Warning To Institutions of Learning From A “Deplorable”


For the last year indeed the last forty years or more, higher education which should have at its roots the purpose of preparing students to meet the world with expertise and knowledge of the particular field they had chosen to pursue has been derelict in its duty.  It has never been acceptable for the pursuit of that knowledge to be encourage, to pursue, to overshadow, or subliminally alter by the teachings of a particular political ideology such as communism, socialism, or any other political “ism”.

These bastions of higher learning have been in part funded by independent donations but even more, they have eagerly held out their hands for federal grants and monies.  To their shame, some if not many may have abused grants, misused donated funds, disenfranchised the business world by the lack of real life skills needed to enter the workforce, and discouraged students who have come to them full of hope for a brighter future.

The general public has been fooled into believing that only a sheepskin from some “worthy” place of learning will prepare and produce higher levels of achievement and success in earnings.  This while possibly true in some fields is not the truth in many. Trade schools who prepare students for many critically short fields, junior colleges who focus on specifics needed, and now more increasingly online avenues are just as relevant.  Why — because it is not an institution nor its august reputation but the depth of the student’s own personality, real life experiences, mentors, and goals that is the measure of an individual’s success and achievements throughout life.

Some of the most successful people who own businesses, interact with communities, and achieve their dreams do not have and indeed may have dropped out of a college or university. Their own drive and opportunities to achieve are their defining point not a piece of paper or alphabet letters after their name.  True, some after years of real life have returned to get more classes to earn the paper but they are more savvy of real life needs, generally less willing to pay for courses not within the realm of their interests, and less likely most of the time to spend their hard-earned dollars on courses or universities that fall short of their purpose for enrollment.

Students who poured millions into so-called “relevant” colleges for their sheepskins have not been well served in the long run. The real world relevance of those courses has not kept pace with the reality of an ever expanding and changing world. Courses have increasingly been added that have little or no relationship to the purpose of the degree.  Monies have been flittered away by academia on a variety of poor decisions when those bastions are bowing to the pressures exerted by certain elements of ideology rather than performing the tasks most helpful to the student’s future earning capacity.

Our Constitution affords us rights that have been and continue to be under attack by those in positions of education and power. It is not in the interest of the country or the students being rubber stamped out of these towers of learning to be engaged in socialist propaganda in every class or group found advocating an unconstitutionally sound political stance within the campus grounds, much less academia board approved on-campus or off-campus extracurricular programs and groups.

When these hallowed halls bow down to the unacceptable behavior and stance of removing or burning the American flag, bullying or terrifying conservatives or those with a less than liberal view, caving to religious demands from Islamic students, and prohibiting activities based upon the rantings and illogical behavior of students who should be there getting an education not determining or countering how or what the university mission statement focuses upon, then these universities and colleges have failed.  Their boards and their goals have been warped and hamstrung by political correctness. Students are no longer getting value for monies spent or burdening them in the workforce for many years to come.

Our country was founded and should by all rights continue to be influenced by the tenets of a republic. Socialism, communism and any other facets of political indoctrination have no place being found within the walls of a public place funded in any way by taxpayer monies.  Taxpayers and businesses have for a long time voiced their displeasure at the quality of education of students graduating and their unpreparedness to meet life-ready activities in communities.

The same wimpy, tantrum, demanding individuals who we see today will one day be active or inactive members of a larger community.  The truth is they are totally and irresponsibly ill-equipped to meet the needs of the world, the country, or the communities they become part of after they walk out clutching that costly piece of paper. Many simply shatter, become useless, or believe themselves superior to any other members of society. They become bullies and harpies few people in the workforce wish to associate with, be managed by, or want to be governing them. In esssence, the college and universities are churning out failures who then tend to make the rest of the world suffer for their inadequacies and the warped training they have received.

In short, the plain, simple truth is despite the huge amount of monies flowing into preparing our students in the United States for a successful future, the educational system is failing to produce active, productive, knowledgable workers capable of surviving all the many disappointments and realities of their adult world.

To allow teachers, professors, or any group on or off campus the right to teach socialism, communism, or anything that condones, allows, trains, or encourages them to be anarchists or forces students to participate in activities that are by their nature anti-American ideological statements is a violation of our country’s values, morals, and constitution. Education has been exempted from falling under acts of treason by the Supreme Court but that does not mean efforts to indoctrinate students in every field of study regardless of its course purpose is morally, ethically, or politically acceptable. There is only a limited area of classroom teaching and studies that should be including any of this in their curriculum.

Just a sampling of examples:

The Crimson.com – The Elephant in the Room: Conservatives at Harvard

Yale Daily News – Election 2016: Conservative views considered unwelcome at Yale

The Daily Wire – Rutgers Holds ‘Support’ Session for ‘Traumatized’ Student Activists Who Crashed Conservative Event

AAUP – Rethinking the Plight of Conservatives in Higher Education

Sean Hannity Show – UCLA Student: It’s Dangerous To Be A Trump Supporter On Campus

Hardnox – Education’s Campus Brainwashing – What Concerned Conservatives and Leaders Need To Know

The list goes on and on. Yet, the current administration has done nothing to address the problem and in several ways exacerbated the issue.

Universities, colleges, or indeed every level of educational instruction – get a grip, your glasses are turning too dark to see and understand that people in this country are sick and tired of your disregard for our laws, our civic tenets, and our communities. Many will soon find themselves withering on the vine as new avenues of learning open up if they are not willing to rethink their courses and their actions.

Stop churning out marshmallow zombies primed for one world domination and mindless adherence to a socialist government.


In case one is not familiar with the reality of a republic:
–A Republic, by definition, has two principle elements.
(1) First, it is controlled by Law; therefore, it does not control Law.
(2) Second, it recognizes the private independent sovereign nature of each person (man or woman) of competent age and capacity; therefore, a Republic must be representative in its nature.
–A Republic recognizes Law is unchangeable, or at least that it can only be changed by a higher source than government. In a Republic the concept of “collective sovereignty” cannot exist, except with recognition that the State or nation, as a body of sovereigns, can speak through one elected voice; though that one voice can never lawfully interfere with the private rights of the individual sovereigns.
–“A Constitutional Republic” is a government created and controlled, at least, by the Law of a Constitution. The Constitution of the United States of America was, in Law, a foundation based on the Bible, the Magna Carta and the Declaration of Independence. Those documents recognize man’s sovereignty, the divine nature of man’s creation and man’s divine right to Life, Liberty, the means of acquiring and possessing Property, and the pursuit of happiness.



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8 Responses to Warning To Institutions of Learning From A “Deplorable”

  1. Mirian Elaine Morris says:

    I am VERY Proud to be one!

    • Uriel says:

      One what? One that erodes the right of expectations of a class act education in a. Professional career wasting time and money better spent in pursuing a mentoring or business paid class focused strictly on the subject? Or one determined as a professional educator to bring the best value of knowledge to a class? As a retired educator I utilized the second in my courses and hopefully inspired children to continue learning.

  2. Sun Tzu says:

    Spot on! Having to supervise a snowflake, it is nerve wracking. I have never had so much trouble with a new out of university employee in my 30 years of work. He has absolutely NO self motivation, doesn’t know how to follow instructions, and at times appears to have NO interest in his chosen field of work.
    Today’s university’s provide absolutely NO training to the student for what lay’s ahead of them in the real world. They are a failure to the education of these poor snowflakes.
    Maybe President Trump, ah I love the sound of that, and his administration can fix this problem. We can only hope.

    • Uriel says:

      Thank you Sun Tzu. And for the proof. Sadly young people today have not been equipped with the knowledge or tools to survive. They have been led to believe they are “privileged” and should not have to work to earn nor perform well. Many have been led to believe the world owes them which is far from the truth. Real life will quickly kick them in the teeth and these will become leeches on families, friends, or check out of life all together. We as educators have failed students if we have not been instilling values, morals, work ethics, and that the power and responsibility to succeed rest within them not gifted by society.

  3. Uriel says:

    BTW even the first Europen settlers had to learn this lesson if we check out history. Remember the first were not familiar with how to survive in a new environment. Some were aristocrats and scholars. One of the first rules if I remember correctly was no work, no eating. Stocks were employed to shame those that did not as well as other infractions. At least as I grew up, teachers taught this lesson.

  4. Hardnox says:

    The only thing that will correct academia is total purging of leftists. The only thing that will cure snowflakes is reality with no safety nets. I don’t see either happening short of a revolution given how entrenched the left is in all sectors.

    • Uriel says:

      True. Unless some harsh lessons are learned like NO federal funds especially if socialist activities take place OR each level passes a SAT or GRE like test to get to the next level.