Reflections On The Failed Presidency

of one Barack Hussein Obama. (Caution, harsh language ahead. Liberals and snowflakes (I digress) turn back now.)

The joke played upon the American People for the last eight years started with the Presstitutes in Liberal Media refusing to vet a choom-smoking Marxist clown, raised by rich WHITE grandparents, whose daddy was a drunken Muslim bigamist and whose mother was, let us face it, a communist whore who was photographed nude by Obama’s hardcore communist mentor Frank Marshall Davis. A clown named Obama, raised as a Muslim in Indonesia by his dog-eating stepfather, renamed Soetoro, with a tranny as a nanny, and dopers, radicals, and mentors as mentors, could not have had a worse upbringing. He was deserted by his parents and left adrift with Gramps and Granny and thus clown’s brain was skewed from the git-go and we had a mentally irregular idiot at the helm! From his gay Pakistani lover to the gay bathhouse in Chi-Congo, there could not have been a worse puppet foisted on us, thanks to the Democrats, the Presstitutes, and a mountain of Soros money.

Imagine a half-white doper, who never held a real job, who had the managerial skills of a severed foreskin, and who could not or would not produce any transcripts of his so-called college education, who was plopped by Soros into the CEO slot of the Nation and they expected him to succeed? Why would any American be surprised at the piss-poor result of a clown whose only REAL success was giving speeches (as long as they were on a teleprompter), kissing celebrities’ asses for money, playing over 800 rounds of golf, hundreds of appearances with jackoffs like Letterman, droning civilians, starting and losing wars, losing wars already started, and spending about 100 million taxpayer bucks in vacations? Obama was nothing but a puppet.

Only a dozen covers on rags like TIME, Newsweak (intentional), and People, endless bullshit polls from the Presstitutes showing that America just LOVED little Barry, a steady river of absolute bullshit from the Liberal Lapdog Media for the lo-fo Grubers, and the puked up pablum from the imbeciles in Hollywood kept this triple-vested jackanape afloat. All the while his Iranian Communist “special advisor” Valerie “The Rat” Jarrett ran the country into the ground faster than Bubba Clinton jumping an underage prostitute on Orgy Island. They shoveled so much bullshit over the most political failure in America History that one needed wings and God’s grace to stay above it.

Truly, this idiot makes Jimmy Carter look positively Reaganesque by comparison. His appointees (approved by the Senate with the usual GOPe scumbags voting Yes) included but not limited to: Eric “Waco” Witholder, Van Jones the radical commie, Tax cheats, liars, and idiots, who are actually dumber than Obama, like Chuck Hagel, Hillary Clinton, Paul Krugman, Austen Goolsby, and Hanoi John Fonda Kerry. These, and a host of other chattering apes then proceeded to use the military as a social experiment and played with the economy like they were in Harvard’s faculty lounge! Moreover, WHO can forget when an American journalist by the name of Foley was slowly decapitated, on video, by Muslim scum, what our brave CinC did. Did he send out hit teams to snuff these vermin ala Israel versus the Palestinian maggots in Black September? Nope. Barry gave a speech and then hit the links for his eighth round of golf in eleven days. Draw those red lines in the sand Barry!

From Hanoi John Fonda Kerry came this jewel:  “he [Obama] “should be one of the faces of our party now, not years from now…” Still stuck on stupid after all these years huh John. 

From January 2009 to January 2011 this simpering Beta male COULD have really helped America and the American People since he had the House and Senate locked up tighter than his college transcripts. Nope, all that happened was an attempted takeover of one-fifth of the U.S. economy and a Bill of Rights violation that pissed off about 76% of the US population, the Presstitute’s bullshit polls notwithstanding. Add Justice Roberts (sans his balls) to the mix and the US took it on the chin. The ONLY thing good to come out of this attack on us was the revolution at the polls in 2010 and 2014. Thanks Barry. You actually managed to do SOMETHING right and that was wrecking your party for another twenty-five years. Now, as the Gunny’s DI would say, “disappear scumbag.”

So this unvetted, unqualified, self-adoring, preening, non-managing fuckstick gets into the White House and BOOM! has no inkling of how to work with others because as a serial narcissist, it was all about him! Verse One of the Gospel of Obama reads: “Thou who deign to enjoy the fruits of Dear Leader must thou worship and exalt him.” This jerk is so far to the Left and such an entrenched ideologue that he makes Stalin look moderate and his policies, enforced NOT by the Constitution or Congress but via his pen and phone, pissed off a legion of Americans that built into a tsunami that brought a REAL leader and a REAL Executive into the White House. Hey, another thing Barry did well.

Obama’s globalist/leftist platform was a direct attack on our national sovereignty and he and his minions reveled in it. From making NASA a Muslim outreach program, setting race relations back 50 years, crushing the Middle Class via class warfare and race riots egged on my Holder and Lynch, putting more Americans out of work and on welfare, Arab Spring, Libya, Gitmo, pissing off both allies and enemies, making right wrong and wrong right, restarting the Cold War, Lying, Warmongering (good job Nobel Peace Prize morons), opening our borders wider than a two dollar whore’s legs on payday thus ushering in bazillions of welfare parasites, gangsters, illegal aliens bent on doing us wrong, unvetted human locusts from South of the Border, equally unvetted Muslim terrorists, and adding another 10 TRILLION dollars to the national debt, Obama was a complete and total disaster. He was a leader for the scum of humanity, Muslim terrorists, race-baiters, and a whole host of criminals in and out of his admin, i.e., Al Sharpton, Black Panther leaders, Soros, etc.

Obama was the enemy and he made that perfectly clear in every one of his actions. May history and Americans damn his hide from now until Doomsday. Perhaps Patrick Henry said it best: “may posterity forget that you were our countryman (because you never really were).” (Changed from countrymen to man)

About GunnyG

Retired US Marine and pissed-off American. Tired of the bullshit from inside the Beltway and determined to change it, peacefully or otherwise. A Constitution-loving American who believes that the US is #1 and should be!
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17 Responses to Reflections On The Failed Presidency

  1. Hardnox says:

    That was a beautiful rant Gunny. Take a bow!

  2. JoAnn says:

    good one gunny.. been missing your logical and truth filled rants.. thank you!!

    • GunnyG says:


      Thanks. They have to perca-late in my, as Rush says “fertile brain” before they come out in words.

  3. michael p hershey says:

    Enjoyed reading that. Thank you kindly. Hershey

  4. Blessed B says:

    Tell it like it is Gunny! The truth will prevail. I bet Carter never thought that someone else would take the title of being “the worst American President”, away from him. Bet he’s relieved!!

  5. I.R. Wayright says:

    You left out world’s premier gun salesman.

    • GunnyG says:


      That was no failure, that was a success…for us! haha. Obama was the NRA’s gun Salesman of the Year from 2008-2016!

  6. RE says:

    Little half black still is illegal and our enemy. His own famous words, if an ill wind blows I’ll stand with the worthless raghead mussy bastards, brands him.
    Hell I never thought in my lifetime I would have to live thru another jimmah or worse, you know Carter can’t believe it, and just look at what they tried to foist on America after osambo.

  7. Shar says:

    Great post. Love the quote. Wonder if we can bleachbit our brains and wipe the slate clean.

  8. WJS says:

    Couldn’t have said it any better. You left out the most accurate description however “Traitor”. Of course, he can’t be considered a traitor if he wasn’t born in America – just an imposter.

    • GunnyG says:


      He is most definitely an imposter. He is not an American even if he was born in Hawaii or wherever.

  9. SafeSpace says:

    Great writing, GunnyG! This instant-classic rant needs to be re-posted wherever possible. You nailed the little turd, no holds barred.