Sunday Feel Good Stories

35-year-old Patrick R. Mutter, 32-year-old Gregory S. Fish and 27-year-old Jennifer L. Ecker forced their way into a home in Trumansburg, New York. Mutter got into a physical altercation with the resident and he was DRT when the police arrived. The other two were arrested.

Dantel Henderson survived and encounter with a victim him and his accomplice tried to rob in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The victim was armed and licensed and killed Henderson’s partner in the attempt, so now Dantel is looking at felony murder charges for his partner’s death.

20-year-old Eugenio Pesqueira and 21-year-old Jose Pichardo pointed guns at residents outside their home in Tucson, Arizona. The homeowner pulled out his own gun and shot both DRT.  A third man, believed to be a friend of someone who lived at the home, was injured in the gunfire and taken to the hospital.

Another tree captured a criminal in Baxter, Arkansas when Christopher Daniel Mackey tried to flee from police and knocked himself out by running smack into a tree.

A homeowner in Houston, Texas heard breaking glass and encountered Julio Socoy-Velasquez head and shoulders through his window. Mike Colgin fired at Julio who extracted himself from the window and ran down the street where he was captured by police with a wound to the side of his head.

David Everitt in Turbot Township, Pennsylvania shot at Gary Gonzalez who tried to break into Everitt’s home with a machete. Police say that Gonzalez wasn’t injured in the exchange.

In Jackson, Michigan, 37-yer-old Jesse Irving was shot by a 77-year-old when Irving tried to rob the septuagenarian. Irving is charged with armed robbery, first-degree home invasion, carjacking, receiving a stolen firearm, larceny of a firearm, felonious assault and using a firearm to commit a felony.

22-year-old Robert Hicks got in a gunfight with a homeowner in Norfolk, Virginia which resulted in both making a trip to the hospital.

A homeowner in Phoenix, Arizona defended his home from three criminals who tried to force their way into the home. 19-year-old suspect Davont’e Williams was pronounced DRT and 18-year-old suspect Christopher Xavier Jackson was hospitalized for a gunshot wound. Police are still looking for the third man.

A homeowner in Pickens County, South Carolina returned home to find Justin Smith stealing his guns. The homeowner was able to take one of the guns from Smith and shot him repeatedly. Smith was taken to the hospital where he was declared DOT.

A homeowner in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, whose wife was putting their four young daughters to bed, was assaulted by two armed criminals at the front door. The resident was shot twice, but he gave better than he got, killing the criminals – both were DRT (dead right there) when the police arrived. Police claim 11 rounds were fired in the exchange. Dad is recovering in the hospital.

In Wilmington, North Carolina, a woman successfully defended her home from an intruder. Willie Franklin Stith, III, 35 initially beat the woman and tied her up but, she got free and grabbed her gun and dispatched Willie to his maker – he was DRT (dead right there).

A criminal tried to rob someone in a Craigslist deal gone bad in Richland County, South Carolina, but the victim was faster and shot the crook several times. The criminal was taken to the hospital.

33 year-old Reginald Harvey made the mistake of burglarizing the home of a Jackson, Mississippi Fire Department Investigator. Harvey was lucky in that he was only shot in the leg by the officer.

An armed 19-year-old in Chicago, Illinois attempted to rob a 23-year-old man. You can figure the odds are pretty high, but the 23-year-old had a concealed weapon and a license to carry it. Andre Lacaze, the 19-year-old, was pronounced DRT after being shot in his noggin.  A second criminal left the scene at a high rate of speed.

An intruder in Norman, Oklahoma was shot by a resident of home into which the thief had forced himself. He was declared DOT at the hospital.

In Long Beach, California a resident shot an intruder. When the police arrived, the criminal was DRT.

In Chicago, Illinois, a teenager tried to rob a man who took the gun from the thief and shot him with it. The nineteen year old was DRT.

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9 Responses to Sunday Feel Good Stories

  1. Jules Smith says:

    Good! It’s nice to hear that the good guys with weapons are standing up to these arseholes. Over here you only ever hear the stories that the press want you to hear.

    • Hardnox says:

      Yup.. no doubt the UK press tell their stories from their well guarded and fortified offices.

      We have the same breed of dipshits here in the USA who constantly bleat about the unnecessary need for us peasants to be armed while they pontificate from their secure and armed areas.

  2. Adrienne says:

    Ah, yes, Good news for sure!

  3. clyde says:

    The incident from Jackson Michigan just drives home the point that the current 20,000 odd gun laws are effing MEANINGLESS to ANY criminal.

  4. upaces88 says:

    Hardnoxandfriends ALWAYS have GREAT Stories!

  5. I.R. Wayright says:

    “David Everitt in Turbot Township, Pennsylvania shot at Gary Gonzalez who tried to break into Everitt’s home with a machete. Police say that Gonzalez wasn’t injured in the exchange.”

    I saw him interviewed on TV. He was a neighbor of this weirdo and said he “Didn’t want to hurt the guy,” so he aimed off to his side, leaving nothing but some powder burns on the perp’s arm.

    Thanks dude, now we all have to pay for his incarceration instead of a much more effective and cheaper, permanent nap.