Big Mining Rejects Carbon Sense

From Carbon Sense

Many on the alarmist side of the climate debate seem to struggle to find rational arguments or evidence to support their cause so they usually resort to character assassination or defamation. A common attack on me is:
 “Viv Forbes is just a coal industry stooge.”

This was put to the test recently at the year’s biggest Mining Industry Function – the Queensland Resources Council Annual Forum and Lunch. The delegates on stage at the forum included very senior managers from BHP Billiton, Shell, Anglo-American, Peabody and Glencore. The audience was invited to ask questions of this panel.

I asked them why companies who employed many competent geologists, physicists and chemists never questioned the science behind the global warming scare.

NOT ONE INDUSTRY FIGURE ANSWERED MY QUESTION and the compere quickly moved on to another matter.

This is how the Courier Mail reported it:

YOU might say mining industry figure Viv Forbes was the proverbial fly in the ointment at the Queensland Resources Council “state of the sector” forum in Brisbane on Wednesday.

The climate change denier got a cold response from a panel of industry high flyers when he asked why none of them questioned the science behind global warming “hysteria”.

Indeed, there was an awkward silence before the group, including top guns from Glencore and Shell, quickly moved on.

Forbes, who serves on the board of Brisbane-based Stanmore Coal, chairs a group known as the “Carbon Sense Coalition” and backs “Clexit,” an exit from climate treaties.

Just this week he reiterated his call “to defund all CSIRO global warming activities” and slammed “research puppets on the UN man-made global warming agenda”.

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Just for the record, I am no longer a director of Stanmore Coal, and receive zero income from the coal industry. I still hold shares in Stanmore coal, a coking coal producer and exporter.


Seems that this global warming farce is starting to heat up in many countries…. perhaps many will continue to gain some common sense now that President Trump has taken the lead in debunking the scam……

The Trumpet Blows a Tangled Tune?
Donald Trump is our great hope to lead the world back to Carbon Sense. But he will now be under great pressure to maintain the war on carbon. And some messages we hear from the new administration are concerning:

  • “Man has an influence. I don’t believe it is a hoax, but we should be prudent”.
  • The Trump administration is committed to “clean coal technology”.

We do not want Al Gore lite in Washington. Maintain the pressure.

Strike now while the green army is still rioting, weeping and wailing.

Would love to hear what our readers from Down Under have to say about this. Don’t be shy, let your voice be heard! Leave a comment!


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11 Responses to Big Mining Rejects Carbon Sense

  1. Popular Front says:

    Viv Forbes is another Aussie with his head screwed on and who firmly doesn’t believe in all this ‘climate change’ crap, neither do I. He frequently posts items on the website and I’d encourage all here to drop in for a visit and read what we’re thinking and commenting about. It’s on the same wavelength as N&F.

    • Blessed B says:

      I’ve been following Viv Forbe’s ‘Carbon Sense’ newsletter for a few years now. I didn’t know that he posts also on the website. Thank you for that tidbit of information.

      I’ll come by and visit!! 🙂

    • Uriel says:

      Just dropped by there. Lol I am enamored of your turn of phrase and cadence which comes through in your writing. So many lovely turns of phrase to say what is wrong without cursing.

      As to inbreeding, it’s readily recognizable in hamsters. Having at one time been a science teacher, it did not take but a couple of months to figure out what was the result of inbreeding. Ugh.. The aristocracy of Europe and Russia also exhibited inbreeding problems over the many centuries.

  2. Uriel says:

    Climate change is totally BS based on greed and the ever searching means of becoming even more filthy rich. IF one said that humans were poor stewards of earth and had created many bad problems from water pollution to extinction of species through chemicals and deforestation, THEN we would be perfectly in our rights to say we have an affect on climate changes.

    However, to lay the whole smear of climate change at our door in order to guilt trip the average joes into recycling and using costly “labeled” items is not only ridiculous but academically irresponsible.

    Climate change is not about humans who have less than 25% effect except in cases where we are seeding clouds with dangerous chemicals and practicing scientific methods which could create anomalies like say “black holes”. The other 75% is cosmic and natural shifts brought about by physical changes. Earth is a living thing that is constantly adjusting, changing, and correcting itself. We humans either have to adjust or we die.

    • Blessed B says:

      Well said Uriel! It is totally based on greed.

    • Popular Front says:

      Hi Uriel. I’ll tell you a story about ‘recycling’ and how it is part of the whole environmental scam. My local authority runs the garbage service and provides two wheely bins – one a red top for domestic waste and the other a yellow top for recycling stuff – cans bottles cardboard etc.

      It occurred to me one day that in order to properly ‘recycle’ this stuff someone would have to sift through each truck load of crap and add it to each relevant pile. Sensing bullshit in the air I decided to follow the recycling truck to its final destination, the ‘waste management centre’ (dump) and sure enough it’s contents weren’t separated out but dumped into the landfill just like all the other domestic waste. Recycling? My arse.

      • Blessed B. says:

        That happens in your country also? That is how they do things where I live! We have recycling centers….basically just big bins that are marked for the different things. We have to drive to these bins which are situated around town…no curbside pickup! We were out very late one evening and noticed a Garbage truck at one of these bin sites…..we also decided to follow it…..straight to the Municipal dump!!! The truck had loaded every bin into the garbage truck. What once was sorted by the folks who believed they were doing a good thing was all deposited in one big mess at the dump.

        Needless to say…..we don’t recycle. I refuse to wash out cans and remove the paper label, taking up my time, for it to be just put in the garbage anyways! I can do that all by myself!

        • Popular Front says:

          What bugs me the most BB is all the folks taken in by this ‘recycling’ nonsense, who go to great lengths to do the right thing, believing they are ‘doing their bit’ for the planet whereas the reality is they are being cynically deceived.

          • Blessed B. says:

            I hear ya’! When you try to tell them the truth…they will vehemently say you are a liar….been there! I think some people just love staying in their safe zone cuz if they knew and acknowledged the truth that are being deceived….it would cause them to have an apoplectic fit.

          • Uriel says:

            same with the “organically” grown or chickens “organically fed with grains” — seriously, every drop of water, every wind, every thing put near those fields is contaminated. Yeah, they use good practices but “organically safe”. And chickens – free range those dudes will eat any bug or scratch around anywhere so to feed them grain and pay a higher price? I love the fact they are called free-range but you telling me people in large poultry farms can afford the loss of their revenue from predators Really allow free range. OMG and people buy into it.

      • Uriel says:

        lol great investigative catch Popular only a very few companies are licensed here to hand certain kinds of garbage. Those have guidlines. Everything else is simply more income. I have heard (but not actually seen) what happens to computers in a dump. they are plowed over and crunched just like everything else except they Do have nasty chemicals. The dumps I have visited were just piles and piles of “stuff” no rhyme or reason.