Has the U.N. become irrelevant?

Former UN Ambassador John Bolton discusses the possibility of Donald Trump admin cutting off funds for the U.N.

$8 Billion?  That doesn’t include our troops etc. that we have placed around the world due to UN commitments.

Having this conversation now is smart.  It is a shot across the bow and an announcement to everyone that a new sheriff is in town.

I submit the UN has been irrelevant for a long time.

~ Hardnox

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10 Responses to Has the U.N. become irrelevant?

  1. “Has the U.N. become irrelevant?” Yup! Just like a used, soiled diaper, it’s full of shit and stinks out loud!

  2. deacsdomain says:

    Although I am a South Carolinian, It was Bolton that should be the UN rep , not Niki .
    The UN should be disbanded & US support, in any form , should be stopped.
    Bolton is the one that can deliver this message.

    • Blessed B. says:


      It will be a mute point anyways on Nikki being the Ambassador if there is no UN to speak of.

  3. GunnyG says:

    The UN has been irrelevant since the 50s. They have never had a success except when Israel was created in 48. They are a total waste of our time and money.

  4. Shar says:

    I agree deacsdomain that Bolton is more familiar with the workings of the UN. I thought he was going to be appointed #2 to Secretary of State. Most of the countries hate America. I think we should withdraw and throw them out of NYC. I read an interesting comment on bizpacreview regarding the finger to Israel. The blogger suggested the DNC go home without pay or pension. Dissolve the party. Have the DNC addresses passed among illegal immigrants as sanctuary homes with free Islamic food and shelter. That one made my day.

  5. clyde says:

    You well know my feelings and thoughts on the assholes. Fire up the dozers !!

  6. I.R. Wayright says:

    Use the money we DON’T send to the UN to help with building the wall.

  7. Blessed B. says:

    I’m with Clyde…Fire up those dozers! Get the UN out of the USA and bring all the troops home. Let other countries fight for themselves….there is no need for any American troops to be stationed on foreign soil.

    With the UN being in America, you have no say on who comes into the country on a foreign diplomat visa….you have no say where they travel to in America. You can not persecute them legally if they do a crime. There are many who come in on the diplomat status that you wouldn’t normally allow into the country. Get out of the UN and get rid of it for good!

  8. Emilia says:

    My suggestion for the UN…change locations (like the Olympics) every 4 years. Make countries ”compete” for it. I wonder how many would be interested in having it within their borders. It would quickly die of lack of funding and we would be rid of it for good. It hasn’t done anything but cause trouble for America for years. I lost my patience with it when they tried to intervene on the Flint water crisis! Where is the ”caring” for the rest of the world when you have pictures of children drinking out of the polluted rivers? They just want to control America!

  9. Shar says:

    I agree with all of the above. Hopefully Trump will pull the pin. The UN has outlived its usefulness. We should bring our men and women back home to protect our country from the invaders. Let the countries we protected build their own army.
    We can use our military to clean out the sanctuary cities and protect our boarders.
    Also use them for airport security. Epic failure rate on the personnel employed now.
    Failure rate high on random testing.