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For a select group of dedicated people today marks a moment on a specific timeline over seven years long.

2008 and 2009 were tough years for advocates of small government and constitutional freedom.  The Auto-bailout, TARP, Omnibus and a trillion dollar “stimulus” signaled fiscal irresponsibility toward many; but a small group understood the larger issues which would tear apart a constitutional republic.  We connected, and more importantly, we assembled.

EnoughAfter another defeat at 1:38am on December 23rd 2009, we knew our heels were over the precipice of the abyss.  Act, or be acted upon.

Within four days the urgent message was transmitted though every possible resource that we could muster.

Meeting at the old mill, we rode that night, December 27th 2009, with urgency.  Our destination was Wrentham Massachusetts.

Three intense weeks and thousands of like-minded supporter notifications later, we finally had a win.  Ted Kennedy’s people’s seat was secured at least temporarily.  This was battlefield triage; everyone, every-darned-person was clear-eyed that Scott Brown was only buying us time to catch our breath….. Again, unfortunately, we were right.

While the media and pundits discussed the shocking Massachusetts upset, we did not have time to celebrate – instead we built out a flexible six year strategy with four primary objectives.

Flexibility was built within our plan, but failure could not an option:

  • Goal #1 – Win the House in 2010, and try to pick off a few Senate seats.
  • Goal #2 – Retain the House 2012, and gain half of the necessary Senate seats.
  • Goal #3 – Retain the House 2014, and gain the second half of the Senate Seats.
  • Goal #4 – Retain the House, retain the Senate, and work our asses off to win the Presidency in 2016.

We all knew the challenges.  No-one was naive to the scope, and many people called us fools.  We also knew were not just confronting left-wing ideology, but we were going to end up confronting the entire UniParty apparatus.

We well understood the benefactors of Tarp, Omnibus, ARRA, and ObamaCare were not Democrats.  These were easily identifiable as constructs of a financial and professional political class that supersedes party construct.  Porkulous, QE1, QE2 and continual Omnibus bills only provided factual evidence in that regard.

We won some targeted political objectives and we lost many more.  The defeats did not come from Democratic opposition, but rather from the entrenched GOPe.  Early on, after defeating Karl Rove’s campaign for Republican Mike Castle, we became Republican targets.  [Yes, Rove was Castle’s campaign mgr.]

Taking down Bob Bennett, sent a shock wave through the ENTIRE system.  We knew it was only a matter of time before the party leadership viewed us as a risk.  Taking out Mike Castle only ensured the eye of Saron would target us.  After Trey Grayson, we began fighting a two-headed UniParty dragon.

Sarah+Palin+Attends+Campaign+Event+Texas+Governor+2DP1CXctUR9lAfter defeating Kay Bailey Hutchinson, the backlash was fierce.  Hutchinson had the endorsements of George W Bush, George H W Bush, James Baker and Dick Cheney.

Just who did we think we were to defeat such established bona fides?

The GOPe was furious.

The GOPe never fight Democrats; instead they reserve their full arsenal for their own internal defense. Even if it means giving Senate seats to Democrats, the goal is retention of incumbency and with it power.  All scotched-earth techniques are deployed.  In 2012 former GOPe CIA Director, Porter Goss, worked to block a challenge to Senate Democrat Bill Nelson in Florida by supporting GOPe preferred Connie Mack Jr for the race.  Pushing the weakest challenger is also a strategy.

In addition, the GOPe adjusted the severity of their protectionist strategy and openly began providing material support to Democrats. This was never more clear than the spring 2014 when the GOPe used Democrats to support Thad Cochran. By calling their own party member Chris McDaniel (R) a racist the GOPe apparatus were again sending a message.


Oh yes, we had many losses.  However, those loses were almost exclusively due to an entrenched party apparatus who would rather see their party lose to Democrats so long as the addresses on the GOPe leadership business cards never changed.

Lose to a Democrat and they are out of the majority.  Lose to a Conservative Tea Party candidate and they are out of a job.

The IRS targeting the Tea Party was just as beneficial to the GOPe goals, as it was to the Obama administrations re-election efforts.  Ergo, a committee steered to nowhere…. and so it went.  We were watching.

After five years of following their meeting schedule and thoroughly understanding their playbook (as good as they knew it themselves); by the fall of 2014 we knew the deployment strategy for a Republican Jeb Bush, next-in-line, presidential candidacy.  Bush or Clinton, it matters not to the UniParty – same/same.

It only matters to those without gilded parachutes who refuse to accept the self-fulfilling abyss.

Seven years ago, we had a long-term plan.  Four larger goals; four objectives.  Despite dozens of setbacks, often forcing us to accept a net gain of inches, eventually we arrived at a moment when the fourth goal was reached.

Today, during his inaugural address, President Donald Trump spoke to each and every person who worked long tireless hours to deliver on that long-term plan.

Few thought we would endure. Even fewer thought success was a possibility.

However, it is important to understand, although it was the most challenging of the goals, President Trump was not a singular accomplishment.  President Trump was the fourth battle won in a long, brutal, and hard-fought war.

Today, we cannot help but look back over the past seven years and feel a strong sense of accomplishment.  It is fitting and proper to do so.

And with all four interim goals solidly achieved….

….We dance tonight, because tomorrow the real work begins.


The Peoples President


It’s going to be tough but this is the time we keep being strong and pushing ahead. We The People have spoken…enough already!

I’m sure President Trump was up most of the night starting on doing what he has promised to do.

The government website shortly after the inauguration was changed…. some things were taken down and other information posted. Which shows that change was already starting to happen with this Administration. They’ve hit the ground running!


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6 Responses to The Peoples President…

  1. Shar says:

    That was awesome. That BS stunt that Haley Barber pulled with Cochran was the nail in GOPe coffin for me. Using Dems to pull that old coot over the finish line for the primary stunk to high heaven.

    The GOPe and Dems aren’t getting away with this anymore. Trump has our back and we have his. So it continues. Game on.

    • Blessed B. says:

      Yep….. things will be changing! I look forward to seeing what happens in 2018….I bet there will be lots of new faces! Tea Party is already out and about working towards this.

  2. Hardnox says:

    Yup, he hit the ground running.

    I can’t help but wonder if the morons stole The D,J, and T keys from the White House computers much like they did by stealing the GWB keys after Clinton.

  3. Uriel says:

    According to who you listen to Trump’s inaugural speech was eithier moronic, “dark”, terrifying, or wonderful. While I tended to cringe at a few of his constant little phrases, his overall message was a “rebel sonata” to my ears. In fifteen minutes he managed to castigate all of DC for their perfidies, threaten to eliminate national threats, and encourage our people at providing jobs. He came across as the tough guy he is, often seen as bullying but generally right in assessment. At this point the average citizen is plain pissed off and ready to listen to plain talking people who do what they say and say what they mean again. The fact that he chose not to use “I” was refreshing but even more so that he recognized the people who make up the backbone of this land–hard working, many God fearing, and all patriots who love our country. We have been forgotten, deliberately overlooked, pushed aside as ignorant,, berated as deplorables, and seen hard times where nothing but family remained. But, WE are the people that these elitist schmucks need to be able to enjoy their lies and lives. Without us, who would they have to turn their “tainted” vision upon to downgrade. Eventually, the bullied do learn to become the victors.or they fold like wet rags. Frankly I don’t plan on folding or taking a knee unless it is in prayer. God had His warriors, time to buckle up butterballs.

    • Blessed B. says:

      “Frankly I don’t plan on folding or taking a knee unless it is in prayer. God had His warriors, time to buckle up butterballs.”

      I’m with you Uriel! It’s time to put on the armor and draw our swords….. take no prisoners.