Good Riddance, Charlie Bolden, You Hack


No, really.  You and your genius boss destroyed our presence in space and set back the US space effort by decades.  When you were appointed, we had a vehicle that was almost ready to go back to the Moon and then Mars in just a few years.  We also had a functioning Space Shuttle and the civilian army that maintained it.  Now, we have a few small launch systems of questionable reliability and a  few large ones with no mission.  Congratulations on capping your military and space career by being the worst kind of political hack.  Enjoy your legacy that will be forever linked to Barack’s.

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13 Responses to Good Riddance, Charlie Bolden, You Hack

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  2. Terry says:

    I will bow to your expertise on this Grunt and echo your sentiment :
    Good riddance you hack ! Curse you !

  3. vonMesser says:

    As a reader of Science Fiction since I was 5 or 6; I have supported the space program as much as I have had a life. This man and his boss pretty much set us back 40 years or more.

    • GruntOfMonteCristo says:

      Is it 35 years or 40? Hard to say, but killing the Shuttle without a replacement, and then sinking the only possible future replacement was a catastrophic setback.

      • Blessed B says:

        Firing the University professors that taught the material and shipping them to Russia was not the brightest move. We can thank Wee willy for that strategy!

        Russia has two different space vehicles that go up. 6 small ones that the USA gets to hitchhike on to outer space and two jumbos that the Russians use to haul up components for space stations. They launch every 22 days, like clock work! The last one they finished in 2016, has four space launched vehicles that can go out and kill satellites. They are manned with two humans…per vehicle. One is the pilot and the other is a gunner. They could knock any American space vehicle out if they wanted….

        It will be at least another 30 -40 years for America to even get the educational expertise back……

        • GruntOfMonteCristo says:

          I concur, BB. You’re very knowledgable about the Russian capability, which is impressive, even during lean economic times. Bill Clinton also gave away much of our launch technology to the Chinese, probably in exchange for political favors and donations to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation.

          I’ve always been impressed with the systematic, forward thinking and long-sighted way the Russians approach their fleets of aircraft, launch vehicles and spacecraft. We look down our noses at them, but we are the ones tied to 2-year political cycles and corruption and bloated bureaucracy.

        • GruntOfMonteCristo says:

          And when I say ‘we’, I mostly mean the US has serious problems. Conversely, the Canadians have some interesting approaches to aircraft development, for example. I saw a documentary once about some airplane engineer and inventor in northern Alberta who was trying to sell Ottawa on a new propeller fighter design that would be cheap and plentiful and so overwhelm other expensive aircraft that can only be deployed in small numbers. I think the guy was right! WE should be doing that. But I’m pretty sure his ideas didn’t ‘take off’. I mean, they worked. The gov’t just didn’t want a 2nd-rate cheap fighter aircraft.

  4. Sun Tzu says:

    AS stated previously, JFK sent MEN to the MOON, while OHB sent metrosexuals to the women’s bathroom! HA