Elitist Stupidity in Full View

and yes, these are the same skivvie stains who have their elaborate and yuggggge underground bunkers ready in New Zealand to escape to after they are done screwing up the world.

EXCERPT:  “Every year, global elites descend on Davos to discuss the big issues of the day in a Bilderberg-like conclave. This year, George Soros was there. So was Bill Gates.”

Nice. Two morons hobnobbing with the other morons but wait, it gets better.

EXCERPT:  “One professional academic there claimed: “We have to pay for the social cohesion that we need to keep our societies advancing, and accept that this may be a higher tax burden on people.”

And of course, globalist shitbird from France, Christine Lagarde, barfed up this nugget: “It probably means more redistribution than we have in place at the moment.”

So these out of touch elite globalists meet on Davos (next time it needs to be carpet-bombed) and decide to TAX the producers MORE so that they can give MORE welfare to the looters, in order to keep them happy. Bread and circuses! And when the bread (moolah) runs out because the producers decide that working for a living and getting the crap taxed out of them sucks, and quit, and the elites run out of other people’s money, what happens then…

Saved round: Guess who has NEVER been invited to Davos?


That would be one Donald J Trump, 45th President of the US.



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6 Responses to Elitist Stupidity in Full View

  1. SafeSpace says:

    Trump may not be there, but who IS there, this year, last year, and in some cases for many years running? Bill and Hillary Clinton. John McCain. Angela Merkel. Francois Hollande. Haidir Al Abadi (Iraq’s PM). Al Gore and Christian Figueres (representing the UN on “climate change”). Kofi Annan Christine Lagarde (runs the IMF). Khalid Al Falih (runs ARAMCO). Abdallah Salem al Camelflop (runs OPEC). Marissa Mayer (CEO, Yahoo). Satya Nadella (CEO, Microsoft). Cheryl Sandberg (COO, Facebook. Roberto Azevedo (Director, WTO). Angel Curria (runs OECD). Bill and Melida Gates (wealthier than you and oh-so-smarter than me). Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka (runs UN-WOMEN).

    Here is the complete attendees list for 2015: https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2015/01/whos-coming-to-davos-2015/

    We should be grateful and humbled that so many caring, intelligent, loving people have gathered together on their own dime (yeah, right) to plan our futures for us. After all, we are certainly too friggin’ stoopid to do that ourselves. Why, some of us are still OK with being white males. Some of us still eat red meat, and smoke tobacco. And some of us are active in (gasp!) our Christian churches.

  2. “We have to pay for the social cohesion that we need to keep our societies advancing, and accept that this may be a higher tax burden on people.”

    And they wonder why the population of native Europeans is in decline?
    When you tax someone to death it doesn’t create an atmosphere conducive to reproduction rates of working people. When both spouses have to work to make ends meet, who has the time or resources to add mouths to feed to the household?

    “Social cohesion?” They are worried about “social cohesion?”
    They had better start worrying about their own hides because a lot of folks would like to skin them alive.

  3. Uriel says:

    I’d think we might need a worldwide Terror watch list that includes all those attending. Trials like those for Hitler’s SS troops seem in order with these being tried for crimes against all humanity.

  4. clyde says:

    Why can’t a goddamn meteor hit the place?

  5. Hardnox says:

    Never to Davos? Cool!

    It is stunning that the left is stuck on stupid given what has happened lately. That’s ok, they are irrelevant anyway.