And The Fight Was On!

The fear coming off the Snowflakes and Libtards is palpable; almost as hilarious as Barry the Traitor’s desperation that something be tied to the Russians. It might be funny if Barry the Traitor, the Snowflakes, and the Libtards were not such a prone to violence mentally unstable group. Who can forget Hillary the Criminal’s attempt at Kristallnacht in Hillsborough, NC on October 16th. The goal was to scare the dark-skinned NC voters into towing the DNC line; unfortunately for the Princess of Depravity, it backfired. Presidential Candidate Trump started gaining more support and momentum.

Not to take things lightly, Hillary the Criminal had a brilliant brainstorm idea between needles full of her special hallucinogenic cocktail. Set another fire, and sign Donald Trump’s name to it – Hillary would get the sympathy vote and beat down that pro-American that dared to oppose her future Reign of Terror. Didn’t he read the polls that her minions were bombarding America with every day. If you tell a lie often enough, the feeble minded Liberals would believe it to be true. Sadly for the Princess of Depravity, the only fool that they could find to set the blaze in the black church in Greenville was a card carrying member of the DNC – Andrew McClinton. Hillary had to promise him $50,000 to set the fire, and it seems that he is PO’d that he did not get his check – just arrested. Is there no honor left between criminals??

Who could ever forget the second debate when Presidential Candidate Trump introduced a quiet woman in the front row – Kathy Shelton. It was enough to drain the color from Hillary the Criminal’s face and for her husband to mouth an expletive. Candidate Trump never told Kathy’s story, and the Fake News media did all they could to distance themselves from her like reality and truth were a disease. A few educated American women got curious – who was Kathy Shelton, and why was Hillary so afraid of her.

One thing about educating a woman – they tend to practice due diligence, and they do not accept glossed over tripe. Those women found out the truth about the court case 40 years ago, and women seem to have this thing that there are certain depraved moral actions from which there is no forgive and forget – let’s go for a beer what’s it matter – that is not going to be coming from their lips. What they did do was contact the women they worked with and went to school with, and they, in turn, told 10 friends who told 10 friends, and it snowballed to 9,000,000 dedicated and committed legal voters that voted as a block in all 50 states. The rest as they say is history.

Hillary the Criminal could not admit that her own depravity united 9,000,000 women to vote against her. That was actually a first in American politics. Barry the Traitor did not believe that women were capable of that level of organization – they were women. Inferior. Some benefits if you used their bodies, but not necessarily smart enough to offer anything to a conversation – his mother never did.

During the election we got bombarded with Fantasy Grope Gate where all the accusers were paid by the Clinton Foundation to lie. Barry the Traitor should pay attention – those women were smarter than Andrew McClinton in Mississippi – they did not publicly lie until after they got the check.

Now we get the Fantasy Russian Hack.

Where is the evidence? If there was even a microscopic shred of credible evidence, we would be getting bombarded with it 24/7 by the alphabet Fake News cartel. The Intelligence Officials claim that there is proof, but they won’t testify before the Senate unless they get a prior release from being charged with perjury. I am a farmer, but that sounds like getting a free pass on lying. What?  Are they are willing to lie for their boss except when they could end up in jail over it? Not exactly the hallmarks of credible evidence to validate the little mental defective’s temper tantrum expulsion of innocent Russians with yet another illegal executive order.

Both USA and Russian media validated that when Barry the Traitor ordered the hacking of Russian government computer systems by the CIA and the NSA during the election – the agencies did the hack. They acquired nothing. With typical American arrogance, no one in the USA could fathom that other countries do things different. The CIA routinely hacked the Russian systems in 1995 to 1999, and they even planted disinformation. In 1999, interim President Vlad Putin told the Russian parliament and bureaucracy that nothing goes on Russian government computer systems or websites that has not been first published in a Russian newspaper – cyber security was a fairy tale. No matter how good the fire walls that you put in, there is always going to be someone that gets past them. It seems that you can’t hack a sheet of paper from 8000 miles away from your computer terminal – go figure. It might explain why Russia, China, and Israel operate on paper.

America actually did hack the Russian systems, and we ended up with egg on our face. The Russians did not retaliate – they were too busy laughing at us. The joke was that Americans were too cheap to even buy a newspaper – they would try to steal it.

President Trump – you were elected to lead. Those that matter will get behind you and help to make America great again. The rest don’t matter.

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If it weren’t for snowflakes, we’d have nothing to laugh about!
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4 Responses to And The Fight Was On!

  1. Elaine Morris says:

    From the research I did, Russia had nothing to do with it.l It was WikiLeaks (sp?).
    Putin even stated, (paraphrased), where is your proof?

    I was curious to know what other countries thought about Trump:
    India, Palestine, Israel, Russia’s Putin,
    Israel feels the Love fo Trump:
    Israel Video:

    • Blessed B. says:

      You’re right…Russia had nothing to do with it. If their was any definitive proof the CIA agents would have been more than willing to debrief Congress about it without needing protection from perjury charges.

  2. Navyvet says:

    Terrific article. Once again Democrats come right out and insult the intelligence of their supporters who are too stupid to know that they have no intelligence. “Intelligence Officials claim that there is proof, but they won’t testify before the Senate unless they get a prior release from being charged with perjury.” That is hilarious but liberals will not understand what that means.

    • Blessed B. says:

      Thanks Navyvet! You’re correct…..liberals will not understand what that means! If there was any definitive proof at all, then the Intelligence Officials would have been in before the Senate and would not be wanting a prior release from Perjury charges. It means they will be lying about it all.

      Liberals lie all the time so they won’t see the significance of it at all!