America is Worth it…. 2016 the year of the Deplorable.

I received this from a good friend of mine today. I thought it was worth posting!

By vor ( voice of reason)

The year 2016 should be marked in history as the Year of the Deplorable. It was a statement for freedom from hate policies, a commitment to American values, and a recognition of the worth of the average American who really was not the enemy that the powers that be in dark dank corridors of corruption and Demochit business as usual made the average American out to be. There are government security files on over 240,000,000 of Americans. That is roughly the same percentage as what the defunct Soviet Union had on Russian citizens.
It was the “Deplorables” – the average born in America American – that said no to corruption. We said clearly that we are not for sale. We said this is our country, and we are taking it back. The police are not going to be our enemy – the criminal, the thug, the terrorist, the government socialist thief, and the utterly depraved are our enemy. We don’t want your Fake News that pushes an agenda that only hurts America. We are not going to believe the Fake Polls you publish to mislead us. We do not want to be making enemies in the world when we could be working towards independent sovereignties of nations. We do not need a One World Government or One World Oligarchy. We are satisfied with just being Americans. It is enough.
We elected a President – our 45th – Donald J Trump. He is not a career politician that has sold out America. He is not schooled in the arts of taking backroom bribes and attacking the Average American. We know that he was born in America, and that he loves America. Not because he says it. We know it because he shows it in what he does. Our President Trump goes back to places like North Carolina and New Orleans after the election is done to tell the Americans that their getting jobs is a part of the process of a simple thing – making America great again. Our President knows how to work in the real world; he has shown that and succeeded. His detractors invent faults and then believe that they are cast in granite – but the faults are really just lies and fake news. We, the Deplorables, never staged riots. We bided our time, and we played within the rules.
We know that all the votes that President Trump got in the election were from Americans that were legally entitled to vote in the USA election, that they were living and not interred in the ground, and that they were not gullible believing Fake News and Fake Polls. We knew that President Trump would not be giving us fabricated lies polished in a DC spin machine. He found a way to exclude the Snowflake Fake News media and talked to Americans. He keeps stating the obvious like explosions are caused by bombs. He never asked us to accept a random dog flatulence theory about them. When the evidence supported it, he could admit when the bombs came from jihadists who he does not pretend are messengers of peace….death is a peace of sorts, but that is not the one we want.
The year 2017 is shaping up to be the Year of the Rebirth of America. It is not the Libtard, Progressive, Globalist/Socialist America of the Demochits. It is the America where Americans can live and work. We have 93,000,000 plus disenfranchised American workers that need to be reclaimed. They are not all capable of starting industries, but they are more than capable of putting in 8 hours of effort to earn a paycheck. They matter for the Rebirth of America, and President Trump goes to the people to tell them that they matter for the good of the country. They need to be a part of it, and they need to be able to contribute.
Some of us will work with President Trump to make America great again, to allow Americans to contribute, and to re-establish a manufacturing spine. Tragic that our biggest Steel Producer – US Steel is producing at 1902 levels – but we can re-establish. We can get Made in America quality product, and that we don’t have to buy inferior production. The future looks bright for America for the next 8 years now that we are weeding out the career politicians. 
Happy New Year to all of our readers and my fellow co-workers!
2017 is going to be a wild ride for most of the world as many governments will be experiencing a shift from the One World Order elite leaders to more sensible, Conservative leaders.
May 2017 be the year where fear is replaced by Peace, hatred replaced by Love, and hope is restored through out the world!
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10 Responses to America is Worth it…. 2016 the year of the Deplorable.

  1. Shar says:


    Great article. We are blessed that Donald Trump loves America enough to go thru all the crap he did to win for us. We never saw an elected official go back to the people and thank them for their vote. It will be great to have class back in the White House.
    The best is yet to come. Trump can’t be bought and neither can his cabinet picks.
    He might get criticized for picking wealthy people but they can’t be bought either. They don’t need to steal our money or take it from the lobbyists. It’s going to be a great year. Happy New Year from a deplorable.

  2. Hardnox says:

    Good post. I am very optimistic for 2017 and beyond. No president is a miracle worker but I am heartened that he assembling an “A” team for his advisors and Cabinet.

    • Blessed B. says:

      Thanks Boss. Trump is assembling the ‘A’ Team….. from what I heard today, he’s going to change things that have been wrong for a very long time.

  3. Terry says:

    Great essay. Thanks for sharing it BB. It’s so nice to cut through the crap and read about realistic thoughts and hopes for Our Country from people who can think for themselves.
    Happy New Year to us all!