Bikers for Trump – Now In Washington DC

Published on Jan 14, 2017

The founder of Bikers For Trump told “Fox & Friends” his organization will, if need be, form a “wall of meat” to protect citizens attending President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday from protesters and the like.

It is great to see so many engaged in this election and inauguration.

What should be a peaceful day of celebration has become a tense, dangerous effort by certain interests to create as much havoc as possible since their plans for the future of the US had beenderailed after Clinton was defeated. It’s a shame that rather than just coming to enjoy the peaceful transition, these men and women have to be prepared to defend and protect in order to see the handing over of the reins to the next President.

The sheer number of people is amazing but the need to be there is uplifting  in many ways.  Had the libtards not made such a nuisance of themselves since the Electoral College vote and simply accepted the new president-elect, this would not have been necessary.

No one is saying that the right of peaceful protest is illegal.  It is a protected right in the very document that these imbeciles choose to denigrate. The full blame for this ignorant and seditious display falls on all of the bodies who place themselves in this position for payment and not for a peaceful right to gather in protest.  The moment money changed hands or those hands picked up weapons to use, a piece of property suffers damage, ormost importantly a single civilian or enforcement person is attacked, they have crossed the line from peaceful into treasonous riot acts as far as I am concerned.

Any congressman that is found in the company of crowds wishing to protest in a peaceful display of solidarity I have no problem with.  However, the moment they are present and their presence cannot calm the masses or actually enflames the crowds such that violence of any kind erupts , then they should be brought up on ethics committee charges unless it has been shown that they attempted in every way possible to stop the violence.

More than that, I sincerely hope the FBI, DHS, and the new Attorney General throw the full weight of the law against all of those who have been behind this effort and paid for these liberals to cause dissension and chaos. The continued peace and stability is at stake while attempting to restore the country to a better place. Fighting others, circumstances, and crisis that arise is exhausting enough without continual internal turmoil.

Whether Democrats, United Nation, Muslin Brotherhood, Soros or other players, the financiers who threaten our nation, citizens, and its laws need to be brought to light and stripped of their ability to interfere in the process of our country’s governance forever.


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24 Responses to Bikers for Trump – Now In Washington DC

  1. I.R. Wayright says:

    Don’t believe the second video. That must be from a different time. Nobody is going to be riding around in shirt sleeves in January unless they are in Key West.
    Dahboo0077 is not a reliable news source.

  2. Robert says:

    Are you referring to the FBI and the DOJ that is in the back pocket of O’Vomit!! Not going to happen!! Do you remember the HildaBeast,I believe she is still walking around free!!

    • Uriel says:

      Welcome to Hardnox Robert. Nope thank goodness they only have till Friday to ignore laws.

    • Blessed B says:

      Hildabeast won’t be walking around free for long! She hasn’t been brought to Justice yet but it’s coming…..if she had been charged before Trump is sworn in, you can best be sure that Obama would have given her a pardon!

      As for the FBI, DoJ and even the CIA who have been Obama’s minions….there time is coming also! There is going to be a major shake-up of epic proportions all through the agencies.

  3. clyde says:

    Good post but nothing will happen until Trump and Sessions drain the DoJ cesspool. As for the anarchists, a few decades in GITMO would work.

  4. Popular Front says:

    It sounds like a great two wheeled jamboree. I wish my motorcycle and me could be there.

    • I.R. Wayright says:

      I wouldn’t go there without a weapon for self defense. And you won’t get close to the parade route with so much as a selfie stick.

      • Uriel says:

        I heard Obama demanded NO body cams for cops which is stupid.

        • Blessed B says:


          Good! That means that a summary execution can take place without video back up!

          Don’t worry though…there are going to be many patriots that will also not have body cams who will protect citizens, LEOs and Trump if need be!

    • Uriel says:

      It does if there are no problems Popular

  5. vonMesser says:

    We need about 2,000 of the Bikers for Trump ion Seattle on Saturday when the Womens March is held here to protest the illegality of Trump as president.

    • Uriel says:

      Given current problems in Seattle (including no guns at least I think I read that right) I am thinking extra protection Is needed.

  6. Hardnox says:

    I know a bunch of guys that are going. They will have their wooden nightsticks at the ready tucked in their waistbands under their leathers. The best part is that wooden nightsticks don’t show up in metal detectors. 🙂

    • Uriel says:

      A few steel toed boots come in handy at times too

      • I.R. Wayright says:

        If the never trumpers throw any rocks at the bikers they will quickly find out that we wear some armor when we ride to prevent road rash. Keep on a full face helmet along with the right gloves and you are pretty near invincible. Gonna throat punch one of us huh? Nice try asshat.

  7. SafeSpace says:

    The dickheads at YouTube have “terminated the account” of the poster of your first video. Gee …. what a surprise.