Pompeo Finally Seated; Schumer Shamed

Chuck: “Yeah, I’m a liar, but where were you 8 years ago when we were trying to get Obama’s appointments confirmed?”
Tom: “Eight years ago I was getting my ass shot at in Afghanistan you pathetic lying prick.”
(Ok, I paraphrased slightly. – Grunt)

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12 Responses to Pompeo Finally Seated; Schumer Shamed

  1. Chuck Schumer is a piece of dog crap and he needs to resign……..he.hasn’t done anything in years!!

    • GruntOfMonteCristo says:

      Sure he has. He’s pushed endless gun control legislation that’s mostly failed to be passed everywhere except in New York and Chicago. He’s furthered corruption, facilitated the murder of millions of babies and got in the way of anything positive for decades, and he’s helped usher in the recent destruction of his own party. He’s been a busy guy.

  2. I meant to say anything good! Lol

  3. SafeSpace says:

    Schumer is a useful idiot, displaying to anyone watching with their brain engaged, what a pathetic bunch of marginalized lunatic radicals the Dhimmicrat Party has become. And so far, they do not seem to realize their plight. They are doubling down on fringe, apparently planning to stay in the wilderness for a couple more election cycles.

    Read the unbelievably stupid comments of Ms. Hyphenated-Last-Name Sally Boynton-Brown, the “very white” girl from Idaho, who presented herself to the Party’s :leadership” today hoping to get the nod for Chairwoman. She says “white people need to shut up”, and that she searches for “people of color” to befriend because she herself is “so white”.

    And if that doesn’t convince you, read the bio of Keith Muhammad Ellison, the other main contender to lead the Party. Reversing Into Tomorrow, that’s the Dhimms!

  4. Hardnox says:

    Schmucky Chucky is the face of the left. He’s been a tool for the left for decades and wouldn’t know sacrifice if it hit him in the head. He’s never had a job outside of Congress.

    That was a beautiful smackdown by Cotton. Hope it left a mark.

  5. malenurseken says:

    Ch UCK you shumer needs a permanent vacation. From America or life