Sunday Feel Good Stories

Put down the coffee.  Swallow first.  We start of with this little video sent in by our own VonMesser:

Muhammed the suicide skateboarder…


In Wolf Creek, Montana, two burglars were arrested after one was wounded by the homeowner in a gun fight.

A teenaged burglar was rewarded with a gunshot shoulder in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma during the commission of his crime when he wouldn’t cooperate with the homeowner’s son.

Police in Birmingham, Alabama are looking for the fellow who saw someone stealing his car while he was in a convenience store. The unidentified man ran outside and shot Reginald Smith, 20, before he could steal the vehicle and then the shooter drove off while Smith collapsed and was soon DRT from his injuries.

In San Leandro, California, a thief tried to rob a victim using a 10-inch knife. He stabbed the victim until the victim got the knife from the crook and stabbed him back until the criminal was DOT at the hospital.

Christopher Cecil in Sunnyland, Illinois, awoke to the sounds of someone in his home Christmas morning. He found Casey and Jordan Rice in his home, so he shot Casey in the arm with a .357 Magnum. Rice had been out of prison just 12 days since his last conviction.

Sedrick Lavarous Yarbrough forced his way into a Jackson, Tennessee home where he pistol-whipped the resident until the victim took the gun away from him and shot Yarbrough in the abdomen. He fled the scene on foot until police found him nearby and took him to the hospital.

A convenience store owner in Rome, Georgia, shot a thief in his business. The crook was DRT off premises.  Fellow thugs dumped him.

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a man walking his dog was accosted by two teen-aged thieves. Unfortunately for the thieves, the man had a concealed weapon and license. Deonte Thomas, 17, was DRT. His eighteen-year-old partner was injured but survived.

Two masked and armed men tried to rob a gun store in Cobb County, Georgia when they opened. The owner, however strange it may seem to you, was armed and shot at both of the criminals. One was DRT and the other escaped on foot.

A homeowner in Houston, Texas saw a fellow burglarizing his car on his surveillance system, so he went outside and shot the crook. The thief was DRT never to offend again.

In Kingwood, Texas, another homeowner noticed that his window was broken. On further inspection, he found a burglar in his home. The homeowner’s son then shot the fellow. The thief was DRT.

Stay frosty.

~ Hardnox

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10 Responses to Sunday Feel Good Stories

  1. clyde says:

    Good shit. The video would not open. Can never understand why these abject morons would try to rob a gun store. But, then again, they ARE democrat voters….

  2. Jules Smith says:

    Bloke in UK spots numpty trying to steal old lady’s purse from her bag in supermarket. Picks up bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale and smacks the tit on the head rendering the bellend unconscious. You do what you can the world over 😉 Happy New Year to Hardnox and friends!

  3. Terry says:

    What a great start to an upcoming great year !!

  4. Adrienne says:

    DRT is the best. Eliminates the middle man, doncha know?

  5. A friend I shared this with noted this comment about the Gun store in Cobb County Ga
    Mike Davis The robbery of the gun store was in Mableton. Kennesaw is also in Cobb County.