Repeal, Replace Obamacare – AT THE SAME TIME



How Sen. Rand Paul Would Replace Obamacare

Fox Business
January 5, 2017

“What I want is to put a replacement in place immediately so we can fix the problems, so as it unwinds we have a replacement for it,” Paul said.

He added: “We should let you buy as part of an association where you can join together with tens of thousands, if not millions of people, to have leverage to lower your price and also to be protected against pre-existing conditions.”

The Kentucky Senator said there are “probably four dozen bills” already in existence to replace Obamacare, and he is in the process of consolidating them.

“By next week I will have a composite bill that is a replacement, that has the five most important ideas in legislative language, in a bill ready to go as a replacement the same day we do a repeal,” Paul explained.

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Okay folks, here with we go again with “politician speak”.  Rand Paul sees himself as a champion of the public but as a physician (of record) he ought to know – fewer words and succinctly realistic points make for a much better understanding NOT a politician’s normal “speaking a thousand words to avoid saying anything.”

One can get information overload if he or she goes to the gov.track site on healthcare plans since 2009 which talk about new plans, revised plans, and repealing Obamacare. Rand Paul in this interview attempts to assure, without speaking plainly on real issues, what Republicans are planning for a new health care bill.  What I found very irritating (apparently as did Bret Baier since he couldn’t get solid answers) was Paul’s refusal to speak on two issues that have all citizens concerned – pre-existing conditions and insured up to age 26 by parents. Not only that, but he talked about opening up to allow insurance the use of all the “plans” they had before.  From personal experience and getting bit by several such “plans”, I can say much of that is garbage, a waste of money,  and ridiculous use of paper.  Every fly-by-night Tom Thumb insurance, just like the stock market, has come up with ways to make money while not giving value in return. They are worthless. I would be just as well served to buy a lottery ticket as know I am covered by some of these useless documents.

So while sitting here fuming, I decided to add my own two cents.  The wording needs to be plain, simple to understand, gives leeway for sectors of those needing insurance, and yes I know implementation will probably be harder to get done. But in the long run, we DEMAND that healthcare be given reasonable parameters that adjust to lifestyles and needs.

Uriel’s Bills On Health Care

  1. Bill #1 – In a simple bill state plainly – pre-existing conditions cannot be held against anyone seeking insurance. Insurance have to scrap all the petty plans and come up with simpler no-nonsense easy to read plans that provide maximum benefit for those seeking to buy insurance. Also establish that children up to age 26 can be carried on the parent’s plan (or a plan begun for them at birth like a flat term insurance rolled over at 26 to insurance of the child’s choice).(include military)
  2. Bill #2 – In a separate bill – open all state borders to competition between all state approved plans which meet basic requirements of liquidity, etc. across all states.
  3. Bill #3 – Provide for four separate plans applicable to all insured users.
    1.  Universal Accumulated Savings Account Basic Coverage which has a ceiling of $xx per year and parts that can be individually tailored to purchaser’s needs and ability to pay. This covers all the health check-ups, normal labs and x-rays, medications, and preventative care or treatment with a small co-pay for normal healthy adults who have no need for everything or can’t afford every item. Provide through work – paid to an insurance company of the user’s choice (who is state certified in competition throughout the country not just inside one state) maybe with $xx provided as a work-related incentive similar to a 401 plan or cafeteria plan (or on an individual basis outside of employment through a small fee charged bank-sponsored account) – a universal accumulated savings account which cannot be accessed except for this purpose through work or a qualified insurance submittal to draw from and which provides for basic payments up to $xxx per year or incident.  Applicable to the insured for life regardless of employment changes. No riders for insurance to wiggle out of or the insured to pull money from for any other purpose. (included here is option for things like maternity leave, time off from work due to incident recovery, etc.) (general pool for all ages up to 62) (same for military families using local doctors or VA care)
    2. Rider policy for unexpected incidents or procedures which cost over $20,000 up to a major incident ceiling amount of $xx applicable to the insured for life. (pool would be smaller so premium might be a bit higher) (general pool for all ages up to 62) (perhaps picked up by parents until age xx if no “infant” insurance is in force) (same for military using local doctors and VA care)
    3. Rider policy for major incidents over the major incident ceiling that continues payments as a “continuing pre-existing” clause. In this case, Medicare would have set up a “Pre-existing Continuing” department to help oversee and disperse funds after certification by a physician that the condition will continue for life of the insurance purchaser. (pool would be smaller so premium might be a bit higher) (general pool for all ages up to 62) (military vets moving back into the workforce and VA coverage)
    4. Age 62 and over Medicare – drawing from the same existing accumulated savings account as when first beginning in the market and administered through an insurance group approved by Medicare for such like Humana or others. (retired Vets and VA use)

I know it sounds simplistic but I am sick and tired of the legalese and constant arguments between members of congress while not one constructive thing gets done. I would even suggest this account might be set up via Medicare somehow with a quarterly statement so that it is continually available. (Which might mean Medicare will require three divisions: Savings, Pre-Existing, and Retirement or make the Savings Account state Medicaid administered)

I doubt anyone else will care for my plan but in my mind this makes a hell of a lot more sense than all the “wherefores and shall does” and thousands of pages of crap that congress is known for in preparing bills of this magnitude.  No more hidden clauses and mind-numbing verbiage – speak plainly and succinctly without micromanaging except at the most limited points.

Soooo that’s my two cents and you can give back a penny change.



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