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From American Thinker:

Arizona state trooper ambushed, then saved by armed passing motorist

A 27 year veteran of the Arizona state police was ambushed on a lonely stretch of highway after responding to a report of shots fired in the vicinity.  Receiving a bullet wound in the shoulder and at least one bullet in the chest, the trooper was at the assailant’s mercy when a passing motorist stopped, retrieved a weapon, and shot the attacker dead.


“As the trooper exited his vehicle and began to lay out flares, it appears at this point that he was ambushed by the suspect,” Milstead said. “In the initial confrontation, the suspect shoots the trooper in the shoulder [and] right chest area at least one time, possibly twice, disabling the use of the trooper’s right hand and right arm.”

The gunman then attacked the trooper with his hands, bashing his head into the pavement, Milstead said. That’s when the passing motorist stopped.

“The trooper says, ‘Please help me,’ and asks the uninvolved third party for help,” Milstead said. “That person retreats back to his vehicle, removes his own weapon from the vehicle, confronts the suspect, giving him orders to stop assaulting the officer. The suspect refuses. The uninvolved third party fires, striking and killing the suspect.”

The hero driver was identified only as a man who was traveling to California with his wife.

A second motorist who also stopped at the scene ran to the trooper’s vehicle, grabbed its radio and called for help.

“My concern was his life,” that second motorist, Brian Schober, of Scottsdale, Arizona, told NBC News on Thursday. He wouldn’t give any other details except to say he and the man who shot the suspect had been able to meet each other and say thank you.

According to a recording of the police radio exchange, Schober told a dispatcher: “Hello, officer down, officer down outside Tonopah. Come in, please. This is a civilian. He’s shot on I-10 on the eastbound lane — sorry, westbound lane.”

Schober continued: “He’s in real bad shape. Please send air support, helicopter, please. There are also two civilians on — off — [the] road also laying [in] unknown condition.”

That’s some level headed thinking by both motorists. But the hero who took down the attacker displayed remarkable courage as well. Even if armed, I don’t think there are too many of us who would have come to the assistance of an officer fighting off an armed attacker.

The coolness of the second motorist to call in an accurate position for the EMS also probably helped save the trooper’s life.

The actions of both motorists deserves some kind of recognition and is a prime example of how ordinary people, thrust into extraordinary situations, can make a difference.


Once again… a good guy with a gun erases a bad guy with a gun and saves a life.


35-year-old Patrick R. Mutter, 32-year-old Gregory S. Fish and 27-year-old Jennifer L. Ecker forced their way into a home in Trumansburg, New York. Mutter got into a physical altercation with the resident and he was DRT when the police arrived. The other two were arrested.

Two intruders kicked the door in a Reidland, Kentucky house. The armed homeowner met them at the point of entry. When the police arrived, they found one of the intruders wounded and laying in the driveway in serious condition and another was DRT in the home.

26-year-old Sedrick Marshawn Williams forced his way into a Walton County, Florida house and attacked the residents with a bottle. The homeowner responded by stabbing Williams with a knife and Sedrick was DRT when the police arrived.

In Baltimore, Maryland, 41-year-old William Tucker Mathis violated an order of protection and went to a residence from which he was forbidden – that of his ex-wife and children. He’d violated that order at least five times. Police arrived while he was still there and tussled with him. He strangled one of the officers until, finally they gunned him down. He was DRT.

Glenn Edward Oliver, 30 climbed through a window in Sarasota, Florida and ransacked a home.  When the residents returned, Oliver tried to attack them with a baseball bat. The homeowner was armed and Oliver was DRT.

39-year-old Toby William Reed and 34-year-old Christopher Ingram kicked in door in a McKracken County, Kentucky home. The armed homeowner was home at the time and when the authorities arrived, they found one man with a gunshot wound lying in the driveway and another man inside the home with a gunshot wound. The man inside was DRT and the other was taken to the hospital in serious condition.

46-year-old Steven Anthony forced his way into a home in Sumner, Iowa. An armed homeowner met him briefly and made him DRT.

A 78-year-old man was looking at his property in Houston, Texas when someone tried to rob him. The septuagenarian pulled out his gun and shot the thief who fled in his car. He was pronounced DOT at the hospital. The victim was unharmed.

In Tonopah, Arizona, a state trooper investigating a roll-over crash was shot by the suspect, a passenger in the wreck – the driver, a woman, was dead at the scene. A passerby rescued the officer from his assailant by shooting the crook several times. The crook was DRT. The injured trooper is getting his wounded shoulder treated.

In Bremer County, Iowa, John Eimers shot and killed intruder Steven Anthony, 46. Eimers was wounded several times by Anthony but still managed to keep up a rate of fire that left Anthony DRT.  EImers has been released from the hospital after being treated for his wounds.

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5 Responses to Sunday Feel Good Stories

  1. Re: Officer shooting: ALWAYS stay calm, know your cardinal directions, locate your position and keep your message details brief but concise.

  2. clyde says:

    Way too many would either keep going or panic. Huge kudos to the two Good Samaritans who most likely saved the trooper’s life.

  3. captbogus2 says:

    Maybe one day the lawmakers will wake up and realize the prohibitive gun laws actually are more harmful than good. We are regressing back into a time of lawlessness but don’t have the benefit of being able of carry without a lot of flak and resistance from the government.

    • In general, lawmakers, politicians, only do what’s best for THEIR wallets, not what’s best for the people or their safety.

      They twist with the wind and none will ever change unless we set term limits and the attitude of the people, to take interest in their own good, changes.

      Ultimately, the people are responsible for the actions of their lawmakers. A lawyer only does what his client demands. So does a plumber, an electrician and so on.

      Either WE take control, and demand their adherence to what WE want, or we succumb to their will.

      If it’s “WE, The People”, then it’s OUR choice on what happens!

  4. Terry says:

    All of this good news, plus this upcoming Friday….my heart is about to burst with joy !!