When A Liar Lies

once they lose ALL credibility. It appears that Clapper is using The Hillary Clinton technique of lying and that is, if your lies don’t get traction, come up with new lies, and you gain a week before those are outed as pure bullshit. Rinse. Repeat as necessary.

The Lie:  March 12th, 2013, Senator Ron Wyden, during a United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence hearing, asked Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper the following question:

Does the NSA collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans?”

Director Clapper responded “No, sir.”

Senator Wyden asked “It does not?”

Director Clapper responded “Not wittingly. There are cases where they could inadvertantly perhaps collect, but not wittingly.”

The Truth:  On June 6th, 2013, Edward Snowden exposed the fact that the NSA WAS engaged in a secret program to collect tens of millions of Americans’ phone call records. The NSA was also collecting the web browsing histories, chat logs, email usage and their physical locations.

Perjury. And what a transparent administration the Obama Regime is.

EXCERPT:  “WASHINGTON (AP) — America’s top intelligence official said Thursday that Russia undoubtedly interfered in America’s 2016 presidential election but stopped short of using the explosive description “an act of war,” telling lawmakers such a call isn’t within the purview of the U.S. intelligence community.

In a joint report that roiled the presidential campaign last fall, the Homeland Security Department and the intelligence community said the U.S. was confident of foreign meddling, including Russian government hacking of Democratic emails.

In its assessment, the intelligence community has said Moscow interfered to help Republican Donald Trump win.

“We stand actually more resolutely on the strength of that statement than we did on the 7th of October,” James Clapper, the director of national intelligence, told the GOP-led Senate Armed Services Committee.

Pressed by Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., on whether the actions constituted an “act of war,” Clapper said that was “a very heavy policy call” more appropriate for other entities in the U.S. government to decide.”

Now here comes the meat of the issue…

“Clapper on Thursday declined to discuss whether Russia’s interference was aimed at backing Trump win. But he said Russia’s hacking “did not change any vote tallies.”

So the Gunny’s question is, if Russia hacked to help Trump as mentioned above, how does Clapper’s claptrap spew the above? The Russians hacked but they didn’t hack to help Trump and their hacking didn’t change any vote tallies? The stench of pure unadulterated bullshit emanates from Clapper’s yap like a Kansas City stockyard in August.

One point remains to be made and that is, China has hacked the USA hundreds of times since The Brown Clown took over and nothing was said about it or done about it but here we have warmonger Juan McLame yammering about an “act of war,” while serial liar and dingbat Clapper cannot or will not provide solid rock hard evidence of Russian hacking. And an “act of war?” Does Juan McShamnesty really think that we need to go to war with Russia? Evidently this bottom of the rung graduate of the Naval Academy slept through his history classes in Canoe U, missing things like Napoleon’s and Hitler’s failed invasions of Russia. Juan McLame and his buttplug Linda Grahamnesty need to either drop dead or retire because those two clowns are a menace to the safety and security of the USA.

President-Elect Trump was spot on when he stated on the campaign trail that idiots run our government and they’re running agencies like the CIA, DHS, EPA, etc, etc, ad nauseum. 



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Retired US Marine and pissed-off American. Tired of the bullshit from inside the Beltway and determined to change it, peacefully or otherwise. A Constitution-loving American who believes that the US is #1 and should be!
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8 Responses to When A Liar Lies

  1. Uriel says:

    Well said Gunny. The only ones who have aided and abetted Obama have little in their upper region and easily controlled through the brain logged between their legs. It seems his obsession with all things sexual is the same thing that keeps them in line through bribery, blackmail, and corruption.

    • GunnyG says:


      Clapper is a moron and should have been busted for perjury. I am sick of the lies from Obama and crew.

      • Blessed B. says:

        I just read that Clapper agreed that there was no evidence pointing to Russia for hacking and changing votes to Trump in the Election…..

        Perhaps he just doesn’t know which side to be on?

  2. Navyvet says:

    Regarding McLaime. He, Linda Gramesty, and Chuck (Rhymes with you know what) Schumer, all seem pretty desperate these days. Co-incidentally there are strong rumors about their involvement in Pedophilia. Seems like they are desperate enough to try to start a war with Russia to cover their slimy corrupt asses.

  3. clyde says:

    Good rant. This stinks on ice as bad as the so-called Benghazi Video. I have heard nothing about Trump shitcanning this mofo along with the rest of the shitstains.

  4. Popular Front says:

    Lies are, unfortunately a part of the political world and we all know it. I always keep the salt handy when I listen to politicians (though I try hard to avoid them).

    In MY world however if you lie to me and I’m aware of it you are distrusted from then on with no exceptions. Whatever you have said in the past and anything in future becomes tainted and untrustworthy. I will not accept lies, distortions, deceptions and dishonesty and it is a belief that has served me well. There are no ‘little white lies’, either you speak the plain truth or you’re lying, there’s no middle ground.

  5. Blessed B. says:

    Crapper, Schumer and McLame better watch themselves when Trump finally takes office! Crapper will be packing boxes from his office….. Schumer and McLame will be ousted with the rest of the RINO’s in 2018 when we finally drain the swamp!

    Trump knows exactly what is happening with Russia. He speaks with them pretty regular. Every wonder where he came up with the idea to go back to doing government business with paper and couriers to prevent cyber-hacking? The Russians have been doing their government like this for years now. Nothing gets posted on the government site until it has been posted for the public to see in a Russian newspaper.

    The only “Act of War” would be from the USA when they accused Russian diplomats of being spies and expelling them and their families, meanwhile the NSA, FBI and CIA went into the Russian compounds and ransacked them to find evidence! Those compounds are considered Russian soil and the USA invaded them!

    CIA hacked into the Russian site, left some garbage on it when they couldn’t find the smoking gun of evidence to the accusations of hacking and snuck back out with the FSB following them out. The CIA crap was wiped clean afterwards. So…who exactly is hacking whom? Obama allowed the US hacking of other foreign countries ( Germany, England, France, etc.) a few years ago. The Obama admin. can not whine and snivel if it does back to them…..what goes around comes around! Of course though when you have taken loans from the country who actually has done hacking of the USA, you can’t really say anything bad or send any diplomats and their families home and accuse them of being spies! You can’t go into their compounds and ransack them and steal anything from them.

    I’m still arguing with little snowflake Timmy on iPatriot site….. he seems to think that ( even though he claims to be a Republican for 45 years!!) everything the “reputable Journalists” are putting out is the truth in regards to the Russian fantasy hacking report!

    I posted for him a segment of the story I published here a few days ago written by vor. Timmy thinks that I get all my information from this site and none of you know the truth! I told him to come to the site if he had the gonads to and put in a comment on one of the stories about Fake Russian hacking.

    If he arrives here…and that’s a big IF….please make him welcome! LOL!