor. Most of them haven’t given up a dime to help others and are quick to ignore or degrade anyone who does not fall in with their ideas. They are the bullies who look down on people around them rather than give from their heart and time in communities to improve life. They have no way of understanding or speaking for the average women who have to work two jobs to support a family or the millions of women around the world who barely are breathing, always hungry, and living in fear with little or no options of learning or creating a damn thing.

The wonder of being a woman is her ability to love, laugh, live, and nurture those around her. Generally women used to be more compassionate, giving, and willing to sacrifice for others. But I gotta tell you, the younger women I saw ranting and carrying on like harpies in that march are so far from real women that they might as well have that old tubing ripped out so they can be the eunuchs they seem to think is the trendy new woman. The aura around them is as dark as the deepest, darkest part of the night.


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13 Responses to Women’s Rights? Or Hedonistic Rights?

  1. GruntOfMonteCristo says:

    HEAR, HEAR! Soooo well said, Uriel. Sing it, Sister! 🙂

  2. SafeSpace says:

    Someone might ask these murdering aborters just what is it that is growing in their wombs if it is not a baby. Is it a puppy? An oak tree? A calf? Last time I checked, genetic science fairly accurately predicts that mating humans produce new, baby humans. Maybe we should label these murderous, self-indulgent, sex-crazed sluts as “science deniers” — that would get the left’s attention.

  3. clyde says:

    Good piece. These idiots are, knowingly or not, aligning themselves with Islamists who wish to see them dead. Wonder if the fools realise THAT ?

    • Uriel says:

      They know or they wouldn’t be trembling in fear BUT knowing and thinking or acting responsibly seem to escape them.

  4. Anyone who had the slightest doubt about voting for Donald J. Trump, but did so anyway, should be chagrined to have those doubts being erased daily by the actions coming from the left.
    It is hard to put into words the level of disdain I have for them. There sure as hell isn’t an ounce of pity for them. They have judiciously earned all the woe that they have coming.
    Now you must pardon me whilst I have another cup of schadenfreude.
    It’s the first time in 8 years I’ve had any.
    Ahhhhh, delicious.
    Have a cup, Uriel, it’s on me.

    • Uriel says:

      Thank you kindly IR. Believe I will. Absolutely right by these events alone we can see just how close we are skirting the abyss.

  5. vonMesser says:

    My favorite of the “women’s rights” was the woman who wanted the same rights as a gun. She didn’t seem to understand that she would not be allowed on the street without being carried by a person with a license to have her, she must be locked up when not being carried, she could not go into a bar, a school, a courthouse, a voting place, in order for a person to have her he must get a background check and wait 5 days, etc……

  6. You know what their problem is?
    Liberals refuse to recognize good government when they see it, and they won’t acknowledge bad government when they vote for it.