Education’s Campus Brainwashing – What Concerned Conservatives and Leaders Need To Know


Education’s Campus Brainwashing –
What Concerned Conservatives and Leaders Need To Know

National Association of Scholars (NAS) is a network of scholars and citizens united by commitment to academic freedom, disinterested scholarship, and excellence in American higher education. Membership in NAS is open to all who share our commitment to these broad principles. We publish a journal and have state and regional affiliates.

Executive Summary Report
January 2017


What we call the “New Civics” redefines civics as progressive political activism. Rooted in the radical program of the 1960s’ New Left, the New Civics presents itself as an up-to-date version of volunteerism and good works. Though camouflaged with soft rhetoric, the New Civics, properly understood, is an effort to repurpose higher education.

The New Civics seeks above all to make students into enthusiastic supporters of the New Left’s dream of “fundamentally transforming” America.

The New Civics hopes to accomplish this by teaching students that a good citizen is a radical activist, and it puts political activism at the center of everything that students do in college, including academic study, extra-curricular pursuits, and off-campus ventures.

Instead of teaching college students the foundations of law, liberty, and self-government, colleges teach students how to organize protests, occupy buildings, and stage demonstrations.


Six of nine NAS’s Executive Summary findings about the state of civics education nationwide are listed below:

1. Traditional civic literacy is in deep decay in America – Because middle schools and high schools no longer can be relied on to provide students basic civic literacy, the subject has migrated to colleges. But colleges have generally failed to recognize a responsibility to cover the basic content of traditional civics, and have instead substituted programs under the name of civics that bypass instruction in American government and history.

2. The New Civics, a movement devoted to progressive activism, has taken over civics education. “Service-learning”
and “civic engagement” are the most common labels this movement uses, but it also calls itself global civics, deliberative democracy, and intercultural learning. (see this UN site if you doubt this)

3. The New Civics movement is national, and it extends far beyond the universities. Each individual college and
university now slots its “civic” efforts into a framework that includes federal and state bureaucracies, nonprofit organizations, and professional organizations. Universities affiliate themselves with these national organizations’ progressive political goals. (UNA/USA Chapter Directory)

4. The New Civics redefines “civic activity” as “progressive activism.” It advertises progressive causes to
students and uses student labor and university resources to support progressive “community” organizations.

5. The New Civics redefines “civic activity” as channeling government funds toward progressive nonprofits.
The New Civics has worked to divert government funds to progressive causes since its founding in the 1960s.

6. The New Civics movement aims to take over the entire university. The New Civics advocates want to make “civic
engagement” part of every class, every tenure decision, and every extracurricular activity.

New Civics

The New Civics advocates want to redefine the entire American civic spirit to serve the progressive political agenda.

The New Civics movement is a combination of federal bureaucrats, nonprofit foundations, and a network of administrators and faculty on college campuses. It now aims for a broader takeover of the entire university.

The goal is to give every class a “civic” component, and to make “civic engagement” a requirement for tenure. The advocates of “civics education” now aim to insert left-wing politics into every aspect of the university, to advertise progressive causes to the student body in every class and every off-campus activity, and to divert ever larger portions of the American university system’s resources toward allied organizations.

The New Civics advocates want to redefine the entire American civic spirit to serve the progressive political agenda. This agenda is hostile to the free market; supports racial preferences in the guise of diversity; supports arbitrary government power in the guise of sustainability; and undermines traditional loyalty to America in the guise of global citizenship.

The New Civics Now

The New Civics revolution has been staggeringly successful in the last 30 years. In 1990, Campus Compact’s member universities reported that only “16 percent of their students were involved in service (almost all of it volunteerism); only
15 percent of these institutions had offices to support this work; 59 percent of the presidents characterized the extent of their faculty’s involvement in this work as ‘little’ or ‘not at all.’”

The 2014 Campus Compact survey updated these numbers: at the 419 institutions that responded to the survey, nearly 100% had institutional offices coordinating “curricular and/or co-curricular engagement”—and 57% had more than one office. Thirty-nine percent of graduate and undergraduate students, 1,382,145 in total, “served an average of 3.5 hours each week through both curricular and co-curricular mechanisms.” The total number of hours they served in the 2013-2014 academic year was 154,800,240, and their service was valued at $3,490,745,412—almost 3.5 billion dollars.

Public Achievement readies community organizers and organizees for Alinskyite action against the government.

The Cost

Campus Compact’s survey not only provides a sketch of the New Civics nationwide but also allows us to hazard a rough estimate of how much the New Civics costs. At these roughly 400 institutions alone, at least some hundreds of millions are being directed annually toward direct support of the New Civics programs, in addition to the billions of dollars of student labor hours being diverted toward progressive causes and organizations. We may add to this the opportunity cost of the New Civics: students at these institutions spent 155 million hours on service rather than on studying just in 2013-14, and the losses to their lifetime knowledge and earning potential must be measured in further billions. These numbers are for only about 400 institutions out of 4,726 total American institutions of higher education. We estimate the expenditures in America on civic engagement as an order of magnitude greater than is reported in Campus Compact’s 2014 survey.

Total direct expenditures and diversion of free student labor should be valued at no less than $40 billion dollars in 2014 alone. We have not included the cost of tuition in this calculation, nor the opportunity cost of educational hours used for New Civics rather than for actual learning.

New Civics is no longer a marginal movement but a central component of American higher education.

In sum, the New Civics advocates’ vision for the future is:

1) civic mission statements will leverage a total transformation of the universities;
2) every class will have civic content;
3) professors will be judged for tenure based on their civic engagement;
4) civically engaged students will be given authority to forward the New Civics; and
5) the New Civics ultimately will incorporate the workplace and the government.

The full 523-page report is available at


I have not read this report nor do I know much about the organization.  However, the directors, founder, and members of the staff do all appear to be credible professionals who are genuinely concerned about the state of our education system. We as a whole have known for years that this was happening but chose to ignore the problem.  Now the fruit of that ignorance is seen daily in the news. Those that brought up concerns were often considered conspiracy theorists or some nut job.  

In this report, we may have the smoking gun and facts that can no longer be denied. I hope Trump makes sure that his appointment to Education is strong enough and focused enough to rid our country of this cancer.

Having read just the 25 page summary, I can say that if the report backs up the investigative summary, then there is sincere concern about this issue.  Not only that, but the evidence as seen over the past year lends credence to the allegations of the report.  The UN underwent a change in order to stay relevant in the 1960’s and began spreading out into college campuses across the US.  While I do not specifically accuse the UN of deliberate subversion of our educational system.  I do believe the overwhelming evidence along with their website’ information does appear to indict them in this effort.

I have already seen publicly acknowledged evidence linking the Communist and Socialist parties as well as Obama, Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, and many in the Democrat Party to this movement.  It is time we take a stand, take back our country, and reeducate our children without this impediment.  Otherwise, we will never be rid of this blight upon our republic and constitution anytime in the next fifty years.  

The amount of money these people have squandered or diverted from taxpayers and the cost of future indoctrination is horrific. Our nation was founded on far different principles and goals than these people and now with the additional indoctrination of children through Islamic radicalization groups, we face an even far greater threat.  Our children and future generations are the losers if we do not stop the spread of this cancer now.

Liberal ideas sound great when on paper but practical application ensures the destruction of a civilized society.  It cannot be allowed to continue when truth and facts are directly counter yet students have been indoctrinated otherwise.  Ignorance is not bliss. Once an issue is recognized, those that display the same level of ignorance are complicit.

All educational entities need to be reevaluated as to effectiveness in preparing children and young people for life after college.  Do they provide maximum value for the money charged?  Would you purchase a car that has all of the same bells and whistles as another, if that car was priced $20,000 more than the other?

Parents and the government need to stop providing funds to those that are determined to subject students to any indoctrination that does not meet the requirements for future employment and civic principles of our constitution and way of life.  Paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for an education that does not prepare for employment first or radicalizes entire campuses is obscene. Those same young people and their parents are burdened and impoverished for many years in the future to pay back a useless loan for an even more useless education.

At this point it would be better if a young person never attend a class on a campus but go directly into a workforce where they get lessons on the profession through apprenticeship, mentorship, and classes the businesses provide that are more relevant.

Let the higher education idiots rise or fall, even starve, until those in power realize they can no longer afford to allow this subversive indoctrination.



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