Ugly Post-Christmas Mall Brawls Break Out Across the U.S.

Ten states report Shopping Mall riots and looting.  Swat teams have been dispatched.

Is this a Kwanzaa thing?  Couldn’t help but notice the similarity of the “mostly” peaceful youths.

~ Hardnox

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9 Responses to Ugly Post-Christmas Mall Brawls Break Out Across the U.S.

  1. clyde says:

    Here is another fine part of the Obozo “legacy”. Can you imagine the outrage of the idiotic libtards if these were WHITE kids?

  2. tiretramp says:

    What you mean they are BLACK or half and Half like ZERO or Both?

    • Let’s not forget “half-witted”, ok. Ask them their name and they answer it as a question (See Joe Dan’s latest video). Like they’re not sure of their name… I’ve actually got grand kids that answer in the same manner – highly educated idiots, they are!

  3. SafeSpace says:

    Hey — Only 24 more days of the free ride on Obammy’s Entitlement Train. Gotta hurry … get those Adidas, that flatscreen … gotta whack Whitey one mo’ time. In the spirit of the holidays, I guess we oughta cut these fine residents of the democrat poverty plantations some slack — they will be living under a “law and order” President very soon, and may have to (gasp) work for their bling.

    • Tell me, please, that you DIDN’T say “work”! Are you mad? These idiots can’t even wipe their own asses and you think they’ll find jobs?
      Do you know how much effort it’s gonna take to set down that video game controller, let alone push aside the Cheetos bag and 2 ltr. bottle of Mountain Dew? Then, of all the terrors, they’ll have to soak and peel off those “jammies” (that they’ve worn for months) and don a pair of work boots (of which none have).
      You’re talking a national emergency, here. It would be far easier, and more cost effective, to move Russia away from all those NATO bases or for Terry and me to grow hair…on our heads.

  4. I used to find humor in some of these skirmishes but, now, I just shake my head, thinking WTF, and don’t even bother to comment. Words fail just me.

  5. Terry says:

    Those “similars” should only be admitted 1 at a time into ANYWHERE except prison.