Sunday Feel Good Stories

Residents in Manteca, CA have recently been waking up to find their tires slashed, windows broken and other property damaged. In the morning a homeowner confronted a man breaking the windows of his truck…when police arrived they found the suspect DRT.

Charlotte, NC police say a man made a forced entry into an occupied residence.  The man grabbed a knife when the homeowner confronted him resulting in a DRT.

A Domino’s pizza delivery man in West Monroe, LA decided not to be the victim of a robbery.  One suspect was found DRT the other was later apprehended by police.

A homeowner in Colorado Springs, Colorado, shot an intruder who tried to force his way into a home. The criminal a transient was DRT when the police arrived.

In Cleveland, Ohio, a homeowner held a 14-year-old copper thief at gunpoint until the police carted the criminal away.

A burglar in Columbus, Ohio, did a poor recon before his operation when he awoke an off-duty police sergeant sleeping in his own home. The startled sergeant proceeded to shoot the thief.

A home owner in Slidell, LA heard noises outside his home.  He observed a man beating on his vehicle and screaming.  It appears when the homeowner asked the crazed trespasser to leave his property, the soon to be DRT loon decided to charge at him.

Four intruders tried to enter a Hialeah, Florida home through the garage. The armed homeowner fired his weapon and one of the intruders became DRT.   The other three hauled ass.

A homeowner in Rural Donna, Texas told police that his home was burglarized twice the other day, but it was the second attempt that cost one of the thieves his life. Police found the criminal DRT in the road from the homeowner’s well-placed shot.

A thief in Cleveland, Ohio tried to walk a victim back into his house at gunpoint when someone in the house ventilated him. The criminal was pronounced DOT after he conveniently transported himself to the hospital before expiring.

A woman in Washington County, Oregon settled a custody dispute with her baby-daddy by firing at him as he tried to kick in her door.

Allen Thompson and a friend tried to force their will on a family in Columbus, Ohio when they started moving towards the children in the home Mom, Jessica Robinson got her gun and opened up the thieves. The criminals fired on the house as they fled the scene and Jessica returned fire. Both of the thugs were found wounded at the hospital by police.

Stay frosty friends,

~ Hardnox


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3 Responses to Sunday Feel Good Stories

  1. Stay frosty? After watching the left wing loons at the inauguration I’m about as frosty as can be without resorting to _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .You fill in he blanks.

  2. Terry says:

    All of this, and Donald & Melania too. A week just don’t get no better than that !