Project Veritas : Pt. 2 Of Inauguration Chaos Undercover Videos.

In yesterday’s post we witnessed a group of pasty-skinned, effeminate, Weather Underground wannabe, so called males sitting around a pedophile pizza parlor discussing how to set off stink bombs and sprinklers at President-Elect Trump’s Inaugural Deploraball.

This latest Project Veritas video reveals the DisruptJ20 plot to chain trains and halt the DC Metro.This video exposes the collusion between the various groups under the DisruptJ20 umbrella, and it shows that DJ20 is not simply a movement of fringe groups but instead a nefarious organization.

The following is the latest release from James O’Keefe, the leader of this brave patriotic group.




Project Veritas
Yesterday, I sent you our latest work that showed alt-left activists plotting to release Butyric Acid at the National Press Club.
There intent was to shut down one of the inaugural balls.

In response to our video, the group DisruptJ20, put out a release saying they were essentially just messing with us and knew that they were being filmed.
I don’t believe that for a second, and neither should you.

You’ll have to watch the video I just released.

In this 10-minute video, undercover journalists for Project Veritas expose the broad plans of DisruptJ20 and it’s not pretty.

This is a group that is looking for a fight and looking to do harm.
You should watch the video more than once to get a full understanding of their mindset.

They think people like you and me are “Nazis.”

Their recommendation to dealing with anyone with opposing views is to “throat punch” them . . . and they weren’t joking.

The group admits in our video that they are considering “arrestable civil disobedience” and have even plotted to hook chains onto metro rail cars in order to disabled them – something they planned to rehearse.

While our first video showed a plot against a single event, this larger group is planning mass disruption of any traffic coming in or out of the nation’s capitol.



Watch the video and again, please post it on Facebook, share on Twitter, or simply forward this email to a friend.

Thanks again for all that you do.

In Truth,

James O’Keefe
Project Veritas

P.S. More to come.

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8 Responses to Project Veritas : Pt. 2 Of Inauguration Chaos Undercover Videos.

  1. SafeSpace says:

    O’Keefe was on Hannity’s radio show today, and revealed that the DisruptJ20 crowd claims they outed and punked O’Keefe’s crew. DJ20 only made this statement AFTER O’Keefe posted his videos AND went to Metro police and the FBI with the tape….

  2. Popular Front says:

    So, DJ20. BFD. You have names? Organisers? Arrest them. Preventative detention. Keep them locked up until after the inauguration and then kick them out but not before giving them a good belting first. Recruit some of those Texas bikers, I’m sure they’d be happy to help out.

  3. clyde says:

    O’Keefe should give the bikers the address where these shitstains hole up at. Save the cops for Friday.

  4. Uriel says:

    News better show these guys in handcuffs and all their paperwork in boxes. The next few days are seriously dangerous for everyone. Any liberals reading this need to ask themselves is 40 pieces of silver worth ten years behind bars?

  5. vonMesser says:

    Turn the guys at 8 and I loose with permission to use “anything but weapons”.