Netanyahu, Israelis, And The Harm Obama And His Lackies Have Caused

‘Israel to stop funding UN institutions’

Jerusalem Post
December 24, 2016

The decision was “shameful,” the Prime Minister repeated multiple times.

“The Security Council decision calls Israeli land occupied and that is just shameful, the decision calls the Western Wall occupied land, it is shameful,” Netanyahu said.

Speaking of US President Barak Obama’s choice to abstain from voting, Netanyahu said that Obama went against Israel, backing out of the commitment it had made to stand for Israel.

“The decision not only does not help us make peace, it stands in the way of peace,” stated Netanyahu.

The premier continued, speaking of the current civil war in Syria, question why of all the current problems happening in the middle east, the security council chose to pick on the only democracy in the region.

Israel will not accept the decision and it will be cancelled, he stated, though it may take time. He also stated that Israel would stop funding UN institutions.

Netanyahu has instructed Israel’s ambassadors in New Zealand and Senegal to return to Israel for consultations, his spokesman said on Friday, in response to a UN resolution on settlements.


During his address, Netanyahu called for the Foreign Ministry of Israel to reassess its UN ties within one month. Then in no uncertain terms, he was not waiting but was ordering $7.8 million (US) or $30 million (Shekels) to be stopped to the five UN institutions that are hostile to Israel. He also said that Israel flatly rejects this resolution as it had done on the 1975 resolution while reminding everyone that it took a lot of time for that one to be canceled and that this one may be just as long in reaching resolution.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry said it began summoning the ambassadors of countries who voted in favor of the resolution, including those from the permanent members of the Security Council — Russia, China, the U.K. and France. Then, action was taken to limit working ties with the nations who voted for the resolution.  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu summoned US Ambassador Dan Shapiro and personally met with him for “clarifications” on the US decision to abstain.

“We will do all it takes so Israel emerges unscathed from this shameful decision,” Netanyahu said.

Ron Dermer,the Israeli Ambassador to the United States, “Obama gave Palestinians ammunition for diplomatic war on Israel.” The Times of Israel.


More than just the anger and outrage being expressed around the world, is something that will only be gaining in voice and adding fuel to the fire…the typical Muslim response to receiving even one dot of approval.  They are now beginning the fine art they have so perfected in articles and rants to shape history and lies to their advantage in order to push for more and more against Israel.

It has emboldened the more radical Muslim groups from every corner of the world to demand the UN issue sanctions against any companies and countries that come to the aid or sell items to Israel.

There is little doubt that they see this resolution as a legitimization of their rights over the rights of any and everyone in the world who disagree or appear to be anti-Islamic in their discussions. Just like the so-called surge of humanitarian assistance to poor, defenseless, able-bodied Islamic jihadists who have ravaged their way across the continents, now they have been handed on a golden platter of dipshet weeds another more dangerously volatile way to utterly destroy Jewish lives and Christian allies by countries that have knuckled under to their battering and are receiving dirty money to line their pockets.

That is what the UN did by approving this horrible resolution even more than insulting Israel and its efforts toward peaceful resolutions.  It is shameful to say the least, particularly the role Obama and John Kerry have played in this debacle.

This then is the parting legacy of Obama to the incoming president – what was started in the destructiveness of the internal wars of the Middle East has now become a full blown wildfire of hate throughout the entire area. They had eight years to object and diplomatically find ways between the countries but chose the coward’s petulant way instead.

Islamic groups can NEVER be negotiated with for any longer than it takes ink to dry because every tidbit giving way simply adds merit to their jihadist methods and bloodthirsty prophecy to overcome the western world and become THE world leader with Israel literally wiped off the face of the earth and any who side with Israel as well.

You can not tell me that Obama and Kerry had no idea of what their efforts would unleash nor that they did not consider with malice exactly what they pyre they would be leaving burning.  In fact, I believe it was deliberate, planned, and actually had been in plain sight if we had not been diverted by roaming bands of thugs, DNC rants, and efforts to hide his works. Perhaps Obama decided to do this in hopes the world would blow up in war over the next twenty days and he would declare himself to remain in office.

For instance one article in April 5, 2016 by Al-Monitor, questions about the US administration discreetly testing Israeli and Palestinian reactions to three options being contemplated to advance the two-state solution in November 2016.

Another on April 14, 2016, from Brookings:
“To salvage his Middle East legacy, advance American interests in the Arab world, and align with the position of the international community on this conflict, Ibrahim Fraihat argues, President Obama must make the long overdue decision of recognizing a sovereign and independent Palestinian state before leaving office.”

Haaretz even noted on April 7, 2016 their article – The Palestinian Authority distributed a draft resolution this week condemning construction in the settlements to a number of members of the UN Security Council, according to Western diplomats and senior Palestinian officials. The Palestinian move to condemn settlements in the West Bank and Jerusalem has been moving ahead low profile since the beginning of this year. The Palestinians have held consultations over the past few months with a number of Security Council members, such as France, Spain and Egypt, to gage the extent of support. A senior Palestinian official said Abbas arrived in New York on April 22, Passover eve, to be present personally for the planned vote.  Newsweek on May 1, 2016 ran an opinion blog that referred to Abbas as “Obama’s Westbank Strong Man.”

We are already seeing a backlash from Palestinians showing exactly how disastrous this decision by Obama has been in destroying even a slim margin of peace that has barely held on during the last few years.

PLO Executive Committee Member Dr. Hanan Ashrawi has already gone on the offensive in decrying Palestine’s access to East Jerusalem and the offensive wall that Israelis built to protect themselves. ( 

The final nail in this travesty is that now Israel has internal power struggles going on thanks to Obama’s stupidity and Kerry’s tasteless speech.




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10 Responses to Netanyahu, Israelis, And The Harm Obama And His Lackies Have Caused

  1. Hardnox says:

    Now wait for the idiot pallies to launch some missiles and then the shit will hit the fan… again. Then the media will film fake/staged victims and the blame goes to the Israelis again. Rinse and repeat.

    This whole narrative is bullshit.

    Where is the UN outrage over ISIS and their head-choppers.
    Where is the UN outrage over Christians being slaughtered all over the ME and Africa?

    No where. That’s where. Trump and Israel might as well pull the plug on the UN and call it a day. The UN, as intended, is worthless and has been since about 1960.

    Stick a fork in it, it’s done.

  2. Shar says:

    Heard a comment on talk show last night that made me want to hurl. Obama is looking to be head of the UN. Time to close down shop.

    • Uriel says:

      That has been his plan all along Shar. Since 2009 he addressed UN and has made statements to suggest that was his goal. If you review his 2011 forward addresses to UN and his written reports to them, there is little doubt he speaks as one who will hold that office.

      • Popular Front says:

        Our former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd – another slimy little weasel – also wanted to be head of the UN and said as much but was chopped off at the ankles by the new conservative (nominally) government. That’s the thing, to be UN supremo you need the full backing and vigorous boosting of your home government.
        So think about that. Can you see the full weight of the Trump-led US government supporting Obama? For anything? I doubt if they’d support him for Marin County Dog Catcher.

        • Uriel says:

          As far as the majority of US patriots are concerned Obama has NO country starting Jan 21. However as I mentioned to Shar he has spoken with authority at UN. I can only assume it’s because he has serious backing other than the US.

  3. Shar says:

    Uriel glad I didn’t know sooner. PF a dog catcher would be too good for him. Maybe poop pick up boy. After all we have been living with his poop for 8 yrs.

  4. myfoxmystere says:

    0bama sure knows how to double down on Stupid.

  5. Uriel says:

    Palestinians: Obama gave us green light to violence against Israel

    For those that had ANY doubt what Palestinians plan for Israel!