Hannity Interview with Assange

Sean Hannity flew over to the UK to interview Julian Assange who is the founder of Wikileaks which has leaked tens of thousands of emails hacked from the Democratic National Committee, John Podesta (Hillary’s campaign chief), and a host of Clinton operatives.  The Democrats have never denied the content of the emails but have instead chosen to attack the leakers.  Moreover, the Russians did it and they are responsible for Hillary’s loss to Trump.  Never mind that she sucked as a candidate and that the DNC totally rigged their primaries since Hillary was preselected by the Party elite and the rest was kabuki theater.

Here is the full interview:

I have never been a fan of Assange BUT I am glad that he and his group have exposed the Clinton Crime syndicate, the DNC, and the Media for the corrupt bastards they are.

Lastly, IF it was the Russians that leaked the information, which Assange denies, SO WHAT. No one will convince me that our own intel services didn’t have the information but were unable to release the information under orders from the corrupt Obama Administration.

We should not discount the videos released by Project Veritas either.  These videos exposed the blatant voter fraud being organized and executed by Clinton/DNC operatives.

In the end, Trump won and Hillary lost.  If these leaks helped people decide and get off the couch, then great.  If these leaks suppressed the Lefty voters, also great.  Either way, America dodged a huge bullet and we should all be grateful.

16 days… 3 hours


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One Response to Hannity Interview with Assange

  1. Uriel says:

    Dodged a bullet indeed. Left was so sure they had skewed voting that the UN celebrated by accelerating its plans, fireworks and media posts changed at the last minute, parties in pizza parlors canceled, and worst yet (hopefully) those who donated huge sums to the Clinton campaign demand their money back or scuttle back into their dark caves.