Over 3 Million Rallied In The Recent “Womens’ Marches”. Does It Matter?

Old-guard political advisers are saying “yes”, believing that if the Democrat Party can organize these folk and convince them that the Party can end “evil white patriarchy” in the US, the Dems have a good likelihood of taking back the House in 2018.  These very very smart people (who called Hillary’s victory with such accuracy) want us to believe that the lunatics at these rallies organized themselves spontaneously to express their dislike of Trump and conservatives, and will grow into a movement for “revolution” and “change”.  Even some saner heads have stated that ANY cause that gets three million people out, is a serious cause and must not be ignored.  So let’s try to figger out what exactly this “revolution” is about, and decide if it stands a chance of succeeding.

The folks who came out this past weekend represented a multi-front attack on American institutions and, by extension, western civilization itself.  Progressives, since the days of Woodrow Wilson, have portrayed free economies and societies as evil.  Starting with their political alliances with the fascist forces of Mussolini and Hitler, these people have sought to take control of free societies away from individuals, and give it over to authoritarian central planners.  Communists have filled the gap left by the failure of the Axis forces in World War Two, and now push the societal agenda of central planning enforced by firepower.

The second prong of this attack is the feminist movement, which since its origins 90 years ago, has morphed into a rallying cry for educated (but pathetically misguided) white women.  These enlightened twits (careful with that vowel, SafeSpace) see free societies as “male-dominated” and thus inherently evil.  Their goal is the same as the communists:  Centrally-planned and controlled societies that replace the “unfairness” and “inequality” of societal rewards based on merit, with mandated social structures that pull everyone down to the lowest common denominator, in the name of “fairness”.  These women are the product of American higher education, a festering pool of diarrhea that has filled the Halls of Ivy.

And then there is the little matter of sex, a major driving force in the lives of educated and “liberated” white women since the Edwardian era.  Enlightened progressives buy into the post-modernist concept of moral relativism (that’s all they teach at their $60K/year universities).  What you believe, what I believe, what Achmed The Raghead Terrorist believes — all beliefs are equally valid, because there is no absolute truth.   Further, many of today’s college-educated younger American white women appear to believe that concepts of sexual morality are entirely defined by the individual, and that the pursuit of individual pleasure lies at the root of it all.  How else do we explain the words Ashley Judd screamed this past weekend, about how our “pussies are for our pleasure”?  So we got to see crowds of white girls (and their emasculated metrosexual male counterparts), all festooned with rainbow-colored scarves and little pink caps with pussy-cat ears, marching in defense of what?  Unlimited sex.  Sex with anyone that tickles yer fancy.  And when there’s the inevitable “oops”?  Abortion on demand.

The main underlying motivation for these women is fear:  Fear that their lifestyles of unlimited, consequence-free sex with anyone of their choosing at any time, will be curtailed.   Fear that their access to abortions to “undo the punishment of a baby” will be curtailed.  Fear that they have been found out, as a a minority of amoral and homicidal sluts in a nation which is still majority moral and honorable, and must now strike back to “protect their rights”.

The final piece of the so-called revolution is the claimed histories of attacks on the rights of “people of color”.  NEVER MIND that this weekend’s marchers were 99.8% white.  NEVER MIND that Planned Parenthood, the abortion mecca, terminates more black babies’ lives than those of whites.  NEVER MIND that Planned Parenthood was founded by Margaret Sanger, the eugenicist who believed in sterilizing black Americans (the ones that survived childhood without being aborted) so as to eliminate the “inferior Negro race” from our shores.  NEVER MIND that some 80% more American blacks are murdered by other blacks than by folks of any other race.  No, the “revolution” sees whites, and white males in particular, as the problem that must be eliminated, if not from the face of the earth, at least from positions of power.

Three million folks came out this past weekend nationwide because social media and funding brought them together:  A flash mob on steroids.  George Soros has been quick to master this method of organizing, via funding of many small groups of “feminists”, “people of color”, and progressives, and by arranging transportation (and bail).  A complicit and corrupt national media has played happily along (as they themselves are progressive moral relativists).  Certain Islamist groups including ISNA and CAIR have co-opted relationships with nonwhites and have added their destructive support.  No matter that, outside the world of the American Left, Islam is the biggest enemy “liberated” women and homosexuals have to fear.   War makes strange bedfellows, and all these groups have the same end objective: The destruction of free societies and of governments that respect and protect individual rights.

So to the original question:  Do this past weekend’s events matter?  The answer is YES.  President Trump has been in office less than one full week, and just look at the enemy alliances that have formed and mobilized against him.  Trump must act surgically, and curtail funding (and thereby organizational capability) to enemies within our borders.  The Muslim front groups need to be called out and their access to the banking system and social media terminated.  Muslim infiltration of our government (starting with John Brennan and then our military brass) needs to be reversed.  The media needs to be put, and kept, on notice.  Government funding to universities that are home to anti-American activities needs to end.  Religious organizations that exist to destroy public property and tie up America’s courts with bogus lawsuits — end their tax-exempt status.

The elections of 2018 are not far off, just an eyeblink away in political terms.  We’ve got a beachhead in the White House and the Congress now.  We’ve got a once-in-a-generation opportunity to critically damage these enemies of America.  We must not let it get away.

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8 Responses to Over 3 Million Rallied In The Recent “Womens’ Marches”. Does It Matter?

  1. Terry says:

    Great essay SafeSpace. Take a bow sir.

  2. Uriel says:

    You know ONE maybe THREE major questions here that hasn’t even been acknowledged

    Who the he’ll organized and carried out the Same day Womens Marches worldwide?

    Who coordinated those marches?

    Who funded those marches?

  3. Uriel says:

    Your questions and observations are spot on SafeSpace but I would say the “causes” were not as important and the why behind them.

  4. “These women are the product of American higher education, a festering pool of diarrhea that has filled the Halls of Ivy.”
    You mean “Halls of Poison Ivy,” since what they teach poisons the mind.

    I once told a liberal woman who was a gifted writer that I believed she had a very fertile mind. And then I informed her that I knew exactly what kind of fertilizer it was.

  5. vonmesser says:

    Need more schools like Hillsdale and less like UC Berkeley, et al.

  6. Hardnox says:

    Excellent piece.

  7. SafeSpace says:

    Thanks y’all. If one does not wear pink pussy hats, one can think clearly (:>)