Everyone Has An Opinion On How To Get Rid Of Isis

If opinions were dollars, how rich would we be – lol.

In working to get Isis under control (eliminated) there have been plenty of interesting opinions about how to go about reducing them to a funeral pyre. Some like Obama’s “JV” Team encouraged their bad behavior and paid them to gain their notoriety. Others simply said mow them down.

Here are just a few of many:

FP – August 15, 2014
The Pinprick President
Barack Obama needs to go to war with the Islamic State, or it will go to war with America.
James J. Jeffrey, the American ambassador to Iraq from 2010 to 2012 and a visiting fellow at the Washington Institute, writes in Foreign Policy that the sooner the U.S. begins a sustained campaign against ISIS, “the less complicated our involvement will be, the greater our chances of success, and the more likely IS’s forces can be defeated before they tear apart the region completely — and directly threaten America.”

UC Berkley – March 2, 2015
How to defeat ISIS (and why it probably won’t happen)
ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham; more transliterately known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIL; most derogatively known by its Arabic acronym “Da’ish”) is an effective state and must be defeated as a state, before its other risks (civil war, terrorism, insurgency, genocide) can be contained.
Although many officials are unwilling to admit ISIS’ self-declared transition to an “Islamic State,” we should – for strategic purposes – admit its effective statehood, even though we should continue to deny its legitimacy.

Anti-War.com – December 2, 2015
Get Rid of ISIS Using This One Weird Trick
Well, here’s one weird trick for getting rid of ISIS and boosting our security from terrorism. The “trick” is non-intervention. And it is only weird in the sense that it is so uncommon in this age of war. Nonetheless, it works.

Project Syndcate.org – January 4, 2017
Cutting ISIS’s Lifelines
These observers are right about one thing: the war in Syria will not end until ISIS is defeated. But the belief, espoused by many, that the fall of Raqqa – ISIS’s self-declared capital – will achieve that goal is, to be frank, wrong. In many ways, Saudi Arabia is the wellspring of ISIS. Reducing the number of fighters flocking to join ISIS’s ranks thus demands the economic and social integration of marginalized regions.(mainly Tunisia) ISIS’s future will also have much to do with France, the European country that supplies the most fighters to the group. The final key determinant of ISIS’s survival will be the willingness of countries, particularly in the West (and especially the United States), to recognize, finally, that oppressive regimes like those of Saudi Arabia and Egypt are part of the problem, not part of the solution. To defeat ISIS once and for all, we need to recognize – and eliminate – its many sources of sustenance.


We now have a president who has emphasized from his inaugural address (and before) that eradication is the only answer.  The approach cannot be just ground or air war but must eliminate every means that produces this carnage from financial to political. President Trump has assembled many around him knowledgable on all of these fronts.  The problem will no doubt be the discovery of  long lost morals, shock, and outrage of the mindless liberals. The pontifying same people who have for years been allowed to wallow in their belief that their “high ground” was the only acceptable governance of our country while being unrestrainedly allowed to bully, financially burden, extort compliance, and ruin those they deemed deplorable with their childishly illogical and short-sighted rants.

Thanks to Obama, ISIS has been ignored, encouraged, and by his own actions given the methods and means to explode on the world stage as a threat to all.  I would even go so far to say that in the last year he has knowingly and complicitly accomplished the influx of a rabble army to force fear and destruction upon our citizens in order to better bring us to heel.

Realistically though there are dozens of splinters of these extremists groups and like Medusa when one is eliminated many others have risen up. To eliminate one by itself does not insure stability and return to a more peaceful existence. After years of a pandering war where our soldiers and those of allies have been killed and maimed without a clear strategical plan, it is now critically important to stop the entire problem if we ever hope to return to some sense of normalcy. Knowing the enemy, how it plans, how it pays for those plans, and how it functions is critical. 

We are now at the point that normal western culture can no longer afford to play nice and practice liberalist ideas of how to achieve an end result.  War is ugly.  War is brutal. War is destructive to all involved.  The problem is those who practice the extreme form of the religion known as Islam do not function under the same rules, morals, and practices as western civilization.  Their methods are ugly. Their methods are brutal. Their methods are destructive.  Plain and simple – they are at war.

Until western civilization wraps its head around that fact, this will never stop. Until those who claim to be practicing a more peaceful form of the religion known as Islam slam the door on their donations to the root treasury of the religion back in the Middle East, slam the door on the acceptance of that extremist State of Islam, and help their adopted countries find ways to end this insanity, then all of us will always be in constant danger. 

If people fleeing those countries are physically fit and capable of defending their homelands, why are they coming to lands foreign to their experiences and beliefs. Some say for economic, education, business opportunities, and health reasons. That may have been true over the years but not necessarily the last eight years.

Why are people around the world losing their lives or becoming maimed while these physically capable men pour into the countries now? The main reason – these are not men who are seeking asylum for themselves. Many are trained from their first toddling steps in murder and chaos. They are hardened fighters who have as their directive to disrupt, to procreate unrestrainedly wherever they go, and to beat down using fear or other violent tactics those whose homelands they are invading.  

I believe that the numbers are dwindling in the active fighting zones not so much because we are eliminating the threat as the threat has spread out across the world to continue their war by every means possible including training, equipping, and establishing cells within our own borders. Those cells have been told to wait for a sign and when called forth to destroy everything around them. They are aided by Muslim imams who admonish the worshipers to follow the stricter form of religion, laws both theirs and their host countries, and financial support of tithing and sympathetic financiers.

So how do we eradicate this threat.  We start within our borders and push outward. Whether we like the methods or liberal two-faced “sensibilities” want to accept the truth, these fighters have been brought here by the past president as part of a larger plan. One of eradication of a country by an invading force determined to claim the world in the name of their horrific cult state.  

I am not saying we have to be brutal or intrusive of the personal rights of individuals.  I am saying we begin by investigating every lead the FBI and law enforcement have until now been restricted from pursuing and stop the flow across our borders. I am saying that those who are peaceful deserve the respect and rights of citizenship they have been allowed to acquire unless they prove by word or deed otherwise, then send those back.

I am saying, as some groups of peaceful Muslims have already shown, their participation is critical and gratefully acknowledged in order to maintain that coexistence and eliminate the radical elements. 

No one has the right to go off half-cocked and terrify people on the basis of country or religion. But, at the same time we must acknowledge that the greatest threat to national security and prosperity does for the near future reside within our borders and most often within those places where many practice the strictest form of religion known as Islam. Generally no major radical extremists exist across the world at this time that espouse any other religious beliefs, ideologies, or corruption other than those demanding a State of Islam that encompasses the entire world. The only other possibility is Drug and Sex Cartels but many of those are inextricably linked to their Muslim backers and suppliers. There may be mimickers, but for the most part this is the truth.


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15 Responses to Everyone Has An Opinion On How To Get Rid Of Isis

  1. *********************************************Disclaimer: *************************************
    This is merely an exercise in writing to further the discussion. It is a fictional illustration of how extreme a country or its people may have to eventually react when threatened with their own extinction.

    This is a difficult problem. There are no easy or quick solutions. In the past, the theory of “mutual assured destruction” prevented the use of nuclear weapons during the decades long cold war. A hydrogen bomb leaves behind levels of Cesium 137 and Strontium 90 that render an area uninhabitable for centuries.
    ~File that nugget away for a few minutes.~

    This year the pilgrimage called the Hajj begins on August 31 and runs 4 days until September 3rd.
    ~File this one too for a bit~

    President Ballsy would issue the following statement sometime before spring;

    Because the civilized world is weary of the less civilized behavior of certain segments of the so called Religion of Peace named Islam, I am prepared to take the following actions.
    1. I will call for a total reformation of Islam to include deleting all the passages of the Quran, the Suras and the Hadith that promote violence, murder, mayhem, sword chopping, burning alive, drowning, or otherwise harming individuals or groups who do not agree with these teachings and practices. Furthermore, Imams or teachers of this religion who promote these ideas will be either removed from our territory or incarcerated for life or eliminated as a threat to mankind.

    2. If item one is not carried out to my satisfaction, mosques will be destroyed on our soil and muslims will begin to be deported.

    3. If the worldwide violent spread of Islam is not stopped, I will carry out more extreme measures. A thermonuclear or hydrogen bomb will be deployed during the Hajj with ground zero being the Ka’aba, the black stone building that is at the center of all Islam, and their most holy shrine. How many shrines of other religions have been destroyed in the name of their Allah?

    4. If the above measures do not achieve the desired results then the military will be unleashed to begin taking self defense measures with orders to not take any prisoners.

    Or you could just sit and wait for the soldiers of Allah to come smite your neck.
    Are you willing to do that? Do you think for one minute the problem will end with the defeat of ISIS?
    Take a look inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    Before you condemn me, please re-read the disclaimer at the top.

    • Blessed B says:

      Saudi Arabia will be getting what she so rightly deserves….. The USA won’t have to do any of it. There are quite a few muslim countries that are joining forces at this time and discussing strategies to eliminate the Saudi threat.

  2. Uriel says:

    Wow IR thanks for adding the video. We definitely do have to think carefully about this whole issue. It is far beyond our understanding in more free societies just what people are suffering. Could the refugees who are male be really honestly needing help? It is possible but not when we see evidence over the last years about how many are supporting, going to be part of their war, or carrying out horrific acts in countries who have taken them in, educated, fed, and clothed them. Yet we also know that other countries in the bowels of their everyday lives also must deal with horrific circumstances and governments. It is all sick. And the very reason, I get so angry when I see the spoiled wanna be puffballs and paid rioters in the this country who would ultimately usher in such atrocities here if we do not stop them. They have no idea what people in other countries must contend with to survive even a minute much less a day. They have no idea how having a simple handful of food or a safe place to sleep free of hate, vermin, and death means to children, teens, and adults across the world. They have no idea how making shoes out of discarded garbage or finding clothes to wear affects people. Yet they in their self-righteous priggishness believe they have all the answers to solve all the worlds problems. How stupid and woefully unprepared these snowflakes are when reality hits.

  3. vonMesser says:

    IR – my suggestion is to take some of your suggestion: that of revising the Koran, into hand and do it ourselves. Put out the word that there WILL BE a conclave of Imams, and the 25 (or 50 or so) chief Imams shall attend. Give the revision over to them and say “Consider this, and make serious recommendations or your faith in all its forms will be destroyed from the Earth”. After that, let them have it for one year, and then start purging those who will not change.

    • Just hand them a Bible and tell them this is how we expect you to conduct yourselves.

      • Uriel says:

        They claim our Bible up to a point is part of their religious tradition so this makes sense.

      • Blessed B says:

        Instead of pushing our religion upon them, which BTW is what they try to do…..why not just state that they will follow US laws or they can leave. When we are in their countries we are expected to follow their laws! The Justice system should not take into account a different culture or religious ideology. The US laws apply to everyone regardless. If they can not or will not abide by those laws…they are free to leave.

    • Uriel says:

      Hmm I am not sure they would Von. Religious people are really touchy on that subject. Would Christians change their Bible or other religions? However if I remember correctly they do have a secondary where imams post their practices at least I think so.

    • Blessed B says:

      There are many forms of the Koran…..do you plan to change them all? Not all are the same BTW.

      • vonMesser says:

        Difference between Bible and Koran is that Bible was written over a period of about 1,500 years by multiple “inspired” authors. There were more than 150 books examined by the Council in 367AD, and only 73 were kept. Martin Luther dropped 7 of those, and revised a couple of others, for the Protestant Bible. So even the Christian Bible has been revised.

  4. Blessed B says:

    “If people fleeing those countries are physically fit and capable of defending their homelands, why are they coming to lands foreign to their experiences and beliefs. Some say for economic, education, business opportunities, and health reasons. That may have been true over the years but not necessarily the last eight years.”

    ~ How do you fight if you do not have the same training, weapons? How do you fight chemical weapons that are being used upon the Syrian populace?~

    “Why are people around the world losing their lives or becoming maimed while these physically capable men pour into the countries now? ”

    ~ Those men who are pouring into the countries are not Syrian. They belong to the ISIS contingent. Most of the men who have fled Syria also have families with them.~

    “I believe that the numbers are dwindling in the active fighting zones not so much because we are eliminating the threat as the threat has spread out across the world to continue their war by every means possible including training, equipping, and establishing cells within our own borders. ”

    ~ Numbers are dwindling in the active zones due to Russia and the Syrian forces pushing them towards Palmyra. Once most have escaped to this zone…..the killing will begin. ISIS will be eliminated in Syria.~

    Project Syndcate.org – January 4, 2017
    Cutting ISIS’s Lifelines
    “oppressive regimes like those of Saudi Arabia and Egypt are part of the problem, not part of the solution.”

    ~ Someone isn’t keeping up with the information here. Egypt is not part of the problem! Egypt is actually killing MB members and ISIS members within Egypt. Egypt has also been sending in persons to exterminate those who run back to Saudi Arabia to hide….Egypt just hasn’t been advertising this fact. Egypt is part of a coalition with Russia, Jordan, Israel and Lebanon, to get rid of the ISIS and the snake that feeds them. We will be hearing of it when they finally do the deed that needs to be done. Many muslim countries are sick and tired of the Saudi’s meddling and causing murder and mayhem in their countries……~

    • The biggest problem is the reproductive organs of the invaders. They’re over used.
      why aren’t the native Europeans reproducing at a higher rate? They are the ones paying the taxes, not the ones sucking it up. Both spouses have to work to support the household and stop having children at one or two. Kind of like the USA.

  5. Hardnox says:

    Frankly, my patience with these troglodytes ended on 9-1-1. Make the price tag so high for bad behavior they will think twice.

    • You can’t change their ways. They are brainwashed to believe death is preferable to life and that heaven will provide them with unending pleasures if they are killed for the sake of Allah and the furtherance of their religion. And I use the term “religion ” loosely. They only respect absolute power.
      Part of the problem of being brainwashed is the practice of arranged marriages among relatives that adversely effects the gene pool. If you take an unbiased look at the demographics of the special needs children that are being schooled in European countries, you will find an abnormally higher percentage of muslims.

      • Uriel says:

        I agree IR and there is credible data to prove the case. The Aussie website Popular mentioned has a decent article on information found.