All Aboard, Trump Train Is Rolling


Memorandums have generally been directed to those inside the executive departments and are not supposed to override existing laws or write laws. I always assumed they were like memos within any company – for company eyes only and generally confidential. Obama seems to have viewed them apparently as another means of accomplishing goals to make, ignore, or rewrite laws.

Over the weekend, a very important memorandum was directed to Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies from Reince Priebus that actually may have addressed some of the worry of last minute Obama actions.
1) Send no regulation to the Office of the Federal Register (the “OFR”) until a department or agency head appointed or designated by the President after noon on January 20, 2017, reviews and approves the regulation
2) Regulations that have been sent to the OFR but not published in the Federal Register, immediately withdraw them from the OFR for review and approval
3) With respect to regulations that have been published in the OFR but have not taken effect, as permitted by applicable law, temporarily postpone their effective date for 60 days from the date of this memorandum, subject to the exceptions described in paragraph 1, for the purpose of reviewing questions of fact, law, and policy they raise.

Executive Memorandums issued Day 1 tackled the taxpayer payments for Abortions called the Mexico City Policy which has been an on/off again policy since 1998, withdrawal from TPP, and a freeze on the hiring of Federal civilian employees to be applied across the board in the executive branch except as deemed necessary to meet national security or public safety responsibilities, not to include military.

Executive Memorandums issued Day 2 send a clear message to all executive departments that the laws and regulations are in force but that lengthy or deliberate stalling of the procedures is no longer acceptable at least as I read the instructions. The day’s business also begins fulfilling Trump’s core beliefs and statements by starting on; getting energy independent; identifying and getting priority infrastructure updated; and, employment opportunities rolling.

1) Presidential Memorandum Regarding Construction of American Pipelines – Secretary of Commerce
Shall develop a plan under which all new pipelines, as well as retrofitted, repaired, or expanded pipelines, inside the borders of the United States, including portions of pipelines, use materials and equipment produced in the United States, to the maximum extent possible and to the extent permitted by law.

2) Executive Order Expediting Environmental Reviews and Approvals For High Priority Infrastructure Projects (also an executive order) -upon request by the Governor of a State, or the head of any executive department or agency (agency), or on his or her own initiative, the Chairman of the White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ)
a) Federal infrastructure decisions should be accomplished with maximum efficiency and effectiveness, while also respecting property rights and protecting public safety and the environment. To that end, it is the policy of the executive branch to streamline and expedite, in a manner consistent with law, environmental reviews and approvals for all infrastructure projects, especially projects that are a high priority for the Nation.
b) Identification of High Priority Infrastructure Projects.
c) All agencies shall give highest priority to completing such reviews and approvals by the established deadlines using all necessary and appropriate means. (with penalties and explanations required for not reaching those deadlines)

3) Presidential Memorandum Regarding Construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline – Secretary of State, Secretary of Army, and Secretary of Interior

4) Presidential Memorandum Regarding Construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline – Secretary of Army
a) Pipeline Approval Review.
b) Land or an interest in land for the pipeline and facilities described herein may only be acquired consistently with the Constitution and applicable State laws.


Trump dove into getting his agenda underway.  I doubt I will keep writing every day on these but it’s just like the new mystery book, I am excited to see what happens next in the story at least for now. Oh, just as much fun is seeing the freaking out of the leftist as they react to the information.

I noticed right off the WH Council on Environmental Quality. Wonder if that heralds a major shake-up soon in EPA? (snicker)

Of course, the greatest questions here are how much, how fast, and what happens with anything he has posted to get done. It seems the Dems panties are creeping closer to their necklines every day. Wonder what a fly on the wall in the Dem outhouse would hear.


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7 Responses to All Aboard, Trump Train Is Rolling

  1. clyde says:

    Nice to have a leader that takes the job seriously. I have my doubts they would have to look on a golf course for Trump. Unlike the last shitstain.

    • Uriel says:

      Yes he is but Texas has large groups of militant people in its borders that also need attention. Texas is at the forefront of a lot of these issues so is Arizona, bless and keep all patriots there safe.

    • Uriel says:

      lol I think I read somewhere Trump’s golf score is better than Obama’s too.

  2. Wait until you see what happens today (Wednesday) on the border issues.
    LOL, the lefties will need a case of Pampers.
    And kudos to Gov Abbott of Texas. he is kicking some leftie ass too.

  3. Shar says:

    EPA was ordered to take down the Climate Change page. More goodies to come. Every day gets better than the day before. We finally have some T in office.

  4. Tune into this one at the 4:18 minute mark. Listen for about 1 minute.