The Delusional War on Warmth

From Canada Free Press

This Locomotive is not running on Green Energy!

For decades now, global warming scaremongers have been stealing energy from the environment using windmills, solar collectors and biofuels, force-fed by carbon taxes and emission trading schemes. Their delusional dream is to cool the globe.

However, there has been no global warming for nearly 20 years. Right now, the great ice sheets are growing thicker and record snow is blanketing much of the climate change leader – the Northern hemisphere landmass. Solar panels are blinded by snow, and turbines don’t turn in the cold still air or have to be shut down because of icing or high winds. Like all green things, wind and solar power often hibernate in winter.

Meanwhile, the un-loved all-weather energy producers (coal, gas and nuclear) are straining at their limits, as families huddle around heaters fearing the first flickers of failure from overloaded power grids.

No food is produced from land smothered in snow – farmers fear late frosts and welcome early spring rains and warmth.

For the last million years, Earth has experienced long cycles of ice separated by short warm inter-glacials. Today’s warm era is already a mature twelve thousand years old and Earth’s climate is fluctuating naturally towards the next glacial cycle in which many animals and plants will perish. Only fools would assist the return of the ice.

Warmists are making a massive mistake by assuming that global cooling is better than global warming. They are ignoring their precious “Precautionary Principle”.

A frigid ice-house is far more dangerous and destructive than a warm greenhouse.



Yet…. the Canadian Government, led by the cap of nice hair looking for a brain, Justin Trudeau and the Provincial leftie Premiers ( except Saskatchewan’s Brad Wall!) have jumped aboard the Carbon Taxing train!

Turd-boy has even said that Canada will be phasing out the Alberta Oil sands…. From Yahoo News

Excerpt~ Canada must “phase out” Alberta’s oil sands and end the country’s dependence on hydrocarbons, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said.

“We can’t shut down the oil sands tomorrow. We need to phase them out,” he said. “We need to manage the transition off our dependence on fossil fuels.”

“You can’t make a choice between what’s good for the environment and what’s good for the economy,” he said about reconciling the fight against climate change with economic growth.

However, Trudeau is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions to meet the requirements of the United Nations Paris Agreement on climate change, which Canada has ratified.

The prime minister last year announced a national carbon tax effective in 2018.

It was supported by the province of Alberta, where the country’s petroleum industry is concentrated.

But the prime minister’s latest remarks on oil sands have prompted a furious response from the conservative opposition.

“If Mr Trudeau wants to shut down Alberta’s oil sands, and my hometown, let him be warned: He’ll have to go through me and four million Albertans first,” said Brian Jean, leader of Canada’s hardline conservative Wildrose Party, who formerly represented Fort McMurray, Alberta’s oil capital, in Parliament.~

This eejit leader of Canada needs to go! If he and his other leftie minions think that wind and solar power are better for the environment and that we can survive on them to supply all our electricity needs any time soon…..they have another think coming!

Millions of jobs will be ended, as the Oil sands employs not just workers at the oil facility but other jobs that actually support it. Everything from housing manufacturers, pipe manufacturing, Large equipment manufacturers, etcetera will be laying off workers.

If Turd-Boy and his insane leftie minions think that China will be cutting back on manufacturing and using Green Energy anytime soon….. they all need their heads examined! It ain’t gonna happen!

Canada can not afford to be like Europe….. God Willing, Canadians will start to wake up like America and we’ll get a strong leader like Trump in 3 years!

~BB ( disgusted Canadian)~

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2 Responses to The Delusional War on Warmth

  1. I.R. Wayright says:

    Is there an estimate as to how much longer the oil sands will last at current extraction levels? When you have that number, tell TurdBoy that is when it will be phased out.
    You could also suggest to him that down here in Pennsylvania, the Amish will be happy to build him a fully equipped horse drawn buggy for about $8,000.00.
    Higher if paying in Canadian dollars. He’ll still need a horse, or a couple MP to drag it around though. Emissions are easily sold for fertilizer and a scoop can be rigged between the propulsion unit and the front of the buggy.
    Have you seen the “self driving cars?” Well, if you get the right horse, you can have that feature too!
    Years ago, when milk was delivered to your door by horse drawn buggy, a drunken milkman fell off the wagon and the horse finished the route and took the rig right back to the barn alone!

    • Blessed B says:

      Estimation from the Oil Sands is about 1000 years….more if new technology is found to extract the oil from the Pinnacle oil field! Pinnacle Oil fields were discovered a few years ago. They are like funnels or upside down cones filled with oil. To get that oil out one must have a way to fill the pinnacle from the bottom when pulling oil from the top. If that isn’t done…..the cone will collapse and great big sink holes will appear.

      Turd-boy was informed on how long it was estimated that oil could be produced from the oil sands area. He’s just too stoopid to understand it!

      If he was so concerned about the environment he would stop travelling period. Every time he gets on a jet plane he is adding to green house gases. He’d be lost though without his smart phone to take selfies with and anything else that oil is used to produce. Bet he doesn’t realize that even his shoes are made with oil, carpeting, drapes, paint, refrigerators, etcetera……