The Party Is Over – Now Down To Brass Tacks

The Party Is Over, Now Down To Brass Tacks
No More Poli-Babble, Speak Plainly Or Go Home


One of many reasons citizens have gotten so angry over the years is the willy-nilly efforts of lawmakers who without thought to end-users (citizens, small businesses and private/public businesses) throw bills into the wash along with the other dirty linens, then churn out reams and volumes of sanctimonious BS. Then like pompous toads, they stick out their chests and say “what a good person am I.” Once they finish and a bill actually is passed, it appears they no longer own its effects or take responsibility for those most affected – we the people.

Another reason is the ability to have congress members lie to the public or waste their time and our money. Pay-for-play needs to be over for all congressional members. Lobbyists need to stop trying to influence legislation for their cause behind closed doors.  They are as numerous and disgusting as snake oil salesmen. What we want is truth and purpose with less regulation and more consideration of consequences.

This is why bloggers, journalists, and reporters should be doing a better job — hold their feet to the fire and alert citizens to what is happening. Partisan politics has no place when we the citizens need truth.

Households across the country understand this concept both in home and business. We are well aware that if a decision is made it affects our loved ones – do this xxx…pay the price now or later. In homes though, we aren’t as cognizant as in business. In business, forecasts and research before presenting an idea is mandatory if we hope to get it approved or be recognized as good employees.

Every elected politician in federal government may or may not have an understanding of how business and government should work but they should have an understanding of how efficient, researched, practical plans affect them and their constituents both now and long term. So when they present bills for consideration, they need to be meeting certain standards of expectations. They should be held accountable by those that elected them NOT a party.

States ought to have sites where citizens can find the latest information, provide input, accept or object with reasons whatever bill their representatives are considering. Today’s communications programs makes this very easy to accomplish. At least this way, our elected have real time understanding of his constituents and can get on with the business of working not wasting time, money, and effort.

Having an idea should no longer be good enough for throwing a bill out for consideration. Government expects everyone below them to fill out studies, financial data, and dozens of tax code or due diligence before providing funds. They too should be held to the same levels of acceptable standards and need to provide the same level of accountability. Drowning bills in legalese is not good enough any more – speak plainly.

For instance: There have been a lot of bills that said little except – revise this to be.. but absolutely no understanding of the entire paragraph without tracing information back for years to get to what the heck they are really saying. As an example: XX Act passed into law affects my bill this way – or  if 1234 act, part 333, section 4, paragraph (c) is to be revise by replacing a few words then Say it reads xxx currently but is to read xxx in its entirety. (ie, John said this. replaced by, John should be saying this.) This is clear and does not require constant research or allow for misinterpretation or obfuscation. Hey, I have pet peeves…so deal with it. I abhor the forked tongue of legalese and political manipulations.

To cure this, one of the first things that ought to be addressed in every instance before any bill is allowed to be introduced should be the review and considerations of current laws and what legal or financial ramifications of that bill may entail. A senator or representative that does not take these things into account but willy nilly flings bills out to be considered is being derelict in duty.

To that end EVERY bill should have checklists and attachments reflecting due-diligence of a well-thought out purpose, sunset expectations, goals, objectives, and legal standing. Every bill should be addressing a singular concept. No pork riders or tag-ons should be allowed because the whole purpose is to present governance items affecting many future years that are reliable and well-thought out before wasting taxpayers money, government time, or setting the country up future disasters.

In other words dudes and dudettes of the 115th congress. ACCOUNT for your actions and stop acting like irresponsible children who can’t plan and present effectively. This is why we are all so angry. You get elected, pat yourselves on the back, file bill after bill but apparently do not think beyond your pockets or how it affects tomorrow.

If you think because you have been elected, we will simply go back to our corners and sit quietly anymore – think again.

Republican, RINO, Democrat or Liberal – you are all fair game.  We have the right and obligation as citizens to be able to tell the truth lawfully, calmly, and rationally regardless of what you guys seem to think or do. It is our first amendment right guaranteed by one of the world’s most amazing documents ever…Expect it.

Just sayin’…


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9 Responses to The Party Is Over – Now Down To Brass Tacks

  1. SafeSpace says:

    AMEN …. but don’t hold your breath. The quantity of change required in DC is so immense that it will have to come in increments. But each increment needs to be pushed by we the people, and the results monitored the same way. We have this powerful tool called the internet at our disposal …. a great searchlight that we can shine into dark corners of the federal rat’s nest …. even without Wikileaks much can be discovered and corrected.

  2. R.S. HELMS says:

    SafeSpace, … Right on…

  3. I.R. Wayright says:

    Keep an eye open. I have been having Blackhawk helicopters flying south over my place all morning. I’d say one every 10 minutes on average. This is unusual activity. Are they heading to D.C in preparation for a maximum effort of some kind, or is one guy making big circles to burn up fuel.
    I was in the helicopter unit called “The Blackhawks” in Vietnam 68-69.
    Could it be they are staggering out instead of a formation flight that might draw more attention?

    • Uriel says:

      😳 hmmmmm

      • I.R. Wayright says:

        Update: The newspaper reported that 56 UH-60 and Chinook helicopters were in transit from Ft Drum, NY and refueled at the local airport. They are being deployed to an undisclosed overseas location. At least that is the “official” story.

  4. Hardnox says:

    Nailed it Uriel!!!!!!!!

    “eternal vigilance…”

  5. Uriel says:

    Thanks guys. I am sick of “as is”. If we are going to change we have to hold them accountable.

  6. vonMesser says:

    And if a “normal” person, with ONE year of college, cannot comprehend the bill, then it is too complex and needs to be rewritten. KI(effen)SS,.