Top 10 Reasons Why Replacing the Affirmative Action POTUS Is Good for America

Forgive me…I’m a couple of days late with this. My good friend voice of Reason has been sending me these and I decided to not let them go to waste.

We’ll be starting with #10 , #9 and #8….. then I’ll be posting one every day afterwards, till January 20th. The Day we officially take back America!!

Here we go:

Top 10 reasons why replacing the failure Affirmative Action POTUS with a real born in America POTUS is good for America.

By vor

Image result for baby obama in diapers

#10 — Having a POTUS that can wear men’s briefs instead of Huggies PullUps means that other world leaders from many countries won’t be laughing at the demented little guy’s petulant temper tantrum.


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#9 — It will be nice not to hear the POTUS celebrating the murders of American police officers.


#8 — It will be good to have a President that the military will follow rather than have one that 97% would prefer to use as target practice and save a tree or two.


until tomorrow night…… 🙂


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2 Responses to Top 10 Reasons Why Replacing the Affirmative Action POTUS Is Good for America

  1. Terry says:

    Standing by……

    • Blessed B. says:

      Me Too!!! Vor didn’t send the next one in line yet…..sent email asking for it. So….hopefully tonight…..

      Due to technical difficulties beyond my control, I was unable to post last night. 🙁 Will try for tonight…. Please stand-by.

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