Reins Act – Curbing Agencies Uncontrolled Regulations


Curbing Agencies Uncontrolled Regulations

The House of Representatives definitely hit the ground running full out for the 115th Congress.

Agencies like the EPA and FDA just got hammered for their abuse and uncontrolled writing of regulations independent of congressional oversight. Finally!

The Reins Act passed quickly and relatively easily through the House of Representatives by 237 to 187. Now it is on its way to the Senate for review and approval.  Should this pass there as easily then we could see an extremely useful law enacted the first day Trump sits at his desk.

What a refreshing thought that congress can act quickly, especially when they know something is out of control like the rules being pushed through over the last eight years by these people. Congress has been blindsided on more than one occasion by results and idiots who cannot even explain the whys and wherefores of rules they have written. No one has a real idea of the rule’s effect though it is considered law by courts.

Forcing everyone to be accountable for rules that affect the country on a host of issues by providing a list of information on which the rule is based, including data, scientific and economic studies, and cost-benefit analyses, and identifying how the public can access such information online, and submitting it to each House of the Congress and to the Comptroller General for joint resolution makes a huge amount of sense. An oxymoron though it may be considering the last eight years.

Executive agencies should not ever have been allowed to affect changes to laws or make rules which in essence are laws. That is not the function of the executive branch except for the President. Even his authority on such rules is only effective for 90 days and for specific reasons if I read this information correctly.

According to a Hill post back on August 4, 2015, the Reins Act is designed “to give Congress more oversight on spending, will make the executive branch more accountable to the legislative branch, and could save a great deal of money.” It passed the House in July 2015 but was never even looked at in the Senate for 2015 or apparently 2016. The Judiciary Committee’s report on the bill explained that back in 1996, the Congressional Review Act (CRA) was implemented as an attempt to get control over the large number of regulations coming from the federal government. But only one regulation had been undone using CRA, while 60,000 and many more regulations have come into being.

At the time of the article, major regulations were said to have accounted for 1,000 of them. These regulations are costly. According to The Economist, the Competitive Enterprise Institute reported that in 2013, the compliance cost of federal regulations was $1.86 billion. The REINS Act is supposed to help get federal regulations and their costs in check without giving liberals the ability to claim that conservatives want to throw the legal system into chaos by ending all regulations abruptly.

So now here we are again at the same crossroads.  Let’s see how efficient, motivated, determined, and effective the Senate is going to be this year.

Keep up the work HR.  This one is a great starting point, as I see it, even if it has taken two years to again get to this point. Just think how many congressional meetings and headaches could have been avoided had this been enacted in 2015. More importantly, consider how many citizens and businesses might have felt less stress and financial burden had the rules received the proper research, justification, and oversight.


Reins Act – HR 26

Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny Act of 2017 

Chapter 8 of title 5, United States Code

The purpose of this Act is to increase accountability for and transparency in the Federal regulatory process. Section 1 of article I of the United States Constitution grants all legislative powers to Congress. Over time, Congress has excessively delegated its constitutional charge while failing to conduct appropriate oversight and retain accountability for the content of the laws it passes. By requiring a vote in Congress, the REINS Act will result in more carefully drafted and detailed legislation, an improved regulatory process, and a legislative branch that is truly accountable to the American people for the laws imposed upon them.


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7 Responses to Reins Act – Curbing Agencies Uncontrolled Regulations

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  2. Hardnox says:

    Oh good! Trump will have writers cramp for signing his name on all these bills. All those autographs during the campaign was good practice. 🙂

  3. SafeSpace says:

    ‘Bout friggin’ time for this approach to regulation. Cost-benefit analyses … scientific studies … data … concepts that are totally unheard of in the halls of bureaucracy. To paraphrase Ray Stantz: Donald Trump “has worked in the private sector. They expect results.”

    • Uriel says:

      What pissed me off was this was originally done Jan 2015 but the SENATE sat on it. 😠They better get it done NOW. Think how many dang rules EPA alone put through about water rights that hurt land owners.

  4. captbogus2 says:

    I want to see a bunch of the alphabet agencies dismantled.